KiCad PCB EDA Suite
fp_lib_table.h File Reference
#include <lib_table_base.h>
#include <io_mgr.h>

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 Class FP_LIB_TABLE_ROW. More...


FP_LIB_TABLE GFootprintTable
 The global footprint library table. More...

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◆ GFootprintTable

FP_LIB_TABLE GFootprintTable

The global footprint library table.

This is not dynamically allocated because in a multiple project environment we must keep its address constant (since it is the fallback table for multiple projects).

The global footprint library table.

Definition at line 311 of file pcbnew.cpp.

Referenced by PCB_BASE_EDIT_FRAME::AddLibrary(), FOOTPRINT_TREE_PANE::FOOTPRINT_TREE_PANE(), FP_TREE_SYNCHRONIZING_ADAPTER::GetLibrariesCount(), PCB::IFACE::IfaceOrAddress(), InvokePcbLibTableEditor(), CV::IFACE::OnKifaceStart(), PCB::IFACE::OnKifaceStart(), PROJECT::PcbFootprintLibs(), and DIALOG_GLOBAL_FP_LIB_TABLE_CONFIG::TransferDataFromWindow().