KiCad PCB EDA Suite
kiway_player.cpp File Reference
#include <pgm_base.h>
#include <kiway_player.h>
#include <kiway_express.h>
#include <kiway.h>
#include <id.h>
#include <macros.h>
#include <typeinfo>
#include <wx/utils.h>
#include <wx/evtloop.h>

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Function Documentation

Definition at line 40 of file kiway_player.cpp.

47  :
48  EDA_BASE_FRAME( aParent, aFrameType, aTitle, aPos, aSize, aStyle, aWdoName ),
49  KIWAY_HOLDER( aKiway ),
50  m_modal( false ),
51  m_modal_loop( 0 ), m_modal_resultant_parent( 0 )
52 {
53  // DBG( printf("KIWAY_EXPRESS::wxEVENT_ID:%d\n", KIWAY_EXPRESS::wxEVENT_ID );)
54  m_modal_ret_val = 0;
55 }
Class KIWAY_HOLDER is a mix in class which holds the location of a wxWindow's KIWAY.
Definition: kiway_player.h:48
Class EDA_BASE_FRAME is the base frame for deriving all KiCad main window classes.
Definition: wxstruct.h:117