KiCad PCB EDA Suite
pns_line.h File Reference
#include <math/box2.h>
#include <math/vector2d.h>
#include <geometry/direction45.h>
#include <geometry/seg.h>
#include <geometry/shape.h>
#include <geometry/shape_line_chain.h>
#include "pns_item.h"
#include "pns_via.h"

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class  PNS::LINE


 Push and Shove diff pair dimensions (gap) settings dialog.


#define PNS_HULL_MARGIN   10
 LINE. More...

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#define PNS_HULL_MARGIN   10


Represents a track on a PCB, connecting two non-trivial joints (that is, vias, pads, junctions between multiple traces or two traces different widths and combinations of these). PNS_LINEs are NOT stored in the model (NODE). Instead, they are assembled on-the-fly, based on a via/pad/segment that belongs to/starts/ends them.

PNS_LINEs can be either loose (consisting of segments that do not belong to any NODE) or owned (with segments taken from a NODE) - these are returned by NODE::AssembleLine and friends.

A LINE may have a VIA attached at its end (i.e. the last point) - this is used by via dragging/force propagation stuff.

Definition at line 59 of file pns_line.h.