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EELEMENT Struct Reference

Eagle element element. More...

#include <eagle_parser.h>

Public Member Functions

 EELEMENT (wxXmlNode *aElement)

Public Attributes

string name
string library
string package
string value
opt_bool locked
opt_bool smashed
opt_erot rot

Detailed Description

Eagle element element.

Definition at line 785 of file eagle_parser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EELEMENT::EELEMENT ( wxXmlNode *  aElement)

Definition at line 780 of file eagle_parser.cpp.

References library, locked, name, package, ReplaceIllegalFileNameChars(), rot, smashed, value, x, and y.

781 {
782  /*
783  <!ELEMENT element (attribute*, variant*)>
784  <!ATTLIST element
785  name %String; #REQUIRED
786  library %String; #REQUIRED
787  package %String; #REQUIRED
788  value %String; #REQUIRED
789  x %Coord; #REQUIRED
790  y %Coord; #REQUIRED
791  locked %Bool; "no"
792  smashed %Bool; "no"
793  rot %Rotation; "R0"
794  >
795  */
797  // #REQUIRED
798  name = parseRequiredAttribute<string>( aElement, "name" );
799  library = parseRequiredAttribute<string>( aElement, "library" );
800  value = parseRequiredAttribute<string>( aElement, "value" );
801  package = parseRequiredAttribute<string>( aElement, "package" );
804  x = parseRequiredAttribute<ECOORD>( aElement, "x" );
805  y = parseRequiredAttribute<ECOORD>( aElement, "y" );
807  // optional
808  locked = parseOptionalAttribute<bool>( aElement, "locked" );
809  smashed = parseOptionalAttribute<bool>( aElement, "smashed" );
810  rot = parseOptionalAttribute<EROT>( aElement, "rot" );
811 }
string package
Definition: eagle_parser.h:789
string name
Definition: eagle_parser.h:787
opt_erot rot
Definition: eagle_parser.h:795
bool ReplaceIllegalFileNameChars(std::string *aName, int aReplaceChar)
Function ReplaceIllegalFileNameChars checks aName for illegal file name characters.
Definition: string.cpp:483
opt_bool smashed
Definition: eagle_parser.h:794
Definition: eagle_parser.h:792
string value
Definition: eagle_parser.h:790
Definition: eagle_parser.h:791
string library
Definition: eagle_parser.h:788
opt_bool locked
Definition: eagle_parser.h:793

Member Data Documentation

string EELEMENT::library

Definition at line 788 of file eagle_parser.h.

Referenced by EELEMENT(), and EAGLE_PLUGIN::loadElements().

opt_bool EELEMENT::locked

Definition at line 793 of file eagle_parser.h.

Referenced by EELEMENT().

string EELEMENT::package

Definition at line 789 of file eagle_parser.h.

Referenced by EELEMENT(), and EAGLE_PLUGIN::loadElements().

opt_erot EELEMENT::rot
opt_bool EELEMENT::smashed

Definition at line 794 of file eagle_parser.h.

Referenced by EELEMENT(), EINSTANCE::EINSTANCE(), and EAGLE_PLUGIN::loadElements().

string EELEMENT::value

Definition at line 790 of file eagle_parser.h.

Referenced by EELEMENT(), and EAGLE_PLUGIN::loadElements().


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