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EPAD_COMMON Struct Reference

Structure holding common properties for through-hole and SMD pads. More...

#include <eagle_parser.h>

Inheritance diagram for EPAD_COMMON:

Public Member Functions

 EPAD_COMMON (wxXmlNode *aPad)

Public Attributes

wxString name
opt_erot rot
opt_bool stop
opt_bool thermals

Detailed Description

Structure holding common properties for through-hole and SMD pads.

Definition at line 681 of file eagle_parser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Definition at line 624 of file eagle_parser.cpp.

References name.

625 {
626  // #REQUIRED says DTD, throw exception if not found
627  name = parseRequiredAttribute<wxString>( aPad, "name" );
628  x = parseRequiredAttribute<ECOORD>( aPad, "x" );
629  y = parseRequiredAttribute<ECOORD>( aPad, "y" );
630  rot = parseOptionalAttribute<EROT>( aPad, "rot" );
631  stop = parseOptionalAttribute<bool>( aPad, "stop" );
632  thermals = parseOptionalAttribute<bool>( aPad, "thermals" );
633 }
wxString name
Definition: eagle_parser.h:683
opt_bool thermals
Definition: eagle_parser.h:687
opt_erot rot
Definition: eagle_parser.h:685
opt_bool stop
Definition: eagle_parser.h:686

Member Data Documentation

opt_bool EPAD_COMMON::stop

Definition at line 686 of file eagle_parser.h.

Referenced by EAGLE_PLUGIN::transferPad().

opt_bool EPAD_COMMON::thermals

Definition at line 687 of file eagle_parser.h.

Referenced by EPOLYGON::EPOLYGON(), and EAGLE_PLUGIN::transferPad().

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