KiCad PCB EDA Suite
hed Namespace Reference

The half-edge data structure. More...


class  DART
class  EDGE
 Edge class in the in the half-edge data structure. More...
class  NODE
 Node class for data structures (Inherits from HandleId) More...
 Triangulation class for the half-edge data structure with adaption to TTL. More...
struct  TTLtraits
 Traits class (static struct) for the half-edge data structure. More...


typedef std::shared_ptr< NODENODE_PTR
typedef std::shared_ptr< EDGEEDGE_PTR
typedef std::weak_ptr< EDGEEDGE_WEAK_PTR
typedef std::vector< NODE_PTRNODES_CONTAINER

Detailed Description

The half-edge data structure.

Typedef Documentation


typedef std::shared_ptr<EDGE> hed::EDGE_PTR

Definition at line 75 of file hetriang.h.


typedef std::weak_ptr<EDGE> hed::EDGE_WEAK_PTR

Definition at line 76 of file hetriang.h.


typedef std::shared_ptr<NODE> hed::NODE_PTR

Definition at line 73 of file hetriang.h.


typedef std::vector<NODE_PTR> hed::NODES_CONTAINER

Definition at line 77 of file hetriang.h.