KiCad PCB EDA Suite
opengl Directory Reference


file  cached_container.h [code]
file  cached_container_gpu.h [code]
file  cached_container_ram.h [code]
file  gpu_manager.h [code]
file  noncached_container.h [code]
 Class to store instances of VERTEX without caching.
file  opengl_compositor.h [code]
 Class that handles multitarget rendering (ie.
file  opengl_gal.h [code]
file  shader.h [code]
file  utils.h [code]
file  vertex_common.h [code]
 Common defines and consts used in vertex related classes.
file  vertex_container.h [code]
 Class to store vertices and handle transfers between system memory and GPU memory.
file  vertex_item.h [code]
 Class to handle an item held in a container.
file  vertex_manager.h [code]
 Class to control vertex container and GPU with possibility of emulating old-style OpenGL 1.0 state machine using modern OpenGL methods.