KiCad PCB EDA Suite
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1 /*
2  * This program source code file is part of KiCad, a free EDA CAD application.
3  *
4  * Copyright (C) 2013 Jean-Pierre Charras, jp.charras at
5  * Copyright (C) 2007-2012 SoftPLC Corporation, Dick Hollenbeck <>
6  * Copyright (C) 2008 Wayne Stambaugh <>
7  * Copyright (C) 1992-2017 KiCad Developers, see AUTHORS.txt for contributors.
8  *
9  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
10  * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
11  * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
12  * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
13  *
14  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
15  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
17  * GNU General Public License for more details.
18  *
19  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
20  * along with this program; if not, you may find one here:
21  *
22  * or you may search the website for the version 2 license,
23  * or you may write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
24  * 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA
25  */
35 #include <wx/wx.h>
49 extern const wxString AllFilesWildcard;
51 extern const wxString SchematicSymbolFileExtension;
52 extern const wxString SchematicLibraryFileExtension;
53 extern const wxString SchematicBackupFileExtension;
55 extern const wxString VrmlFileExtension;
56 extern const wxString ProjectFileExtension;
57 extern const wxString SchematicFileExtension;
58 extern const wxString NetlistFileExtension;
59 extern const wxString GerberFileExtension;
60 extern const wxString GerberJobFileExtension;
61 extern const wxString HtmlFileExtension;
63 extern const wxString LegacyPcbFileExtension;
64 extern const wxString KiCadPcbFileExtension;
65 #define PcbFileExtension KiCadPcbFileExtension // symlink choice
66 extern const wxString PageLayoutDescrFileExtension;
68 extern const wxString LegacyFootprintLibPathExtension;
69 extern const wxString PdfFileExtension;
70 extern const wxString MacrosFileExtension;
71 extern const wxString ComponentFileExtension;
72 extern const wxString DrillFileExtension;
73 extern const wxString SVGFileExtension;
74 extern const wxString ReportFileExtension;
75 extern const wxString FootprintPlaceFileExtension;
76 extern const wxString KiCadFootprintFileExtension;
77 extern const wxString KiCadFootprintLibPathExtension;
78 extern const wxString GedaPcbFootprintLibFileExtension;
79 extern const wxString EagleFootprintLibPathExtension;
80 extern const wxString ComponentFileExtension;
81 extern const wxString PageLayoutDescrFileExtension;
82 extern const wxString KiCadLib3DShapesPathExtension;
83 extern const wxString SpecctraDsnFileExtension;
84 extern const wxString IpcD356FileExtension;
101 extern wxString ComponentFileWildcard();
102 extern wxString PageLayoutDescrFileWildcard();
103 extern wxString SchematicSymbolFileWildcard();
104 extern wxString SchematicLibraryFileWildcard();
105 extern wxString ProjectFileWildcard();
106 extern wxString SchematicFileWildcard();
107 extern wxString BoardFileWildcard();
108 extern wxString NetlistFileWildcard();
109 extern wxString GerberFileWildcard();
110 extern wxString HtmlFileWildcard();
111 extern wxString CsvFileWildcard();
112 extern wxString LegacyPcbFileWildcard();
113 extern wxString PcbFileWildcard();
114 extern wxString EaglePcbFileWildcard();
115 extern wxString EagleSchematicFileWildcard();
116 extern wxString EagleFilesWildcard();
117 extern wxString PCadPcbFileWildcard();
118 extern wxString PdfFileWildcard();
119 extern wxString PSFileWildcard();
120 extern wxString MacrosFileWildcard();
121 extern wxString ComponentFileWildcard();
122 extern wxString DrillFileWildcard();
123 extern wxString SVGFileWildcard();
124 extern wxString ReportFileWildcard();
125 extern wxString FootprintPlaceFileWildcard();
126 extern wxString Shapes3DFileWildcard();
127 extern wxString IDF3DFileWildcard();
128 extern wxString DocModulesFileName();
129 extern wxString LegacyFootprintLibPathWildcard();
130 extern wxString KiCadFootprintLibFileWildcard();
131 extern wxString KiCadFootprintLibPathWildcard();
132 extern wxString GedaPcbFootprintLibFileWildcard();
133 extern wxString EagleFootprintLibPathWildcard();
134 extern wxString TextFileWildcard();
135 extern wxString ModLegacyExportFileWildcard();
136 extern wxString ErcFileWildcard();
137 extern wxString SpiceLibraryFileWildcard();
138 extern wxString SpiceNetlistFileWildcard();
139 extern wxString CadstarNetlistFileWildcard();
140 extern wxString EquFileWildcard();
141 extern wxString ZipFileWildcard();
142 extern wxString GencadFileWildcard();
143 extern wxString DxfFileWildcard();
144 extern wxString GerberJobFileWildcard();
145 extern wxString SpecctraDsnFileWildcard();
146 extern wxString IpcD356FileWildcard();
147 extern wxString WorkbookFileWildcard();
148 extern wxString PngFileWildcard();
wxString GerberFileWildcard()
wxString SchematicSymbolFileWildcard()
wxString PageLayoutDescrFileWildcard()
wxString SchematicFileWildcard()
wxString EaglePcbFileWildcard()
wxString EagleFootprintLibPathWildcard()
wxString SVGFileWildcard()
const wxString SVGFileExtension
wxString ComponentFileWildcard()
const wxString GerberFileExtension
wxString SpiceNetlistFileWildcard()
wxString PdfFileWildcard()
const wxString ProjectFileExtension
const wxString FootprintPlaceFileExtension
const wxString HtmlFileExtension
const wxString LegacyPcbFileExtension
const wxString KiCadFootprintFileExtension
wxString DxfFileWildcard()
wxString SchematicLibraryFileWildcard()
wxString ZipFileWildcard()
wxString CsvFileWildcard()
const wxString KiCadLib3DShapesPathExtension
const wxString ReportFileExtension
const wxString MacrosFileExtension
wxString LegacyFootprintLibPathWildcard()
wxString EquFileWildcard()
const wxString LegacyFootprintLibPathExtension
wxString DocModulesFileName()
wxString LegacyPcbFileWildcard()
wxString PSFileWildcard()
const wxString NetlistFileExtension
const wxString SchematicBackupFileExtension
wxString GencadFileWildcard()
const wxString ComponentFileExtension
wxString ReportFileWildcard()
wxString NetlistFileWildcard()
wxString HtmlFileWildcard()
const wxString PageLayoutDescrFileExtension
wxString ModLegacyExportFileWildcard()
const wxString KiCadFootprintLibPathExtension
const wxString DrillFileExtension
wxString BoardFileWildcard()
const wxString IpcD356FileExtension
const wxString VrmlFileExtension
wxString DrillFileWildcard()
const wxString PdfFileExtension
const wxString GerberJobFileExtension
wxString IpcD356FileWildcard()
wxString PngFileWildcard()
const wxString SchematicSymbolFileExtension
wxString ProjectFileWildcard()
const wxString GedaPcbFootprintLibFileExtension
wxString ErcFileWildcard()
wxString KiCadFootprintLibPathWildcard()
wxString GerberJobFileWildcard()
const wxString SpecctraDsnFileExtension
wxString EagleSchematicFileWildcard()
wxString FootprintPlaceFileWildcard()
wxString Shapes3DFileWildcard()
wxString SpiceLibraryFileWildcard()
wxString PcbFileWildcard()
wxString TextFileWildcard()
const wxString EagleFootprintLibPathExtension
wxString SpecctraDsnFileWildcard()
wxString IDF3DFileWildcard()
const wxString KiCadPcbFileExtension
wxString EagleFilesWildcard()
wxString MacrosFileWildcard()
wxString WorkbookFileWildcard()
const wxString AllFilesWildcard
const wxString SchematicLibraryFileExtension
wxString PCadPcbFileWildcard()
wxString KiCadFootprintLibFileWildcard()
const wxString SchematicFileExtension
wxString GedaPcbFootprintLibFileWildcard()
wxString CadstarNetlistFileWildcard()