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Commit Message Format

Commit messages should begin with a subject line; try to limit this to no more than 50-72 characters. The body of the message should be separated from the subject by a blank line and wrapped at 72 characters. The body of a commit message should explain what the commit does and why, but do not explain how as the code itself should do that.

Linking a commit to a bug report

If your commit fixes a bug that has been reported in the Launchpad bug tracker, end your commit with the following lines to mark it as fixed, where 1234567 represents the actual bug ID. A bot will automatically set the bug status to "Fix Committed" and link to the commit once it is merged.

Fixes: lp:1234567

Helper alias for linking to bugs

There is a helper alias located at helpers/git/fixes_alias to simplify adding these links. To install it, run in the source repository:

git config --add include.path $(pwd)/helpers/git/fixes_alias

Once the alias is installed, it may be used to amend the most recent commit to include the bug report link:

git fixes 1234567


Following is an example of a properly formatted commit message:

Allow editing locked modules in modedit

Since you have to explicitly enter the module editor with the menu or
hotkey, allowing editing of module sub-parts once in should not cause
any unexpected changes.

Fixes: lp:1591625