KiCad PCB EDA Suite
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const wxString SchematicSymbolFileExtension (wxT("sym"))
 file extensions and wildcards used in kicad. More...
const wxString SchematicLibraryFileExtension (wxT("lib"))
const wxString SchematicBackupFileExtension (wxT("bak"))
const wxString VrmlFileExtension (wxT("wrl"))
const wxString ProjectFileExtension (wxT("pro"))
const wxString SchematicFileExtension (wxT("sch"))
const wxString NetlistFileExtension (wxT("net"))
const wxString ComponentFileExtension (wxT("cmp"))
const wxString GerberFileExtension ("gbr")
const wxString GerberJobFileExtension ("gbrjob")
const wxString HtmlFileExtension (wxT("html"))
const wxString LegacyPcbFileExtension (wxT("brd"))
const wxString KiCadPcbFileExtension (wxT("kicad_pcb"))
const wxString PageLayoutDescrFileExtension (wxT("kicad_wks"))
const wxString PdfFileExtension (wxT("pdf"))
const wxString MacrosFileExtension (wxT("mcr"))
const wxString DrillFileExtension (wxT("drl"))
const wxString SVGFileExtension (wxT("svg"))
const wxString ReportFileExtension (wxT("rpt"))
const wxString FootprintPlaceFileExtension (wxT("pos"))
const wxString KiCadLib3DShapesPathExtension (wxT("3dshapes"))
 3D shapes default libpath More...
const wxString KiCadFootprintLibPathExtension (wxT("pretty"))
 KICAD PLUGIN libpath. More...
const wxString LegacyFootprintLibPathExtension (wxT("mod"))
const wxString EagleFootprintLibPathExtension (wxT("lbr"))
const wxString KiCadFootprintFileExtension (wxT("kicad_mod"))
const wxString GedaPcbFootprintLibFileExtension (wxT("fp"))
const wxString SchematicSymbolFileWildcard (_("KiCad drawing symbol file (*.sym)|*.sym"))
const wxString SchematicLibraryFileWildcard (_("KiCad component library file (*.lib)|*.lib"))
const wxString ProjectFileWildcard (_("KiCad project files (*.pro)|*.pro"))
const wxString SchematicFileWildcard (_("KiCad schematic files (*.sch)|*.sch"))
const wxString EagleSchematicFileWildcard (_("Eagle XML schematic file (*.sch)|*.sch"))
const wxString EagleFilesWildcard (_("Eagle XML files (*.sch *.brd)|*.sch;*.brd"))
const wxString NetlistFileWildcard (_("KiCad netlist files (*.net)|*.net"))
const wxString GerberFileWildcard (_("Gerber files (*.pho)|*.pho"))
const wxString LegacyPcbFileWildcard (_("KiCad printed circuit board files (*.brd)|*.brd"))
const wxString EaglePcbFileWildcard (_("Eagle ver. 6.x XML PCB files (*.brd)|*.brd"))
const wxString PCadPcbFileWildcard (_("P-Cad 200x ASCII PCB files (*.pcb)|*.pcb"))
const wxString PcbFileWildcard (_("KiCad s-expr printed circuit board files (*.kicad_pcb)|*.kicad_pcb"))
const wxString KiCadFootprintLibFileWildcard (_("KiCad footprint s-expre file (*.kicad_mod)|*.kicad_mod"))
const wxString KiCadFootprintLibPathWildcard (_("KiCad footprint s-expre library path (*.pretty)|*.pretty"))
const wxString LegacyFootprintLibPathWildcard (_("Legacy footprint library file (*.mod)|*.mod"))
const wxString EagleFootprintLibPathWildcard (_("Eagle ver. 6.x XML library files (*.lbr)|*.lbr"))
const wxString GedaPcbFootprintLibFileWildcard (_("Geda PCB footprint library file (*.fp)|*.fp"))
const wxString ComponentFileExtensionWildcard (_("Component-footprint link file (*.cmp)|*cmp"))
const wxString PageLayoutDescrFileWildcard (_("Page layout design file (*.kicad_wks)|*kicad_wks"))
const wxString AllFilesWildcard (_("All files (*)|*"))
const wxString ComponentFileWildcard (_("KiCad cmp/footprint link files (*.cmp)|*.cmp"))
const wxString DrillFileWildcard (_("Drill files (*.drl)|*.drl;*.DRL"))
const wxString SVGFileWildcard (_("SVG files (*.svg)|*.svg;*.SVG"))
const wxString HtmlFileWildcard (_("HTML files (*.html)|*.htm;*.html"))
const wxString CsvFileWildcard (_("CSV Files (*.csv)|*.csv"))
const wxString PdfFileWildcard (_("Portable document format files (*.pdf)|*.pdf"))
const wxString PSFileWildcard (_("PostScript files (.ps)|*.ps"))
const wxString Shapes3DFileWildcard (_("Vrml and x3d files (*.wrl *.x3d)|*.wrl;*.x3d"))
const wxString IDF3DFileWildcard (_("IDFv3 component files (*.idf)|*.idf"))
const wxString TextWildcard (_("Text files (*.txt)|*.txt"))


const wxString ReportFileWildcard = _( "Report files (*.rpt)|*.rpt" )
const wxString FootprintPlaceFileWildcard = _( "Footprint place files (*.pos)|*.pos" )

Function Documentation

const wxString AllFilesWildcard ( _("All files (*)|*")  )
const wxString ComponentFileExtension ( wxT("cmp")  )
const wxString ComponentFileExtensionWildcard ( _("Component-footprint link file (*.cmp)|*cmp")  )
const wxString ComponentFileWildcard ( _("KiCad cmp/footprint link files (*.cmp)|*.cmp")  )
const wxString CsvFileWildcard ( _("CSV Files (*.csv)|*.csv")  )
const wxString DrillFileExtension ( wxT("drl")  )
const wxString DrillFileWildcard ( _("Drill files (*.drl)|*.drl;*.DRL")  )
const wxString EagleFilesWildcard ( _("Eagle XML files (*.sch *.brd)|*.sch;*.brd")  )
const wxString EagleFootprintLibPathExtension ( wxT("lbr")  )
const wxString EagleFootprintLibPathWildcard ( _("Eagle ver. 6.x XML library files (*.lbr)|*.lbr")  )
const wxString EaglePcbFileWildcard ( _("Eagle ver. 6.x XML PCB files (*.brd)|*.brd")  )
const wxString EagleSchematicFileWildcard ( _("Eagle XML schematic file (*.sch)|*.sch")  )
const wxString FootprintPlaceFileExtension ( wxT("pos")  )
const wxString GedaPcbFootprintLibFileExtension ( wxT("fp")  )
const wxString GedaPcbFootprintLibFileWildcard ( _("Geda PCB footprint library file (*.fp)|*.fp")  )
const wxString GerberFileExtension ( "gbr"  )
const wxString GerberFileWildcard ( _("Gerber files (*.pho)|*.pho")  )
const wxString GerberJobFileExtension ( "gbrjob"  )
const wxString HtmlFileExtension ( wxT("html")  )
const wxString HtmlFileWildcard ( _("HTML files (*.html)|*.htm;*.html")  )
const wxString IDF3DFileWildcard ( _("IDFv3 component files (*.idf)|*.idf")  )
const wxString KiCadFootprintFileExtension ( wxT("kicad_mod")  )
const wxString KiCadFootprintLibFileWildcard ( _("KiCad footprint s-expre file (*.kicad_mod)|*.kicad_mod")  )
const wxString KiCadFootprintLibPathExtension ( wxT("pretty")  )


const wxString KiCadFootprintLibPathWildcard ( _("KiCad footprint s-expre library path (*.pretty)|*.pretty")  )
const wxString KiCadLib3DShapesPathExtension ( wxT("3dshapes")  )

3D shapes default libpath

const wxString KiCadPcbFileExtension ( wxT("kicad_pcb")  )
const wxString LegacyFootprintLibPathExtension ( wxT("mod")  )
const wxString LegacyFootprintLibPathWildcard ( _("Legacy footprint library file (*.mod)|*.mod")  )
const wxString LegacyPcbFileExtension ( wxT("brd")  )
const wxString LegacyPcbFileWildcard ( _("KiCad printed circuit board files (*.brd)|*.brd")  )
const wxString MacrosFileExtension ( wxT("mcr")  )
const wxString NetlistFileExtension ( wxT("net")  )
const wxString NetlistFileWildcard ( _("KiCad netlist files (*.net)|*.net")  )
const wxString PageLayoutDescrFileExtension ( wxT("kicad_wks")  )
const wxString PageLayoutDescrFileWildcard ( _("Page layout design file (*.kicad_wks)|*kicad_wks")  )
const wxString PCadPcbFileWildcard ( _("P-Cad 200x ASCII PCB files (*.pcb)|*.pcb")  )
const wxString PcbFileWildcard ( _("KiCad s-expr printed circuit board files (*.kicad_pcb)|*.kicad_pcb")  )
const wxString PdfFileExtension ( wxT("pdf")  )
const wxString PdfFileWildcard ( _("Portable document format files (*.pdf)|*.pdf")  )
const wxString ProjectFileExtension ( wxT("pro")  )
const wxString ProjectFileWildcard ( _("KiCad project files (*.pro)|*.pro")  )
const wxString PSFileWildcard ( _("PostScript files (.ps)|*.ps")  )
const wxString ReportFileExtension ( wxT("rpt")  )
const wxString SchematicBackupFileExtension ( wxT("bak")  )
const wxString SchematicFileExtension ( wxT("sch")  )
const wxString SchematicFileWildcard ( _("KiCad schematic files (*.sch)|*.sch")  )
const wxString SchematicLibraryFileExtension ( wxT("lib")  )
const wxString SchematicLibraryFileWildcard ( _("KiCad component library file (*.lib)|*.lib")  )
const wxString SchematicSymbolFileExtension ( wxT("sym")  )

file extensions and wildcards used in kicad.

const wxString SchematicSymbolFileWildcard ( _("KiCad drawing symbol file (*.sym)|*.sym")  )
const wxString Shapes3DFileWildcard ( _("Vrml and x3d files (*.wrl *.x3d)|*.wrl;*.x3d")  )
const wxString SVGFileExtension ( wxT("svg")  )
const wxString SVGFileWildcard ( _("SVG files (*.svg)|*.svg;*.SVG")  )
const wxString TextWildcard ( _("Text files (*.txt)|*.txt")  )
const wxString VrmlFileExtension ( wxT("wrl")  )

Variable Documentation

const wxString FootprintPlaceFileWildcard = _( "Footprint place files (*.pos)|*.pos" )

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const wxString ReportFileWildcard = _( "Report files (*.rpt)|*.rpt" )