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BVHPrimitiveInfo Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 BVHPrimitiveInfo ()
 BVHPrimitiveInfo (int aPrimitiveNumber, const CBBOX &aBounds)

Public Attributes

int primitiveNumber
CBBOX bounds
SFVEC3F centroid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 84 of file cbvh_pbrt.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BVHPrimitiveInfo::BVHPrimitiveInfo ( )

Definition at line 86 of file cbvh_pbrt.cpp.

References bounds, centroid, primitiveNumber, and CBBOX::Reset().

87  {
88  primitiveNumber = 0;
89  bounds.Reset();
90  centroid = SFVEC3F( 0.0f );
91  }
glm::vec3 SFVEC3F
Definition: xv3d_types.h:47
void Reset()
Function Reset reset the bounding box to zero and de-initialized it.
Definition: cbbox.cpp:98
BVHPrimitiveInfo::BVHPrimitiveInfo ( int  aPrimitiveNumber,
const CBBOX aBounds 

Definition at line 93 of file cbvh_pbrt.cpp.

93  :
94  primitiveNumber( aPrimitiveNumber ),
95  bounds( aBounds ),
96  centroid( .5f * aBounds.Min() + .5f * aBounds.Max() ) {}
const SFVEC3F & Min() const
Function Min return the minimun vertex pointer.
Definition: cbbox.h:205
const SFVEC3F & Max() const
Function Max return the maximum vertex pointer.
Definition: cbbox.h:212

Member Data Documentation

CBBOX BVHPrimitiveInfo::bounds
SFVEC3F BVHPrimitiveInfo::centroid
int BVHPrimitiveInfo::primitiveNumber

Definition at line 98 of file cbvh_pbrt.cpp.

Referenced by BVHPrimitiveInfo().

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