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generate_alias_info.h File Reference
#include <class_libentry.h>

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wxString GenerateAliasInfo (LIB_ALIAS const *aAlias, int aUnit)
 Return an HTML page describing a LIB_ALIAS. More...

Function Documentation

wxString GenerateAliasInfo ( LIB_ALIAS const *  aAlias,
int  aUnit 

Return an HTML page describing a LIB_ALIAS.

This is suitable for inclusion in a wxHtmlWindow.

Definition at line 174 of file generate_alias_info.cpp.

References ALIAS_INFO_GENERATOR::GenerateHtml(), and ALIAS_INFO_GENERATOR::GetHtml().

Referenced by COMPONENT_TREE::onPreselect().

175 {
176  ALIAS_INFO_GENERATOR gen( aAlias, aUnit );
177  gen.GenerateHtml();
178  return gen.GetHtml();
179 }