KiCad PCB EDA Suite
dialogs Directory Reference


file  3d_cache_dialogs.cpp [code]
file  3d_cache_dialogs.h [code]
file  dlg_select_3dmodel.cpp [code]
file  dlg_select_3dmodel.h [code]
 creates a dialog to select 3D model files
file  panel_prev_3d_base.cpp [code]
file  panel_prev_3d_base.h [code]
file  panel_prev_model.cpp [code]
file  panel_prev_model.h [code]
 Defines a panel which is to be added to a wxFileDialog via SetExtraControl(); The panel shows a preview of the module being edited and provides controls to set the offset/rotation/scale of each model 3d shape as per KiCad's current behavior.