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1 /* Copyright (C) 2001-2017 Peter Selinger.
2  * This file is part of Potrace. It is free software and it is covered
3  * by the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details. */
5 #ifndef RENDER_H
6 #define RENDER_H
8 #include "greymap.h"
10 struct render_s
11 {
13  double x0, y0, x1, y1;
14  int x0i, y0i, x1i, y1i;
15  double a0, a1;
16  int* incrow_buf;
17 };
18 typedef struct render_s render_t;
21 void render_free( render_t* rm );
22 void render_close( render_t* rm );
23 void render_moveto( render_t* rm, double x, double y );
24 void render_lineto( render_t* rm, double x, double y );
25 void render_curveto( render_t* rm,
26  double x2,
27  double y2,
28  double x3,
29  double y3,
30  double x4,
31  double y4 );
33 #endif /* RENDER_H */
int x0i
Definition: render.h:14
double a0
Definition: render.h:15
int * incrow_buf
Definition: render.h:16
render_t * render_new(greymap_t *gm)
Definition: render.cpp:49
void render_free(render_t *rm)
Definition: render.cpp:76
int y0i
Definition: render.h:14
int y1i
Definition: render.h:14
greymap_t * gm
Definition: render.h:12
double x0
Definition: render.h:13
double x1
Definition: render.h:13
void render_lineto(render_t *rm, double x, double y)
Definition: render.cpp:162
void render_curveto(render_t *rm, double x2, double y2, double x3, double y3, double x4, double y4)
Definition: render.cpp:269
double y1
Definition: render.h:13
double y0
Definition: render.h:13
double a1
Definition: render.h:15
int x1i
Definition: render.h:14
void render_close(render_t *rm)
Definition: render.cpp:84
void render_moveto(render_t *rm, double x, double y)
Definition: render.cpp:100