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Definition at line 135 of file test_property.cpp.

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Definition at line 137 of file test_property.cpp.

138  {
140  propMgr.InheritsAfter( TYPE_HASH( B ), TYPE_HASH( A ) );
141  propMgr.AddProperty( new PROPERTY<B, int>( "C", &B::setC, &B::getC ) );
142  }
void setC(int a)
static PROPERTY_MANAGER & Instance()
Definition: property_mgr.h:61
#define TYPE_HASH(x)
Macro to generate unique identifier for a type
Definition: property.h:53
void InheritsAfter(TYPE_ID aDerived, TYPE_ID aBase)
Declares an inheritance relationship between types.
int getC() const
void AddProperty(PROPERTY_BASE *aProperty)
Registers a property.
Provides class metadata.
Definition: property_mgr.h:58

References PROPERTY_MANAGER::AddProperty(), B::getC(), PROPERTY_MANAGER::InheritsAfter(), PROPERTY_MANAGER::Instance(), B::setC(), and TYPE_HASH.

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