KiCad PCB EDA Suite
lib_field.h File Reference
#include <eda_text.h>
#include <lib_item.h>

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class  LIB_FIELD
 Field object used in symbol libraries. More...


 Returns the field name. More...
#define NATIVE_FIELD_NAME   false


typedef std::vector< LIB_FIELDLIB_FIELDS

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#define NATIVE_FIELD_NAME   false

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Returns the field name.

The first four field IDs are reserved and therefore always return their respective names. The user definable fields will return FieldN where N is the ID of the field when the m_name member is empty.

aTranslatetrue to return translated field name. note: has meaning mainly for mandatory fields or to return a default field name. Should be used only in messages (never when trying to find a field by name) false to return the english name. Normal option when the name is used as keyword in netlists.
Name of the field.

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typedef std::vector< LIB_FIELD > LIB_FIELDS

Definition at line 223 of file lib_field.h.