KiCad PCB EDA Suite
StructColors Struct Reference

#include <colors.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned char m_Blue
unsigned char m_Green
unsigned char m_Red
EDA_COLOR_T m_Numcolor
const wxChar * m_ColorName
EDA_COLOR_T m_LightColor

Detailed Description

Definition at line 142 of file colors.h.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned char StructColors::m_Blue
const wxChar* StructColors::m_ColorName

Definition at line 149 of file colors.h.

Referenced by ColorGetName().

unsigned char StructColors::m_Green
EDA_COLOR_T StructColors::m_LightColor

Definition at line 150 of file colors.h.

Referenced by KIGFX::COLOR4D::COLOR4D(), and ColorApplyHighlightFlag().

EDA_COLOR_T StructColors::m_Numcolor

Definition at line 147 of file colors.h.

unsigned char StructColors::m_Red

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