KiCad PCB EDA Suite
pcb_layer_box_selector.cpp File Reference
#include <common.h>
#include <pcbnew.h>
#include <pcb_edit_frame.h>
#include <board_design_settings.h>
#include <layers_id_colors_and_visibility.h>
#include <class_board.h>
#include <pcb_layer_box_selector.h>
#include <tools/pcb_actions.h>

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static TOOL_ACTIONlayer2action (PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer)

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◆ layer2action()

static TOOL_ACTION* layer2action ( PCB_LAYER_ID  aLayer)

Definition at line 42 of file pcb_layer_box_selector.cpp.

43 {
44  switch( aLayer )
45  {
46  case F_Cu: return &PCB_ACTIONS::layerTop;
48  case B_Cu: return &PCB_ACTIONS::layerBottom;
50  case In1_Cu: return &PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner1;
51  case In2_Cu: return &PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner2;
52  case In3_Cu: return &PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner3;
53  case In4_Cu: return &PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner4;
54  case In5_Cu: return &PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner5;
55  case In6_Cu: return &PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner6;
57  default:
58  return nullptr;
59  }
60 }
static TOOL_ACTION layerBottom
Definition: pcb_actions.h:268
static TOOL_ACTION layerInner2
Definition: pcb_actions.h:239
static TOOL_ACTION layerInner5
Definition: pcb_actions.h:242
static TOOL_ACTION layerInner6
Definition: pcb_actions.h:243
static TOOL_ACTION layerInner3
Definition: pcb_actions.h:240
static TOOL_ACTION layerTop
Definition: pcb_actions.h:237
static TOOL_ACTION layerInner4
Definition: pcb_actions.h:241
static TOOL_ACTION layerInner1
Definition: pcb_actions.h:238

References B_Cu, F_Cu, In1_Cu, In2_Cu, In3_Cu, In4_Cu, In5_Cu, In6_Cu, PCB_ACTIONS::layerBottom, PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner1, PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner2, PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner3, PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner4, PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner5, PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner6, and PCB_ACTIONS::layerTop.

Referenced by PCB_LAYER_BOX_SELECTOR::Resync().