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pagelayout_editor/block.cpp File Reference

Block operations. More...

#include <fctsys.h>
#include <common.h>
#include <class_drawpanel.h>
#include <pl_editor_frame.h>
#include <worksheet_shape_builder.h>
#include <worksheet_dataitem.h>

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static void DrawMovingBlockOutlines (EDA_DRAW_PANEL *aPanel, wxDC *aDC, const wxPoint &aPosition, bool erase)
static void DrawMovingItems (EDA_DRAW_PANEL *aPanel, wxDC *aDC)
static void ConfigureDrawList (WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST *aDrawList, PL_EDITOR_SCREEN *aScreen, PL_EDITOR_FRAME *aFrame)

Detailed Description

Block operations.

Definition in file pagelayout_editor/block.cpp.

Function Documentation

static void ConfigureDrawList ( WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST aDrawList,

Definition at line 47 of file pagelayout_editor/block.cpp.

References WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST::BuildWorkSheetGraphicList(), PL_EDITOR_FRAME::GetCurrFileName(), PL_EDITOR_FRAME::GetPageSettings(), EDA_DRAW_FRAME::GetScreenDesc(), PL_EDITOR_FRAME::GetTitleBlock(), BASE_SCREEN::m_NumberOfScreens, BASE_SCREEN::m_ScreenNumber, RED, WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST::SetFileName(), WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST::SetMilsToIUfactor(), WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST::SetPenSize(), WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST::SetSheetCount(), WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST::SetSheetName(), and WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST::SetSheetNumber().

Referenced by PL_EDITOR_FRAME::Block_Move(), and DrawMovingItems().

49 {
50  aDrawList->SetPenSize( 0 );
51  aDrawList->SetMilsToIUfactor( IU_PER_MILS );
52  aDrawList->SetSheetNumber( aScreen->m_ScreenNumber );
53  aDrawList->SetSheetCount( aScreen->m_NumberOfScreens );
54  aDrawList->SetFileName( aFrame->GetCurrFileName() );
55  aDrawList->SetSheetName( aFrame->GetScreenDesc() );
56  aDrawList->BuildWorkSheetGraphicList( aFrame->GetPageSettings(),
57  aFrame->GetTitleBlock(), RED, RED );
58 }
int m_ScreenNumber
Definition: base_screen.h:216
void SetFileName(const wxString &aFileName)
Set the filename to draw/plot.
void SetPenSize(int aPenSize)
Function SetPenSize Set the default pen size to draw/plot lines and texts.
const PAGE_INFO & GetPageSettings() const override
void SetSheetName(const wxString &aSheetName)
Set the sheet name to draw/plot.
void BuildWorkSheetGraphicList(const PAGE_INFO &aPageInfo, const TITLE_BLOCK &aTitleBlock, COLOR4D aColor, COLOR4D aAltColor)
Function BuildWorkSheetGraphicList is a core function for drawing or plotting the page layout with th...
virtual wxString GetScreenDesc() const
Definition: worksheet.cpp:119
void SetSheetCount(int aSheetCount)
Function SetSheetCount Set the value of the count of sheets, for basic inscriptions.
void SetMilsToIUfactor(double aScale)
Function SetMilsToIUfactor Set the scalar to convert pages units ( mils) to draw/plot units...
const TITLE_BLOCK & GetTitleBlock() const override
Definition: colors.h:60
void SetSheetNumber(int aSheetNumber)
Function SetSheetNumber Set the value of the sheet number, for basic inscriptions.
int m_NumberOfScreens
Definition: base_screen.h:217
const wxString & GetCurrFileName() const
static void DrawMovingBlockOutlines ( EDA_DRAW_PANEL aPanel,
wxDC *  aDC,
const wxPoint aPosition,
bool  erase 

Definition at line 185 of file pagelayout_editor/block.cpp.

References DrawMovingItems(), g_XorMode, EDA_DRAW_FRAME::GetCrossHairPosition(), EDA_DRAW_PANEL::GetParent(), and EDA_DRAW_PANEL::GetScreen().

Referenced by PL_EDITOR_FRAME::HandleBlockEnd().

187 {
188  auto screen = aPanel->GetScreen();
189  auto block = &screen->m_BlockLocate;
191  if( aErase )
192  {
193  block->Draw( aPanel, aDC, block->GetMoveVector(), g_XorMode, block->GetColor() );
194  DrawMovingItems( aPanel, aDC );
195  }
197  block->SetMoveVector( aPanel->GetParent()->GetCrossHairPosition() - block->GetLastCursorPosition() );
198  block->Draw( aPanel, aDC, block->GetMoveVector(), g_XorMode, block->GetColor() );
199  DrawMovingItems( aPanel, aDC );
200 }
Definition: gr_basic.cpp:73
static void DrawMovingItems(EDA_DRAW_PANEL *aPanel, wxDC *aDC)
EDA_DRAW_FRAME * GetParent() const
Definition: draw_panel.cpp:163
Definition: solve.cpp:178
BASE_SCREEN * GetScreen()
Definition: draw_panel.cpp:176
wxPoint GetCrossHairPosition(bool aInvertY=false) const
Function GetCrossHairPosition return the current cross hair position in logical (drawing) coordinates...
static void DrawMovingItems ( EDA_DRAW_PANEL aPanel,
wxDC *  aDC 

Definition at line 160 of file pagelayout_editor/block.cpp.

References ConfigureDrawList(), g_GhostColor, g_XorMode, WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST::GetAllItems(), EDA_DRAW_PANEL::GetParent(), and EDA_DRAW_PANEL::GetScreen().

Referenced by DrawMovingBlockOutlines().

161 {
162  auto screen = static_cast<PL_EDITOR_SCREEN*>( aPanel->GetScreen() );
163  auto frame = static_cast<PL_EDITOR_FRAME*>( aPanel->GetParent() );
165  // Get items
166  std::vector<WS_DRAW_ITEM_BASE*> items;
167  WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST drawList;
168  ConfigureDrawList( &drawList, screen, frame );
169  drawList.GetAllItems( &items );
171  // Draw items
172  for( auto item: items )
173  {
174  if( item->HitTest( screen->m_BlockLocate ) )
175  {
176  item->DrawWsItem( NULL, aDC, screen->m_BlockLocate.GetMoveVector(),
178  }
179  }
180 }
Definition: gr_basic.cpp:73
Class PL_EDITOR_FRAME is the main window used in the page layout editor.
void GetAllItems(std::vector< WS_DRAW_ITEM_BASE * > *aList)
EDA_DRAW_FRAME * GetParent() const
Definition: draw_panel.cpp:163
BASE_SCREEN * GetScreen()
Definition: draw_panel.cpp:176
COLOR4D g_GhostColor
Global variables definitions.
Definition: common.cpp:57
static void ConfigureDrawList(WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST *aDrawList, PL_EDITOR_SCREEN *aScreen, PL_EDITOR_FRAME *aFrame)