KiCad PCB EDA Suite
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1 /*
2  * This program source code file is part of KiCad, a free EDA CAD application.
3  *
4  * Copyright (C) 2010 Jean-Pierre Charras,
5  * Copyright (C) 1992-2016 KiCad Developers, see AUTHORS.txt for contributors.
6  *
7  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
8  * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
9  * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
10  * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
11  *
12  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
13  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
15  * GNU General Public License for more details.
16  *
17  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
18  * along with this program; if not, you may find one here:
19  *
20  * or you may search the website for the version 2 license,
21  * or you may write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
22  * 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA
23  */
29 #ifndef WXPCB_STRUCT_H_
30 #define WXPCB_STRUCT_H_
33 #include "pcb_base_edit_frame.h"
34 #include "config_params.h"
36 #include "zones.h"
39 /* Forward declarations of classes. */
40 class PCB_SCREEN;
41 class BOARD;
42 class BOARD_COMMIT;
44 class TEXTE_PCB;
45 class MODULE;
46 class TRACK;
47 class SEGZONE;
48 class VIA;
49 class D_PAD;
50 class TEXTE_MODULE;
51 class PCB_TARGET;
52 class DIMENSION;
53 class EDGE_MODULE;
54 class DRC;
60 class MARKER_PCB;
61 class BOARD_ITEM;
63 class NETLIST;
64 class REPORTER;
65 struct PARSE_ERROR;
66 class IO_ERROR;
67 class FP_LIB_TABLE;
70 namespace PCB { struct IFACE; } // KIFACE_I is in pcbnew.cpp
78 #define PCB_EDIT_FRAME_NAME wxT( "PcbFrame" )
82 {
83  friend struct PCB::IFACE;
84  friend class PCB_LAYER_WIDGET;
90  wxAuiToolBar* m_microWaveToolBar;
93 protected:
100  wxString m_lastNetListRead;
102  // The Tool Framework initalization
103  void setupTools();
105  // we'll use lower case function names for private member functions.
106  void createPopUpMenuForZones( ZONE_CONTAINER* edge_zone, wxMenu* aPopMenu );
107  void createPopUpMenuForFootprints( MODULE* aModule, wxMenu* aPopMenu );
108  void createPopUpMenuForFpTexts( TEXTE_MODULE* aText, wxMenu* aPopMenu );
109  void createPopUpMenuForFpPads( D_PAD* aPad, wxMenu* aPopMenu );
110  void createPopupMenuForTracks( TRACK* aTrack, wxMenu* aPopMenu );
111  void createPopUpMenuForTexts( TEXTE_PCB* Text, wxMenu* menu );
112  void createPopUpBlockMenu( wxMenu* menu );
113  void createPopUpMenuForMarkers( MARKER_PCB* aMarker, wxMenu* aPopMenu );
119  void enableGALSpecificMenus();
124  virtual void SwitchCanvas( wxCommandEvent& aEvent ) override;
127  virtual void forceColorsToLegacy() override;
134  void RebuildActionPluginMenus();
141  void OnActionPlugin( wxCommandEvent& aEvent);
148  void OnActionPluginRefresh( wxCommandEvent& aEvent)
149  {
151  }
152 #endif
158  static const wxChar * pythonConsoleNameId()
159  {
160  return wxT( "PythonConsole" );
161  }
166  static wxWindow * findPythonConsole()
167  {
168  return FindWindowByName( pythonConsoleNameId() );
169  }
180  void syncLayerWidgetLayer();
188  void syncRenderStates();
196  void syncLayerVisibilities();
198  virtual void unitsChangeRefresh() override;
207  virtual bool doAutoSave() override;
213  virtual bool isAutoSaveRequired() const override;
221  void duplicateZone( wxDC* aDC, ZONE_CONTAINER* aZone );
227  void moveExact();
234  void duplicateItems( bool aIncrement ) override;
236  // protected so that PCB::IFACE::CreateWindow() is the only factory.
237  PCB_EDIT_FRAME( KIWAY* aKiway, wxWindow* aParent );
239 public:
240  PCB_LAYER_BOX_SELECTOR* m_SelLayerBox; // a combo box to display and select active layer
241  wxChoice* m_SelTrackWidthBox; // a choice box to display and select current track width
242  wxChoice* m_SelViaSizeBox; // a choice box to display and select current via diameter
247  virtual ~PCB_EDIT_FRAME();
258  void LoadFootprints( NETLIST& aNetlist, REPORTER* aReporter );
260  void OnQuit( wxCommandEvent& event );
267  void PythonPluginsReload();
273  void UpdateUserInterface();
280  static wxString GetAutoSaveFilePrefix();
288  virtual void ExecuteRemoteCommand( const char* cmdline ) override;
290  void KiwayMailIn( KIWAY_EXPRESS& aEvent ) override;
297  void ToPlotter( wxCommandEvent& event );
303  void ToPrinter( wxCommandEvent& event );
309  void SVG_Print( wxCommandEvent& event );
311  // User interface update command event handlers.
312  void OnUpdateSave( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
313  void OnUpdateLayerPair( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
314  void OnUpdateLayerSelectBox( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
315  void OnUpdateDrcEnable( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
316  void OnUpdateShowBoardRatsnest( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
317  void OnUpdateAutoDeleteTrack( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
318  void OnUpdateViaDrawMode( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
319  void OnUpdateTraceDrawMode( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
320  void OnUpdateHighContrastDisplayMode( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
321  void OnUpdateShowLayerManager( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
322  void OnUpdateShowMicrowaveToolbar( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
323  void OnUpdateVerticalToolbar( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
324  void OnUpdateSelectViaSize( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
325  void OnUpdateZoneDisplayStyle( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
326  void OnUpdateSelectTrackWidth( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
327  void OnUpdateSelectAutoTrackWidth( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
328  void OnUpdateSelectCustomTrackWidth( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
329  void OnUpdateAutoPlaceModulesMode( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
330  void OnUpdateAutoPlaceTracksMode( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
331  void OnUpdateMuWaveToolbar( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
332  void OnLayerColorChange( wxCommandEvent& aEvent );
333  void OnConfigurePaths( wxCommandEvent& aEvent );
334  void OnUpdatePCBFromSch( wxCommandEvent& event );
339  void OnAltWheel( wxCommandEvent& event );
350  virtual void PrintPage( wxDC* aDC, LSET aPrintMaskLayer, bool aPrintMirrorMode,
351  void* aData = NULL ) override;
353  void GetKicadAbout( wxCommandEvent& event );
359  virtual bool IsGridVisible() const override;
367  virtual void SetGridVisibility( bool aVisible ) override;
373  virtual COLOR4D GetGridColor() override;
379  virtual void SetGridColor( COLOR4D aColor ) override;
381  // Configurations:
382  void Process_Config( wxCommandEvent& event );
403  void SaveProjectSettings( bool aAskForSave ) override;
411  bool LoadProjectSettings();
430  void LoadSettings( wxConfigBase* aCfg ) override;
432  void SaveSettings( wxConfigBase* aCfg ) override;
434  wxConfigBase* GetSettings() { return config(); };
441  wxString GetLastNetListRead();
454  void SetLastNetListRead( const wxString& aNetListFile );
457  EDA_HOTKEY* GetHotKeyDescription( int aCommand ) const override;
468  bool OnHotKey( wxDC* aDC, int aHotkeyCode, const wxPoint& aPosition, EDA_ITEM* aItem = NULL ) override;
482  bool OnHotkeyDeleteItem( wxDC* aDC );
492  bool OnHotkeyPlaceItem( wxDC* aDC );
494  bool OnHotkeyEditItem( int aIdCommand );
501  int OnHotkeyCopyItem();
510  bool OnHotkeyDuplicateOrArrayItem( int aIdCommand );
519  bool OnHotkeyMoveItem( int aIdCommand );
529  bool OnHotkeyRotateItem( int aIdCommand );
539  bool OnHotkeyFlipItem( int aIdCommand );
551  TRACK * OnHotkeyBeginRoute( wxDC* aDC );
553  void OnCloseWindow( wxCloseEvent& Event ) override;
554  void Process_Special_Functions( wxCommandEvent& event );
555  void Tracks_and_Vias_Size_Event( wxCommandEvent& event );
556  void OnSelectTool( wxCommandEvent& aEvent );
563  void OnResetModuleTextSizes( wxCommandEvent& event );
565  void ProcessMuWaveFunctions( wxCommandEvent& event );
566  void MuWaveCommand( wxDC* DC, const wxPoint& MousePos );
568  void RedrawActiveWindow( wxDC* DC, bool EraseBg ) override;
569  void ReCreateHToolbar() override;
570  void ReCreateAuxiliaryToolbar() override;
571  void ReCreateVToolbar() override;
573  void ReCreateOptToolbar();
574  void ReCreateMenuBar() override;
583  void ReCreateLayerBox( bool aForceResizeToolbar = true );
596  bool SetCurrentNetClass( const wxString& aNetClassName );
606  virtual void OnModify() override;
613  virtual void SetActiveLayer( PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer ) override;
623  bool IsElementVisible( GAL_LAYER_ID aElement ) const;
632  void SetElementVisibility( GAL_LAYER_ID aElement, bool aNewState );
638  void SetVisibleAlls();
645  void ReFillLayerWidget();
651  void Show3D_Frame( wxCommandEvent& event ) override;
654  void UseGalCanvas( bool aEnable ) override;
656  bool GeneralControl( wxDC* aDC, const wxPoint& aPosition, EDA_KEY aHotKey = 0 ) override;
662  void ShowDesignRulesEditor( wxCommandEvent& event );
664  /* toolbars update UI functions: */
666  void PrepareLayerIndicator();
668  /* mouse functions events: */
669  void OnLeftClick( wxDC* DC, const wxPoint& MousePos ) override;
670  void OnLeftDClick( wxDC* DC, const wxPoint& MousePos ) override;
679  bool OnRightClick( const wxPoint& aMousePos, wxMenu* aPopMenu ) override;
681  void OnSelectOptionToolbar( wxCommandEvent& event );
682  void OnFlipPcbView( wxCommandEvent& event );
683  void ToolOnRightClick( wxCommandEvent& event ) override;
685  /* Block operations: */
695  virtual int BlockCommand( EDA_KEY aKey ) override;
704  virtual void HandleBlockPlace( wxDC* DC ) override;
716  virtual bool HandleBlockEnd( wxDC* DC ) override;
724  void Block_SelectItems();
730  void Block_Delete();
737  void Block_Rotate();
744  void Block_Flip();
752  void Block_Move();
758  void Block_Mirror_X();
766  void Block_Duplicate( bool aIncrement );
768  void Process_Settings( wxCommandEvent& event );
769  void OnConfigurePcbOptions( wxCommandEvent& aEvent );
770  void InstallDisplayOptionsDialog( wxCommandEvent& aEvent );
771  void InstallPcbGlobalDeleteFrame( const wxPoint& pos );
778  void GenFootprintsPositionFile( wxCommandEvent& event );
794  int DoGenFootprintsPositionFile( const wxString& aFullFileName, bool aUnitsMM,
795  bool aForceSmdItems, int aSide, bool aFormatCSV = false );
802  void GenFootprintsReport( wxCommandEvent& event );
812  bool DoGenFootprintsReport( const wxString& aFullFilename, bool aUnitsMM );
814  void InstallDrillFrame( wxCommandEvent& event );
815  void GenD356File( wxCommandEvent& event );
816  void ToPostProcess( wxCommandEvent& event );
818  void OnFileHistory( wxCommandEvent& event );
826  void Files_io( wxCommandEvent& event );
842  void Files_io_from_id( int aId );
858  bool OpenProjectFiles( const std::vector<wxString>& aFileSet, int aCtl = 0 ) override;
865  bool AppendBoardFile( const wxString& aFullFileName, int aCtl );
873  bool ImportFile( const wxString& aFileName, int aFileType ) override;
887  bool SavePcbFile( const wxString& aFileName, bool aCreateBackupFile = CREATE_BACKUP_FILE );
900  bool SavePcbCopy( const wxString& aFileName );
902  // BOARD handling
909  bool Clear_Pcb( bool aQuery );
912  void SetBoard( BOARD* aBoard ) override;
915  BOARD_ITEM_CONTAINER* GetModel() const override;
918  void SetPageSettings( const PAGE_INFO& aPageSettings ) override;
920  // Drc control
922  /* function GetDrcController
923  * @return the DRC controller
924  */
925  DRC* GetDrcController() { return m_drc; }
933  void RecreateCmpFileFromBoard( wxCommandEvent& aEvent );
949  void ArchiveModulesOnBoard( bool aStoreInNewLib, const wxString& aLibName = wxEmptyString );
955  void RecreateBOMFileFromBoard( wxCommandEvent& aEvent );
961  void ExportToGenCAD( wxCommandEvent& event );
967  void OnExportVRML( wxCommandEvent& event );
998  bool ExportVRML_File( const wxString & aFullFileName, double aMMtoWRMLunit,
999  bool aExport3DFiles, bool aUseRelativePaths,
1000  bool aUsePlainPCB, const wxString & a3D_Subdir,
1001  double aXRef, double aYRef );
1007  void OnExportIDF3( wxCommandEvent& event );
1020  bool Export_IDF3( BOARD* aPcb, const wxString& aFullFileName,
1021  bool aUseThou, double aXRef, double aYRef );
1028  void OnExportSTEP( wxCommandEvent& event );
1035  void ExportToSpecctra( wxCommandEvent& event );
1044  bool ExportSpecctraFile( const wxString& aFullFilename );
1053  void ImportSpecctraSession( wxCommandEvent& event );
1063  void ImportSpecctraDesign( wxCommandEvent& event );
1069  void Access_to_External_Tool( wxCommandEvent& event );
1084  void ListNetsAndSelect( wxCommandEvent& event );
1086  void Swap_Layers( wxCommandEvent& event );
1088  // Handling texts on the board
1089  void Rotate_Texte_Pcb( TEXTE_PCB* TextePcb, wxDC* DC );
1090  void FlipTextePcb( TEXTE_PCB* aTextePcb, wxDC* aDC );
1091  TEXTE_PCB* CreateTextePcb( wxDC* aDC, TEXTE_PCB* aText = NULL );
1092  void Delete_Texte_Pcb( TEXTE_PCB* TextePcb, wxDC* DC );
1093  void StartMoveTextePcb( TEXTE_PCB* aTextePcb, wxDC* aDC, bool aErase = true );
1094  void Place_Texte_Pcb( TEXTE_PCB* TextePcb, wxDC* DC );
1095  void InstallTextPCBOptionsFrame( TEXTE_PCB* TextPCB, wxDC* DC );
1097  // Graphic Segments type DRAWSEGMENT
1098  void Start_Move_DrawItem( DRAWSEGMENT* drawitem, wxDC* DC );
1099  void Place_DrawItem( DRAWSEGMENT* drawitem, wxDC* DC );
1100  void InstallGraphicItemPropertiesDialog( DRAWSEGMENT* aItem, wxDC* aDC );
1102  // Footprint edition (see also PCB_BASE_FRAME)
1103  void InstallModuleOptionsFrame( MODULE* Module, wxDC* DC );
1113  void StartMoveModule( MODULE* aModule, wxDC* aDC, bool aDragConnectedTracks );
1123  void DlgGlobalChange_PadSettings( D_PAD* aPad, bool aRedraw );
1132  bool Delete_Module( MODULE* aModule, wxDC* aDC );
1143  void Change_Side_Module( MODULE* Module, wxDC* DC );
1145  int InstallExchangeModuleFrame( MODULE* ExchangeModuleModule );
1156  void Exchange_Module( MODULE* aOldModule, MODULE* aNewModule, BOARD_COMMIT& aCommit );
1158  // loading modules: see PCB_BASE_FRAME
1160  // Board handling
1161  void RemoveStruct( BOARD_ITEM* Item, wxDC* DC );
1169  void OnEditItemRequest( wxDC* aDC, BOARD_ITEM* aItem ) override;
1175  int SelectHighLight( wxDC* DC );
1181  void HighLight( wxDC* DC );
1183  // Track and via edition:
1184  void Via_Edit_Control( wxCommandEvent& event );
1196  bool IsMicroViaAcceptable( void );
1210  bool Other_Layer_Route( TRACK* track, wxDC* DC );
1211  void HighlightUnconnectedPads( wxDC* DC );
1219  TRACK* Delete_Segment( wxDC* DC, TRACK* Track );
1221  void Delete_Track( wxDC* DC, TRACK* Track );
1222  void Delete_net( wxDC* DC, TRACK* Track );
1230  void Remove_One_Track( wxDC* DC, TRACK* pt_segm );
1239  bool Reset_All_Tracks_And_Vias_To_Netclass_Values( bool aTrack, bool aVia );
1249  bool Change_Net_Tracks_And_Vias_Sizes( int aNetcode, bool aUseNetclassValue );
1259  void Edit_Track_Width( wxDC* aDC, TRACK* aTrackSegment );
1267  void Edit_TrackSegm_Width( wxDC* aDC, TRACK* aTrackItem );
1284  TRACK* Begin_Route( TRACK* aTrack, wxDC* aDC );
1293  bool End_Route( TRACK* aTrack, wxDC* aDC );
1295  void Attribut_Segment( TRACK* track, wxDC* DC, bool Flag_On );
1296  void Attribut_Track( TRACK* track, wxDC* DC, bool Flag_On );
1297  void Attribut_net( wxDC* DC, int net_code, bool Flag_On );
1304  void StartMoveOneNodeOrSegment( TRACK* aTrack, wxDC* aDC, int aCommand );
1306  bool PlaceDraggedOrMovedTrackSegment( TRACK* Track, wxDC* DC );
1316  bool MergeCollinearTracks( TRACK* track, wxDC* DC, int end );
1318  void Start_DragTrackSegmentAndKeepSlope( TRACK* track, wxDC* DC );
1319  void SwitchLayer( wxDC* DC, PCB_LAYER_ID layer ) override;
1330  bool Add45DegreeSegment( wxDC* aDC );
1345  int EraseRedundantTrack( wxDC* aDC,
1346  TRACK* aNewTrack,
1347  int aNewTrackSegmentsCount,
1348  PICKED_ITEMS_LIST* aItemsListPicker );
1361  bool SetTrackSegmentWidth( TRACK* aTrackItem,
1362  PICKED_ITEMS_LIST* aItemsListPicker,
1363  bool aUseNetclassValue );
1366  // zone handling
1378  void Delete_OldZone_Fill( SEGZONE* aZone, time_t aTimestamp = 0 );
1386  int Delete_LastCreatedCorner( wxDC* DC );
1398  int Begin_Zone( wxDC* DC );
1406  bool End_Zone( wxDC* DC );
1417  int Fill_Zone( ZONE_CONTAINER* aZone );
1427  int Fill_All_Zones( wxWindow * aActiveWindow, bool aVerbose = true );
1436  void Add_Zone_Cutout( wxDC* DC, ZONE_CONTAINER* zone_container );
1445  void Add_Similar_Zone( wxDC* DC, ZONE_CONTAINER* zone_container );
1451  void Edit_Zone_Params( wxDC* DC, ZONE_CONTAINER* zone_container );
1459  void Start_Move_Zone_Corner( wxDC* DC,
1460  ZONE_CONTAINER* zone_container,
1461  int corner_id,
1462  bool IsNewCorner );
1468  void Start_Move_Zone_Drag_Outline_Edge( wxDC* DC,
1469  ZONE_CONTAINER* zone_container,
1470  int corner_id );
1478  void End_Move_Zone_Corner_Or_Outlines( wxDC* DC, ZONE_CONTAINER* zone_container );
1485  void Remove_Zone_Corner( wxDC* DC, ZONE_CONTAINER* zone_container );
1498  void Delete_Zone_Contour( wxDC* DC, ZONE_CONTAINER* zone_container );
1506  void Start_Move_Zone_Outlines( wxDC* DC, ZONE_CONTAINER* zone_container );
1508  // Target handling
1509  PCB_TARGET* CreateTarget( wxDC* DC );
1510  void DeleteTarget( PCB_TARGET* aTarget, wxDC* DC );
1511  void BeginMoveTarget( PCB_TARGET* aTarget, wxDC* DC );
1512  void PlaceTarget( PCB_TARGET* aTarget, wxDC* DC );
1513  void ShowTargetOptionsDialog( PCB_TARGET* aTarget, wxDC* DC );
1515  // Graphic segments type DRAWSEGMENT handling:
1516  DRAWSEGMENT* Begin_DrawSegment( DRAWSEGMENT* Segment, STROKE_T shape, wxDC* DC );
1517  void End_Edge( DRAWSEGMENT* Segment, wxDC* DC );
1518  void Delete_Segment_Edge( DRAWSEGMENT* Segment, wxDC* DC );
1519  void Delete_Drawings_All_Layer( PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer );
1521  // Dimension handling:
1522  void ShowDimensionPropertyDialog( DIMENSION* aDimension, wxDC* aDC );
1523  DIMENSION* EditDimension( DIMENSION* aDimension, wxDC* aDC );
1524  void DeleteDimension( DIMENSION* aDimension, wxDC* aDC );
1525  void BeginMoveDimensionText( DIMENSION* aItem, wxDC* DC );
1526  void PlaceDimensionText( DIMENSION* aItem, wxDC* DC );
1529  // netlist handling:
1530  void InstallNetlistFrame( wxDC* DC );
1553  void ReadPcbNetlist( const wxString& aNetlistFileName,
1554  const wxString& aCmpFileName,
1555  REPORTER* aReporter,
1556  bool aChangeFootprint,
1557  bool aDeleteBadTracks,
1558  bool aDeleteExtraFootprints,
1559  bool aSelectByTimestamp,
1560  bool aDeleteSinglePadNets,
1561  bool aIsDryRun ) override;
1570  bool RemoveMisConnectedTracks();
1573  // Autoplacement:
1574  void OnPlaceOrRouteFootprints( wxCommandEvent& event );
1576 #if defined( KICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON )
1582  void ScriptingConsoleEnableDisable( wxCommandEvent& aEvent );
1584  void OnUpdateScriptingConsoleState( wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent );
1586 #endif
1588  void OnSelectAutoPlaceMode( wxCommandEvent& aEvent );
1594  void OnOrientFootprints( wxCommandEvent& event );
1604  bool ReOrientModules( const wxString& ModuleMask, double Orient, bool include_fixe );
1605  void LockModule( MODULE* aModule, bool aLocked );
1624  void SpreadFootprints( std::vector<MODULE*>* aFootprints,
1625  bool aMoveFootprintsOutsideBoardOnly,
1626  bool aCheckForBoardEdges,
1627  wxPoint aSpreadAreaPosition,
1628  bool aPrepareUndoCommand = true );
1636  void AutoPlaceModule( MODULE* Module, int place_mode, wxDC* DC );
1638  // Autorouting:
1639  int Solve( AUTOROUTER_CONTEXT& aCtx, int aLayersCount );
1640  void Reset_Noroutable( wxDC* DC );
1641  void Autoroute( wxDC* DC, int mode );
1642  void ReadAutoroutedTracks( wxDC* DC );
1643  void GlobalRoute( wxDC* DC );
1652  void Show_1_Ratsnest( EDA_ITEM* item, wxDC* DC );
1661  void Clean_Pcb();
1663  void InstallFindFrame();
1671  void SendMessageToEESCHEMA( BOARD_ITEM* objectToSync );
1678  void Edit_Gap( wxDC* DC, MODULE* Module );
1689  MODULE* CreateMuWaveBaseFootprint( const wxString& aValue, int aTextSize, int aPadCount );
1698  MODULE* Create_MuWaveComponent( int shape_type );
1702  void Begin_Self( wxDC* DC );
1704  void ShowChangedLanguage() override;
1716  void UpdateTitle();
1719 };
1721 #endif // WXPCB_STRUCT_H_
void BeginMoveTarget(PCB_TARGET *aTarget, wxDC *DC)
void SaveSettings(wxConfigBase *aCfg) override
Function SaveSettings saves common frame parameters to a configuration data file. ...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:823
void syncRenderStates()
Function syncRenderStates updates the "Render" checkboxes in the layer widget according to current to...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:914
void UpdateTitle()
Function UpdateTitle sets the main window title bar text.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1033
void InstallDisplayOptionsDialog(wxCommandEvent &aEvent)
void Edit_Track_Width(wxDC *aDC, TRACK *aTrackSegment)
Function Edit_Track_Width Modify a full track width (using DRC control).
void Place_DrawItem(DRAWSEGMENT *drawitem, wxDC *DC)
Definition: editedge.cpp:74
void ExportToSpecctra(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function ExporttoSPECCTRA Ask for a filename and call ExportSpecctraFile to export the current BOARD ...
bool MergeCollinearTracks(TRACK *track, wxDC *DC, int end)
IFACE(const char *aName, KIWAY::FACE_T aType)
Definition: pcbnew.cpp:370
void OnUpdateLayerPair(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
virtual void OnModify() override
Function OnModify must be called after a board change to set the modified flag.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1001
Class ZONE_CONTAINER handles a list of polygons defining a copper zone.
Definition: class_zone.h:78
A list of parameters type.
bool Other_Layer_Route(TRACK *track, wxDC *DC)
Function Other_Layer_Route operates in one of two ways.
void MuWaveCommand(wxDC *DC, const wxPoint &MousePos)
void SetPageSettings(const PAGE_INFO &aPageSettings) override
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:523
void RecreateCmpFileFromBoard(wxCommandEvent &aEvent)
Function RecreateBOMFileFromBoard Recreates a .cmp file from the current loaded board this is the sam...
Class KIWAY_EXPRESS carries a payload from one KIWAY_PLAYER to another within a PROJECT.
Definition: kiway_express.h:39
void DeleteTarget(PCB_TARGET *aTarget, wxDC *DC)
void SetElementVisibility(GAL_LAYER_ID aElement, bool aNewState)
Function SetElementVisibility changes the visibility of an element category.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:941
void OnExportIDF3(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function OnExportIDF3 will export the current BOARD to a IDFv3 board and lib files.
void Start_Move_Zone_Corner(wxDC *DC, ZONE_CONTAINER *zone_container, int corner_id, bool IsNewCorner)
Function Start_Move_Zone_Corner Prepares a move corner in a zone outline, called from a move corner c...
void Start_Move_Zone_Drag_Outline_Edge(wxDC *DC, ZONE_CONTAINER *zone_container, int corner_id)
Function Start_Move_Zone_Corner Prepares a drag edge in an existing zone outline,.
void GetKicadAbout(wxCommandEvent &event)
PARAM_CFG_ARRAY GetProjectFileParameters()
Function GetProjectFileParameters returns a project file parameter list for Pcbnew.
void syncLayerWidgetLayer()
Function syncLayerWidgetLayer updates the currently layer "selection" within the PCB_LAYER_WIDGET.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:907
void SpreadFootprints(std::vector< MODULE * > *aFootprints, bool aMoveFootprintsOutsideBoardOnly, bool aCheckForBoardEdges, wxPoint aSpreadAreaPosition, bool aPrepareUndoCommand=true)
Function SpreadFootprints Footprints (after loaded by reading a netlist for instance) are moved to be...
TRACK * Delete_Segment(wxDC *DC, TRACK *Track)
Function Delete_Segment removes a track segment.
Definition: deltrack.cpp:45
void OnConfigurePaths(wxCommandEvent &aEvent)
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1176
void Process_Config(wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnUpdateAutoPlaceTracksMode(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void DeleteDimension(DIMENSION *aDimension, wxDC *aDC)
Definition: dimension.cpp:363
virtual void unitsChangeRefresh() override
Function unitsChangeRefresh is called when when the units setting has changed to allow for any derive...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:927
void AutoPlaceModule(MODULE *Module, int place_mode, wxDC *DC)
Function AutoPlaceModule automatically places footprints within the confines of the PCB edges...
static wxString GetAutoSaveFilePrefix()
Function GetAutoSaveFilePrefix.
void OnPlaceOrRouteFootprints(wxCommandEvent &event)
bool End_Zone(wxDC *DC)
Function End_Zone terminates (if no DRC error ) the zone edge creation process.
void InstallTextPCBOptionsFrame(TEXTE_PCB *TextPCB, wxDC *DC)
Routine for main window class to launch text properties dialog.
int InstallExchangeModuleFrame(MODULE *ExchangeModuleModule)
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1235
void InstallPcbGlobalDeleteFrame(const wxPoint &pos)
void LockModule(MODULE *aModule, bool aLocked)
void UseGalCanvas(bool aEnable) override
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:710
void OnAltWheel(wxCommandEvent &event)
called when the alt key is pressed during a mouse wheel action
DRAWSEGMENT * Begin_DrawSegment(DRAWSEGMENT *Segment, STROKE_T shape, wxDC *DC)
Definition: editedge.cpp:249
void PrepareLayerIndicator()
Definition: tool_pcb.cpp:92
void ToPlotter(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function ToPlotter Open a dialog frame to create plot and drill files relative to the current board...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1155
bool Delete_Module(MODULE *aModule, wxDC *aDC)
Function Delete Module Remove a footprint from m_Modules linked list and put it in undelete buffer Th...
Definition: modules.cpp:260
Class BOARD_ITEM is a base class for any item which can be embedded within the BOARD container class...
int Fill_All_Zones(wxWindow *aActiveWindow, bool aVerbose=true)
Function Fill_All_Zones Fill all zones on the board The old fillings are removed. ...
void PlaceDimensionText(DIMENSION *aItem, wxDC *DC)
Definition: dimension.cpp:445
void ToPrinter(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function ToPrinter Install the print dialog.
void SetLastNetListRead(const wxString &aNetListFile)
Set the last net list successfully read by the net list dialog box.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:988
void Exchange_Module(MODULE *aOldModule, MODULE *aNewModule, BOARD_COMMIT &aCommit)
Function Exchange_Module Replaces OldModule by NewModule, using OldModule settings: position...
Class PCB_LAYER_WIDGET is here to implement the abstract functions of LAYER_WIDGET so they may be tie...
bool SavePcbCopy(const wxString &aFileName)
Function SavePcbCopy writes the board data structures to a aFileName but unlike SavePcbFile, does not make anything else (no backup, borad fliename change, no flag changes ...) Used under a project mgr to save under a new name the current board.
void LoadSettings(wxConfigBase *aCfg) override
Function LoadSettings loads common frame parameters from a configuration file.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:798
void FlipTextePcb(TEXTE_PCB *aTextePcb, wxDC *aDC)
void SVG_Print(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function SVG_Print shows the print SVG file dialog.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1012
bool OnHotkeyPlaceItem(wxDC *aDC)
Function OnHotkeyPlaceItem Place the item (footprint, track, text .
virtual bool doAutoSave() override
Function doAutoSave performs auto save when the board has been modified and not saved within the auto...
void ReCreateMicrowaveVToolbar()
Definition: tool_pcb.cpp:504
void OnUpdateLayerSelectBox(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void OnExportSTEP(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function OnExportSTEP Exports the current BOARD to a STEP assembly.
void ToolOnRightClick(wxCommandEvent &event) override
void InstallFindFrame()
wxChoice * m_SelViaSizeBox
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:242
bool Add45DegreeSegment(wxDC *aDC)
Function Add45DegreeSegment adds a track segment between 2 tracks segments if these 2 segments make a...
Definition: editrack.cpp:295
void InstallGraphicItemPropertiesDialog(DRAWSEGMENT *aItem, wxDC *aDC)
void ToPostProcess(wxCommandEvent &event)
void BeginMoveDimensionText(DIMENSION *aItem, wxDC *DC)
Definition: dimension.cpp:381
void ShowDimensionPropertyDialog(DIMENSION *aDimension, wxDC *aDC)
Definition: dimension.cpp:353
bool Clear_Pcb(bool aQuery)
Function Clear_Pcb delete all and reinitialize the current board.
Definition: initpcb.cpp:39
void OnLayerColorChange(wxCommandEvent &aEvent)
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1136
void RecreateBOMFileFromBoard(wxCommandEvent &aEvent)
Function RecreateBOMFileFromBoard Creates a BOM file from the current loaded board.
bool Export_IDF3(BOARD *aPcb, const wxString &aFullFileName, bool aUseThou, double aXRef, double aYRef)
Function Export_IDF3 Creates an IDF3 compliant BOARD (*.emn) and LIBRARY (*.emp) file.
Definition: export_idf.cpp:553
void Start_Move_Zone_Outlines(wxDC *DC, ZONE_CONTAINER *zone_container)
Function Start_Move_Zone_Outlines Initialize parameters to move an existing zone outlines.
GAL layers are "virtual" layers, i.e.
bool LoadProjectSettings()
Load the current project's file configuration settings which are pertinent to this PCB_EDIT_FRAME ins...
void OnUpdateSave(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void ReCreateLayerBox(bool aForceResizeToolbar=true)
Re create the layer Box by clearing the old list, and building le new one, from the new layers names ...
Definition: tool_pcb.cpp:714
bool OnRightClick(const wxPoint &aMousePos, wxMenu *aPopMenu) override
Function OnRightClick populates a popup menu with the choices appropriate for the current context...
PARAM_CFG_ARRAY & GetConfigurationSettings()
Function GetConfigurationSettings returns the Pcbnew applications settings list.
void Edit_Gap(wxDC *DC, MODULE *Module)
Function Edit_Gap edits the GAP module if it has changed the position and/or size of the pads that fo...
Definition: microwave.cpp:682
The common library.
virtual wxConfigBase * config()
Function config returns the wxConfigBase used in SaveSettings(), and is overloaded in KICAD_MANAGER_F...
Definition: basicframe.cpp:380
void Delete_Texte_Pcb(TEXTE_PCB *TextePcb, wxDC *DC)
void OnSelectTool(wxCommandEvent &aEvent)
Definition: edit.cpp:1424
void ExportToGenCAD(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function ExportToGenCAD creates a file in GenCAD 1.4 format from the current board.
virtual void SetGridColor(COLOR4D aColor) override
Function SetGridColor() , virtual.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:857
virtual void forceColorsToLegacy() override
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:737
Class to display a pcb layer list in a wxBitmapComboBox.
bool m_show_microwave_tools
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:244
void ReCreateHToolbar() override
Definition: tool_pcb.cpp:202
void syncLayerVisibilities()
Function syncLayerVisibilities updates each "Layer" checkbox in the layer widget according to each la...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:920
DRC * m_drc
the DRC controller, see drc.cpp
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:96
DIMENSION * EditDimension(DIMENSION *aDimension, wxDC *aDC)
Definition: dimension.cpp:259
Class REPORTER is a pure virtual class used to derive REPORTER objects from.
Definition: reporter.h:61
void Swap_Layers(wxCommandEvent &event)
void Remove_Zone_Corner(wxDC *DC, ZONE_CONTAINER *zone_container)
Function End_Move_Zone_Corner_Or_Outlines Remove the currently selected corner in a zone outline the ...
void OnCloseWindow(wxCloseEvent &Event) override
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:603
TRACK * Begin_Route(TRACK *aTrack, wxDC *aDC)
Function Begin_Route Starts a new track and/or establish of a new track point.
Definition: editrack.cpp:98
void Block_Flip()
Function Block_Flip Flip items within the selected block.
bool SetCurrentNetClass(const wxString &aNetClassName)
Function SetCurrentNetClass Must be called after a netclass selection (or after a netclass parameter ...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1163
wxChoice * m_SelTrackWidthBox
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:241
void ReadAutoroutedTracks(wxDC *DC)
void RemoveStruct(BOARD_ITEM *Item, wxDC *DC)
Definition: edit.cpp:1275
void SaveProjectSettings(bool aAskForSave) override
Function SaveProjectSettings saves changes to the project settings to the project (...
bool End_Route(TRACK *aTrack, wxDC *aDC)
Function End_Route Terminates a track currently being created.
Definition: editrack.cpp:410
static wxWindow * findPythonConsole()
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:166
void Start_Move_DrawItem(DRAWSEGMENT *drawitem, wxDC *DC)
Definition: editedge.cpp:56
void SetVisibleAlls()
Function SetVisibleAlls Set the status of all visible element categories and layers to VISIBLE...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:949
virtual bool IsGridVisible() const override
Function IsGridVisible() , virtual.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:839
bool SetTrackSegmentWidth(TRACK *aTrackItem, PICKED_ITEMS_LIST *aItemsListPicker, bool aUseNetclassValue)
Function SetTrackSegmentWidth Modify one track segment width or one via diameter (using DRC control)...
void Begin_Self(wxDC *DC)
Definition: microwave.cpp:139
MODULE * ListAndSelectModuleName()
Function ListAndSelectModuleName builds and shows a list of existing modules on board that the user c...
void createPopUpBlockMenu(wxMenu *menu)
virtual bool isAutoSaveRequired() const override
Function isautoSaveRequired returns true if the board has been modified.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:551
void PlaceTarget(PCB_TARGET *aTarget, wxDC *DC)
bool m_show_layer_manager_tools
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:245
void moveExact()
Function moveExact Move the selected item exactly.
Definition: edit.cpp:1537
void Process_Settings(wxCommandEvent &event)
void GlobalRoute(wxDC *DC)
void Place_Texte_Pcb(TEXTE_PCB *TextePcb, wxDC *DC)
PCB_TARGET * CreateTarget(wxDC *DC)
bool AppendBoardFile(const wxString &aFullFileName, int aCtl)
Function AppendBoardFile appends a board file onto the current one, creating God knows what...
void OnUpdateShowMicrowaveToolbar(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
int DoGenFootprintsPositionFile(const wxString &aFullFileName, bool aUnitsMM, bool aForceSmdItems, int aSide, bool aFormatCSV=false)
Function DoGenFootprintsPositionFile Creates an ascii footprint position file.
void KiwayMailIn(KIWAY_EXPRESS &aEvent) override
Function KiwayMailIn receives KIWAY_EXPRESS messages from other players.
void OnUpdateZoneDisplayStyle(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
bool DoGenFootprintsReport(const wxString &aFullFilename, bool aUnitsMM)
Function DoGenFootprintsReport Creates an ascii footprint report file giving some infos on footprints...
bool IsElementVisible(GAL_LAYER_ID aElement) const
Function IsElementVisible tests whether a given element category is visible.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:935
void Attribut_Track(TRACK *track, wxDC *DC, bool Flag_On)
Definition: attribut.cpp:68
void GenFootprintsReport(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function GenFootprintsReport Calls DoGenFootprintsReport to create a footprint reprot file See DoGenF...
A quick note on layer IDs:
void Tracks_and_Vias_Size_Event(wxCommandEvent &event)
void StartMoveTextePcb(TEXTE_PCB *aTextePcb, wxDC *aDC, bool aErase=true)
bool OnHotkeyDuplicateOrArrayItem(int aIdCommand)
Function OnHotkeyDuplicateOrArrayItem Duplicate an item (optionally incrementing if necessary and pos...
wxAuiToolBar * m_microWaveToolBar
The auxiliary right vertical tool bar used to access the microwave tools.
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:90
Class LSET is a set of PCB_LAYER_IDs.
MODULE * Create_MuWavePolygonShape()
Definition: microwave.cpp:574
void ArchiveModulesOnBoard(bool aStoreInNewLib, const wxString &aLibName=wxEmptyString)
Function ArchiveModulesOnBoard Save modules in a library:
Definition: librairi.cpp:591
void Show_1_Ratsnest(EDA_ITEM *item, wxDC *DC)
Function Show_1_Ratsnest draw ratsnest.
Definition: ratsnest.cpp:246
Class NETLIST stores all of information read from a netlist along with the flags used to update the N...
Definition: pcb_netlist.h:205
TEXTE_PCB * CreateTextePcb(wxDC *aDC, TEXTE_PCB *aText=NULL)
MODULE * Create_MuWaveComponent(int shape_type)
Create_MuWaveComponent creates a module "GAP" or "STUB" used in micro wave designs.
Definition: microwave.cpp:226
BOARD_ITEM_CONTAINER * GetModel() const override
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:517
void OnSelectOptionToolbar(wxCommandEvent &event)
Definition: tool_pcb.cpp:732
bool OpenProjectFiles(const std::vector< wxString > &aFileSet, int aCtl=0) override
Function OpenProjectFiles (was LoadOnePcbFile) loads a KiCad board (.kicad_pcb) from aFileName...
void Block_Delete()
Function Block_Delete deletes all items within the selected block.
bool RemoveMisConnectedTracks()
Function RemoveMisConnectedTracks finds all track segments which are mis-connected (to more than one ...
Definition: clean.cpp:723
int Begin_Zone(wxDC *DC)
Function Begin_Zone either initializes the first segment of a new zone, or adds an intermediate segme...
bool OnHotkeyMoveItem(int aIdCommand)
Function OnHotkeyMoveItem Moves or drag the item (footprint, track, text .
void OnConfigurePcbOptions(wxCommandEvent &aEvent)
void OnUpdateAutoDeleteTrack(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
int EraseRedundantTrack(wxDC *aDC, TRACK *aNewTrack, int aNewTrackSegmentsCount, PICKED_ITEMS_LIST *aItemsListPicker)
Function EraseRedundantTrack Called after creating a track Remove (if exists) the old track that have...
Definition: tr_modif.cpp:63
virtual void ExecuteRemoteCommand(const char *cmdline) override
Execute a remote command send by Eeschema via a socket, port KICAD_PCB_PORT_SERVICE_NUMBER (currently...
void OnLeftDClick(wxDC *DC, const wxPoint &MousePos) override
void Rotate_Texte_Pcb(TEXTE_PCB *TextePcb, wxDC *DC)
void OnUpdateShowLayerManager(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
Class PAGE_INFO describes the page size and margins of a paper page on which to eventually print or p...
void InstallModuleOptionsFrame(MODULE *Module, wxDC *DC)
Definition: editmod.cpp:49
void DlgGlobalChange_PadSettings(D_PAD *aPad, bool aRedraw)
Function DlgGlobalChange_PadSettings Function to change pad caracteristics for the given footprint or...
void Delete_OldZone_Fill(SEGZONE *aZone, time_t aTimestamp=0)
Function Delete_OldZone_Fill (obsolete) Used for compatibility with old boards Remove the zone fillin...
void createPopUpMenuForFootprints(MODULE *aModule, wxMenu *aPopMenu)
void Via_Edit_Control(wxCommandEvent &event)
void createPopUpMenuForZones(ZONE_CONTAINER *edge_zone, wxMenu *aPopMenu)
bool ReOrientModules(const wxString &ModuleMask, double Orient, bool include_fixe)
Function ReOrientModules Set the orientation of footprints.
void ReCreateVToolbar() override
Definition: tool_pcb.cpp:414
void ReCreateMenuBar() override
Function ReCreateMenuBar Creates recreates the menu bar.
virtual ~PCB_EDIT_FRAME()
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:497
void End_Move_Zone_Corner_Or_Outlines(wxDC *DC, ZONE_CONTAINER *zone_container)
Function End_Move_Zone_Corner_Or_Outlines Terminates a move corner in a zone outline, or a move zone outlines.
PCB_EDIT_FRAME(KIWAY *aKiway, wxWindow *aParent)
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:322
TRACK * OnHotkeyBeginRoute(wxDC *aDC)
Function OnHotkeyBeginRoute If the current active layer is a copper layer, and if no item currently e...
virtual bool HandleBlockEnd(wxDC *DC) override
Function HandleBlockEnd() Handle the "end" of a block command, i.e.
void ShowChangedLanguage() override
Function ShowChangedLanguage redraws the menus and what not in current language.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:958
virtual COLOR4D GetGridColor() override
Function GetGridColor() , virtual.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:851
void Block_SelectItems()
Function Block_SelectItems Uses GetScreen()->m_BlockLocate select items within the selected block...
Class KIWAY is a minimalistic software bus for communications between various DLLs/DSOs (DSOs) within...
Definition: kiway.h:257
wxConfigBase * GetSettings()
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:434
void Delete_Segment_Edge(DRAWSEGMENT *Segment, wxDC *DC)
Definition: editedge.cpp:113
void HighLight(wxDC *DC)
Function HighLight.
Definition: highlight.cpp:101
Enum STROKE_T is the set of shapes for segments (graphic segments and tracks) which are often in the ...
uint32_t EDA_KEY
Definition: common.h:51
void StartMoveOneNodeOrSegment(TRACK *aTrack, wxDC *aDC, int aCommand)
Function StartMoveOneNodeOrSegment initializes the parameters to move one via or/and a terminal point...
virtual void SwitchCanvas(wxCommandEvent &aEvent) override
switches currently used canvas (default / Cairo / OpenGL).
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1142
void Start_DragTrackSegmentAndKeepSlope(TRACK *track, wxDC *DC)
bool OnHotkeyFlipItem(int aIdCommand)
Function OnHotkeyFlipItem Flip the item (text or footprint) found under the mouse cursor...
void ReadPcbNetlist(const wxString &aNetlistFileName, const wxString &aCmpFileName, REPORTER *aReporter, bool aChangeFootprint, bool aDeleteBadTracks, bool aDeleteExtraFootprints, bool aSelectByTimestamp, bool aDeleteSinglePadNets, bool aIsDryRun) override
Function ReadPcbNetlist reads aNetlistFileName and updates the footprints (load missing footprints an...
void OnQuit(wxCommandEvent &event)
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:597
void UpdateUserInterface()
Update the layer manager and other widgets from the board setup (layer and items visibility, colors ...)
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1058
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:94
Class PICKED_ITEMS_LIST is a holder to handle information on schematic or board items.
int Fill_Zone(ZONE_CONTAINER *aZone)
Function Fill_Zone Calculate the zone filling for the outline zone_container The zone outline is a fr...
bool OnHotKey(wxDC *aDC, int aHotkeyCode, const wxPoint &aPosition, EDA_ITEM *aItem=NULL) override
Function OnHotKey.
virtual void PrintPage(wxDC *aDC, LSET aPrintMaskLayer, bool aPrintMirrorMode, void *aData=NULL) override
Function PrintPage , virtual used to print a page Print the page pointed by the current screen...
void ReCreateOptToolbar()
Definition: tool_pcb.cpp:325
bool PlaceDraggedOrMovedTrackSegment(TRACK *Track, wxDC *DC)
int Delete_LastCreatedCorner(wxDC *DC)
Function Delete_LastCreatedCorner Used only while creating a new zone outline Remove and delete the c...
void Show3D_Frame(wxCommandEvent &event) override
Function Show3D_Frame displays the 3D view of current printed circuit board.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:683
void Reset_Noroutable(wxDC *DC)
Definition: autorout.cpp:210
bool OnHotkeyDeleteItem(wxDC *aDC)
Function OnHotkeyDeleteItem Delete the item found under the mouse cursor Depending on the current act...
void Autoroute(wxDC *DC, int mode)
Definition: autorout.cpp:54
void Add_Similar_Zone(wxDC *DC, ZONE_CONTAINER *zone_container)
Function Add_Similar_Zone Add a zone to a given zone outline.
void OnUpdateDrcEnable(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void ShowDesignRulesEditor(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function ShowDesignRulesEditor displays the Design Rules Editor.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:784
void Add_Zone_Cutout(wxDC *DC, ZONE_CONTAINER *zone_container)
Function Add_Zone_Cutout Add a cutout zone to a given zone outline.
void RedrawActiveWindow(wxDC *DC, bool EraseBg) override
Definition: tracepcb.cpp:97
static const wxChar * pythonConsoleNameId()
Has meaning only if KICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON option is not defined.
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:158
void Edit_Zone_Params(wxDC *DC, ZONE_CONTAINER *zone_container)
Function Edit_Zone_Params Edit params (layer, clearance, ...) for a zone outline. ...
void Attribut_net(wxDC *DC, int net_code, bool Flag_On)
Definition: attribut.cpp:97
void OnSelectAutoPlaceMode(wxCommandEvent &aEvent)
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1105
void OnOrientFootprints(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function OnOrientFootprints install the dialog box for the common Orient Footprints.
void enableGALSpecificMenus()
an helper function to enable some menus only active when the display is switched to GAL mode and whic...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:752
bool OnHotkeyRotateItem(int aIdCommand)
Function OnHotkeyRotateItem Rotate the item (text or footprint) found under the mouse cursor...
void Attribut_Segment(TRACK *track, wxDC *DC, bool Flag_On)
Definition: attribut.cpp:50
wxString m_lastNetListRead
Last net list read with relative path.
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:100
void OnUpdateViaDrawMode(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
int Solve(AUTOROUTER_CONTEXT &aCtx, int aLayersCount)
Definition: solve.cpp:266
EDA_HOTKEY * GetHotKeyDescription(int aCommand) const override
void Delete_Track(wxDC *DC, TRACK *Track)
Definition: deltrack.cpp:140
void OnUpdateSelectCustomTrackWidth(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void SendMessageToEESCHEMA(BOARD_ITEM *objectToSync)
Function SendMessageToEESCHEMA sends a message to the schematic editor so that it may move its cursor...
wxString GetLastNetListRead()
Get the last net list read with the net list dialog box.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:973
void createPopUpMenuForFpPads(D_PAD *aPad, wxMenu *aPopMenu)
bool OnHotkeyEditItem(int aIdCommand)
void ShowTargetOptionsDialog(PCB_TARGET *aTarget, wxDC *DC)
Definition: target_edit.cpp:83
virtual void HandleBlockPlace(wxDC *DC) override
Function HandleBlockPlace() Called after HandleBlockEnd, when a block command needs to be executed af...
void OnFileHistory(wxCommandEvent &event)
void LoadFootprints(NETLIST &aNetlist, REPORTER *aReporter)
Function loadFootprints loads the footprints for each COMPONENT in aNetlist from the list of librarie...
void OnUpdatePCBFromSch(wxCommandEvent &event)
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1182
Struct PARSE_ERROR contains a filename or source description, a problem input line, a line number, a byte offset, and an error message which contains the the caller's report and his call site information: CPP source file, function, and line number.
Definition: ki_exception.h:94
void Block_Move()
Function Block_Move move all items within the selected block.
void createPopUpMenuForTexts(TEXTE_PCB *Text, wxMenu *menu)
class EDA_HOTKEY is a class to handle hot key commands.
Definition: hotkeys_basic.h:57
void SetBoard(BOARD *aBoard) override
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:503
void createPopupMenuForTracks(TRACK *aTrack, wxMenu *aPopMenu)
bool ExportVRML_File(const wxString &aFullFileName, double aMMtoWRMLunit, bool aExport3DFiles, bool aUseRelativePaths, bool aUsePlainPCB, const wxString &a3D_Subdir, double aXRef, double aYRef)
Function ExportVRML_File Creates the file(s) exporting current BOARD to a VRML file.
void ImportSpecctraSession(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function ImportSpecctraSession will import a specctra *.ses file and use it to relocate MODULEs and t...
Common, abstract interface for edit frames.
void Process_Special_Functions(wxCommandEvent &event)
Definition: edit.cpp:65
void OnUpdateHighContrastDisplayMode(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void duplicateZone(wxDC *aDC, ZONE_CONTAINER *aZone)
Function duplicateZone duplicates the given zone.
void GenD356File(wxCommandEvent &event)
void updateViaSizeSelectBox()
Definition: tool_pcb.cpp:657
virtual void SetGridVisibility(bool aVisible) override
Function SetGridVisibility() , virtual It may be overloaded by derived classes if you want to store/r...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:845
Class BOARD holds information pertinent to a Pcbnew printed circuit board.
Definition: class_board.h:169
void OnEditItemRequest(wxDC *aDC, BOARD_ITEM *aItem) override
Function OnEditItemRequest Install the corresponding dialog editor for the given item.
void Files_io(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function Files_io.
MODULE * CreateMuWaveBaseFootprint(const wxString &aValue, int aTextSize, int aPadCount)
Function CreateMuWaveBaseFootprint create a basic footprint for micro wave applications.
Definition: microwave.cpp:185
void StartMoveModule(MODULE *aModule, wxDC *aDC, bool aDragConnectedTracks)
Function StartMoveModule Initialize a drag or move pad command.
Definition: modules.cpp:100
Class DRC is the Design Rule Checker, and performs all the DRC tests.
Definition: drc_stuff.h:158
Definition: wxstruct.h:59
Used when the right click button is pressed, or when the select tool is in effect.
Definition: collectors.h:212
void createPopUpMenuForMarkers(MARKER_PCB *aMarker, wxMenu *aPopMenu)
void OnExportVRML(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function OnExportVRML will export the current BOARD to a VRML file.
void OnUpdateSelectViaSize(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
bool ImportFile(const wxString &aFileName, int aFileType) override
Function ImportFile load the given filename but sets the path to the current project path...
void Block_Rotate()
Function Block_Rotate Rotate all items within the selected block.
void OnUpdateVerticalToolbar(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void createPopUpMenuForFpTexts(TEXTE_MODULE *aText, wxMenu *aPopMenu)
Class EDA_ITEM is a base class for most all the KiCad significant classes, used in schematics and boa...
Definition: base_struct.h:165
void OnUpdateTraceDrawMode(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void OnUpdateMuWaveToolbar(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void ListNetsAndSelect(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function ListNetsAndSelect called by a command event displays the sorted list of nets in a dialog fra...
void OnUpdateSelectAutoTrackWidth(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void Delete_Zone_Contour(wxDC *DC, ZONE_CONTAINER *zone_container)
Function Delete_Zone Remove the zone which include the segment aZone, or the zone which have the give...
void Block_Mirror_X()
Function Block_Mirror_X mirrors all items within the currently selected block in the X axis...
void Delete_net(wxDC *DC, TRACK *Track)
Definition: deltrack.cpp:152
void Block_Duplicate(bool aIncrement)
Function Block_Duplicate Duplicate all items within the selected block.
bool IsMicroViaAcceptable(void)
Function IsMicroViaAcceptable return true if a microvia can be placed on the board.
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:869
virtual int BlockCommand(EDA_KEY aKey) override
Function BlockCommand Returns the block command internat code (BLOCK_MOVE, BLOCK_COPY...) corresponding to the keys pressed (ALT, SHIFT, SHIFT ALT ..) when block command is started by dragging the mouse.
void OnUpdateSelectTrackWidth(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
PARAM_CFG_ARRAY m_configParams
List of Pcbnew configuration settings.
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:98
void HighlightUnconnectedPads(wxDC *DC)
Abstract interface for BOARD_ITEMs capable of storing other items inside.
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:240
void OnUpdateShowBoardRatsnest(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void ReFillLayerWidget()
Function ReFillLayerWidget changes out all the layers in m_Layers and may be called upon loading a ne...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:578
void Files_io_from_id(int aId)
Function Files_io_from_id Read and write board files.
void Change_Side_Module(MODULE *Module, wxDC *DC)
Function Change_Side_Module Flip a footprint (switch layer from component or component to copper) The...
Definition: modules.cpp:287
A general implementation of a COLLECTORS_GUIDE.
Definition: collectors.h:351
void updateTraceWidthSelectBox()
Definition: tool_pcb.cpp:619
DRC * GetDrcController()
Definition: wxPcbStruct.h:925
bool Change_Net_Tracks_And_Vias_Sizes(int aNetcode, bool aUseNetclassValue)
Function Change_Net_Tracks_And_Vias_Sizes Reset all tracks width and vias diameters and drill to thei...
int OnHotkeyCopyItem()
Function OnHotkeyCopyItem returns the copy event id for copyable items.
void SwitchLayer(wxDC *DC, PCB_LAYER_ID layer) override
Definition: edit.cpp:1352
void ProcessMuWaveFunctions(wxCommandEvent &event)
void PythonPluginsReload()
Reload the Python plugins if they are newer than the already loaded, and load new plugins if any Do n...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1217
void OnFlipPcbView(wxCommandEvent &event)
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:1208
void OnUpdateAutoPlaceModulesMode(wxUpdateUIEvent &aEvent)
void duplicateItems(bool aIncrement) override
Function duplicateItems Duplicate selected item if possible and start a move.
Definition: edit.cpp:1602
bool SavePcbFile(const wxString &aFileName, bool aCreateBackupFile=CREATE_BACKUP_FILE)
Function SavePcbFile writes the board data structures to a aFileName Creates backup when requested an...
Struct IO_ERROR is a class used to hold an error message and may be used when throwing exceptions con...
Definition: ki_exception.h:47
void InstallDrillFrame(wxCommandEvent &event)
virtual void SetActiveLayer(PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer) override
Function SetActiveLayer will change the currently active layer to aLayer and also update the PCB_LAYE...
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:890
void Access_to_External_Tool(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function Access_to_External_Tool Run an external tool (like freeroute )
void ReCreateAuxiliaryToolbar() override
Definition: tool_pcb.cpp:546
void Clean_Pcb()
Function Clean_Pcb Clean up the board (remove redundant vias, not connected tracks and merges colline...
Definition: clean.cpp:142
void Delete_Drawings_All_Layer(PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer)
Definition: editedge.cpp:148
void OnLeftClick(wxDC *DC, const wxPoint &MousePos) override
bool Reset_All_Tracks_And_Vias_To_Netclass_Values(bool aTrack, bool aVia)
Function Reset_All_Tracks_And_Vias_To_Netclass_Values Reset all tracks width and/or vias diameters an...
void Remove_One_Track(wxDC *DC, TRACK *pt_segm)
Function Remove_One_Track removes 1 track/ The leading segment is removed and all adjacent segments u...
Definition: deltrack.cpp:192
int SelectHighLight(wxDC *DC)
Locate track or pad and highlight the corresponding net.
Definition: highlight.cpp:44
void Edit_TrackSegm_Width(wxDC *aDC, TRACK *aTrackItem)
Function Edit_TrackSegm_Width Modify one track segment width or one via diameter (using DRC control)...
void OnResetModuleTextSizes(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function OnResetModuleTextSizes resets text size and width of all module text fields of given field t...
bool GeneralControl(wxDC *aDC, const wxPoint &aPosition, EDA_KEY aHotKey=0) override
Function GeneralControl performs application specific control using aDC at aPosition in logical units...
void setupTools()
Definition: pcbframe.cpp:560
void ImportSpecctraDesign(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function ImportSpecctraDesign will import a specctra *.dsn file and use it to replace an entire BOARD...
void End_Edge(DRAWSEGMENT *Segment, wxDC *DC)
Definition: editedge.cpp:316
bool ExportSpecctraFile(const wxString &aFullFilename)
Function ExportSpecctraFile will export the current BOARD to a specctra dsn file. ...
void GenFootprintsPositionFile(wxCommandEvent &event)
Function GenFootprintsPositionFile Calls DoGenFootprintsPositionFile to create a footprint position f...
Class COLOR4D is the color representation with 4 components: red, green, blue, alpha.
Definition: color4d.h:39