KiCad PCB EDA Suite
dialog_export_step.cpp File Reference
#include <wx/choicdlg.h>
#include <wx/stdpaths.h>
#include "pcb_edit_frame.h"
#include "kiface_i.h"
#include "confirm.h"
#include "reporter.h"
#include "class_board.h"
#include "dialog_export_step_base.h"
#include <widgets/text_ctrl_eval.h>
#include <wx_html_report_panel.h>

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#define OPTKEY_STEP_ORIGIN_OPT   "STEP_Origin_Opt"
#define OPTKEY_STEP_UORG_UNITS   "STEP_UserOriginUnits"
#define OPTKEY_STEP_UORG_X   "STEP_UserOriginX"
#define OPTKEY_STEP_UORG_Y   "STEP_UserOriginY"
#define OPTKEY_STEP_NOVIRT   "STEP_NoVirtual"


bool BuildBoardPolygonOutlines (BOARD *aBoard, SHAPE_POLY_SET &aOutlines, wxString *aErrorText, unsigned int aTolerance, wxPoint *aErrorLocation=nullptr)

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#define OPTKEY_STEP_NOVIRT   "STEP_NoVirtual"

Definition at line 41 of file dialog_export_step.cpp.


#define OPTKEY_STEP_ORIGIN_OPT   "STEP_Origin_Opt"

Definition at line 37 of file dialog_export_step.cpp.


#define OPTKEY_STEP_UORG_UNITS   "STEP_UserOriginUnits"

Definition at line 38 of file dialog_export_step.cpp.


#define OPTKEY_STEP_UORG_X   "STEP_UserOriginX"

Definition at line 39 of file dialog_export_step.cpp.


#define OPTKEY_STEP_UORG_Y   "STEP_UserOriginY"

Definition at line 40 of file dialog_export_step.cpp.

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◆ BuildBoardPolygonOutlines()

bool BuildBoardPolygonOutlines ( BOARD aBoard,
wxString *  aErrorText,
unsigned int  aTolerance,
wxPoint aErrorLocation = nullptr 

Definition at line 749 of file convert_drawsegment_list_to_polygon.cpp.

751 {
754  // Get all the DRAWSEGMENTS and module graphics into 'items',
755  // then keep only those on layer == Edge_Cuts.
756  static const KICAD_T scan_graphics[] = { PCB_LINE_T, PCB_MODULE_EDGE_T, EOT };
757  items.Collect( aBoard, scan_graphics );
759  // Make a working copy of aSegList, because the list is modified during calculations
760  std::vector< DRAWSEGMENT* > segList;
762  for( int ii = 0; ii < items.GetCount(); ii++ )
763  {
764  if( items[ii]->GetLayer() == Edge_Cuts )
765  segList.push_back( static_cast< DRAWSEGMENT* >( items[ii] ) );
766  }
768  bool success = ConvertOutlineToPolygon( segList, aOutlines, aErrorText, aTolerance, aErrorLocation );
770  if( !success || !aOutlines.OutlineCount() )
771  {
772  // Creates a valid polygon outline is not possible.
773  // So uses the board edge cuts bounding box to create a
774  // rectangular outline
775  // When no edge cuts items, build a contour
776  // from global bounding box
778  EDA_RECT bbbox = aBoard->GetBoardEdgesBoundingBox();
780  // If null area, uses the global bounding box.
781  if( ( bbbox.GetWidth() ) == 0 || ( bbbox.GetHeight() == 0 ) )
782  bbbox = aBoard->ComputeBoundingBox();
784  // Ensure non null area. If happen, gives a minimal size.
785  if( ( bbbox.GetWidth() ) == 0 || ( bbbox.GetHeight() == 0 ) )
786  bbbox.Inflate( Millimeter2iu( 1.0 ) );
788  aOutlines.RemoveAllContours();
789  aOutlines.NewOutline();
791  wxPoint corner;
792  aOutlines.Append( bbbox.GetOrigin() );
794  corner.x = bbbox.GetOrigin().x;
795  corner.y = bbbox.GetEnd().y;
796  aOutlines.Append( corner );
798  aOutlines.Append( bbbox.GetEnd() );
800  corner.x = bbbox.GetEnd().x;
801  corner.y = bbbox.GetOrigin().y;
802  aOutlines.Append( corner );
803  }
805  return success;
806 }
int OutlineCount() const
Returns the number of outlines in the set
const EDA_RECT GetBoardEdgesBoundingBox() const
Function GetBoardEdgesBoundingBox Returns the board bounding box calculated using exclusively the boa...
Definition: class_board.h:791
int GetWidth() const
Definition: eda_rect.h:119
bool ConvertOutlineToPolygon(std::vector< DRAWSEGMENT * > &aSegList, SHAPE_POLY_SET &aPolygons, wxString *aErrorText, unsigned int aTolerance, wxPoint *aErrorLocation)
Function ConvertOutlineToPolygon build a polygon (with holes) from a DRAWSEGMENT list,...
class EDGE_MODULE, a footprint edge
Definition: typeinfo.h:94
search types array terminator (End Of Types)
Definition: typeinfo.h:82
Enum KICAD_T is the set of class identification values, stored in EDA_ITEM::m_StructType.
Definition: typeinfo.h:78
int GetCount() const
Function GetCount returns the number of objects in the list.
Definition: collector.h:116
const wxPoint GetEnd() const
Definition: eda_rect.h:116
const wxPoint GetOrigin() const
Definition: eda_rect.h:114
int NewOutline()
Creates a new empty polygon in the set and returns its index
void Collect(BOARD_ITEM *aBoard, const KICAD_T aScanList[])
Collect BOARD_ITEM objects using this class's Inspector method, which does the collection.
Definition: collectors.cpp:520
int GetHeight() const
Definition: eda_rect.h:120
void RemoveAllContours()
Removes all outlines & holes (clears) the polygon set.
EDA_RECT handles the component boundary box.
Definition: eda_rect.h:44
static bool GetLayer(MODEL_VRML &aModel, LAYER_NUM layer, VRML_LAYER **vlayer)
EDA_RECT ComputeBoundingBox(bool aBoardEdgesOnly=false) const
Function ComputeBoundingBox calculates the bounding box containing all board items (or board edge seg...
Collect all BOARD_ITEM objects of a given set of KICAD_T type(s).
Definition: collectors.h:621
class DRAWSEGMENT, a segment not on copper layers
Definition: typeinfo.h:91
EDA_RECT & Inflate(wxCoord dx, wxCoord dy)
Function Inflate inflates the rectangle horizontally by dx and vertically by dy.
int Append(int x, int y, int aOutline=-1, int aHole=-1, bool aAllowDuplication=false)
Appends a vertex at the end of the given outline/hole (default: the last outline)

References SHAPE_POLY_SET::Append(), PCB_TYPE_COLLECTOR::Collect(), BOARD::ComputeBoundingBox(), ConvertOutlineToPolygon(), Edge_Cuts, EOT, BOARD::GetBoardEdgesBoundingBox(), COLLECTOR::GetCount(), EDA_RECT::GetEnd(), EDA_RECT::GetHeight(), GetLayer(), EDA_RECT::GetOrigin(), EDA_RECT::GetWidth(), EDA_RECT::Inflate(), SHAPE_POLY_SET::NewOutline(), SHAPE_POLY_SET::OutlineCount(), PCB_LINE_T, PCB_MODULE_EDGE_T, SHAPE_POLY_SET::RemoveAllContours(), wxPoint::x, and wxPoint::y.

Referenced by DIALOG_EXPORT_STEP::onExportButton().