KiCad PCB EDA Suite
executable_names.cpp File Reference
#include <executable_names.h>

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const wxString CVPCB_EXE ("cvpcb")
const wxString PCBNEW_EXE ("pcbnew")
const wxString EESCHEMA_EXE ("eeschema")
const wxString GERBVIEW_EXE ("gerbview")
const wxString BITMAPCONVERTER_EXE ("bitmap2component")
const wxString PCB_CALCULATOR_EXE ("pcb_calculator")
const wxString PL_EDITOR_EXE ("pl_editor")

Function Documentation

const wxString BITMAPCONVERTER_EXE ( "bitmap2component"  )
const wxString CVPCB_EXE ( "cvpcb"  )
const wxString EESCHEMA_EXE ( "eeschema"  )
const wxString GERBVIEW_EXE ( "gerbview"  )
const wxString PCB_CALCULATOR_EXE ( "pcb_calculator"  )
const wxString PCBNEW_EXE ( "pcbnew"  )
const wxString PL_EDITOR_EXE ( "pl_editor"  )