KiCad PCB EDA Suite
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1 /*
2  * This program source code file is part of KiCad, a free EDA CAD application.
3  *
4  * Copyright (C) 2018 Jean-Pierre Charras, jp.charras at
5  * Copyright (C) 1992-2018 KiCad Developers, see AUTHORS.txt for contributors.
6  *
7  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
8  * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
9  * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
10  * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
11  *
12  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
13  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
15  * GNU General Public License for more details.
16  *
17  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
18  * along with this program; if not, you may find one here:
19  *
20  * or you may search the website for the version 2 license,
21  * or you may write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
22  * 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA
23  */
30 #ifndef PAD_H_
31 #define PAD_H_
33 #include "zones.h"
34 #include <board_connected_item.h>
35 #include <class_board_item.h>
36 #include <config_params.h> // PARAM_CFG_ARRAY
37 #include <convert_to_biu.h>
39 #include <pad_shapes.h>
40 #include <pcbnew.h>
45 {
48 };
50 class LINE_READER;
51 class EDA_3D_CANVAS;
52 class MODULE;
53 class EDGE_MODULE;
54 class TRACK;
55 class MSG_PANEL_INFO;
57 namespace KIGFX
58 {
59  class VIEW;
60 }
62 // Helper class to store parameters used to draw a pad
64 {
65 public:
66  COLOR4D m_Color; // color used to draw the pad shape , from pad layers and
67  // visible layers
68  COLOR4D m_HoleColor; // color used to draw the pad hole
69  COLOR4D m_NPHoleColor; // color used to draw a pad Not Plated hole
70  COLOR4D m_NoNetMarkColor; // color used to draw a mark on pads having no net
71  int m_PadClearance; // clearance value, used to draw the pad area outlines
72  wxSize m_Mask_margin; // margin, used to draw solder paste when only one layer is shown
73  bool m_Display_padnum; // true to show pad number
74  bool m_Display_netname; // true to show net name
75  bool m_ShowPadFilled; // true to show pad as solid area, false to show pas in
76  // sketch mode
77  bool m_ShowNCMark; // true to show pad not connected mark
78  bool m_ShowNotPlatedHole; // true when the pad hole in not plated, to draw a specific
79  // pad shape
80  bool m_IsPrinting; // true to print, false to display on screen.
81  wxPoint m_Offset; // general draw offset
84 };
90 {
91 public:
94  // if thickness is not = 0 S_CIRCLE shape is a ring
96  int m_Radius;
97  double m_ArcAngle;
98  wxPoint m_Start;
99  wxPoint m_End;
100  wxPoint m_Ctrl1;
101  wxPoint m_Ctrl2;
102  std::vector<wxPoint> m_Poly;
105  m_Shape( aShape ), m_Thickness( 0 ), m_Radius( 0 ), m_ArcAngle( 0 )
106  {
107  }
109  // Accessors (helpers for arc and circle shapes)
110  wxPoint GetCenter() { return m_Start; }
111  wxPoint GetArcStart() { return m_End; }
113  // Geometric transform
117  void Move( wxPoint aMoveVector );
124  void Rotate( const wxPoint& aRotCentre, double aAngle );
130  void ExportTo( DRAWSEGMENT* aTarget );
136  void ExportTo( EDGE_MODULE* aTarget );
137 };
141 {
142 public:
146 public:
147  D_PAD( MODULE* parent );
149  // Do not create a copy constructor & operator=.
150  // The ones generated by the compiler are adequate.
152  /* Default layers used for pads, according to the pad type.
153  * this is default values only, they can be changed for a given pad
154  */
155  static LSET StandardMask();
156  static LSET SMDMask();
157  static LSET ConnSMDMask();
158  static LSET UnplatedHoleMask();
160  static LSET ApertureMask();
162  static inline bool ClassOf( const EDA_ITEM* aItem )
163  {
164  return aItem && PCB_PAD_T == aItem->Type();
165  }
167  MODULE* GetParent() const { return (MODULE*) m_Parent; }
175  void ImportSettingsFrom( const D_PAD& aMasterPad );
181  bool IsFlipped() const;
187  void SetName( const wxString& aName )
188  {
189  m_name = aName;
190  }
195  const wxString& GetName() const
196  {
197  return m_name;
198  }
210  bool IncrementPadName( bool aSkipUnconnectable, bool aFillSequenceGaps );
212  bool PadNameEqual( const D_PAD* other ) const
213  {
214  return m_name == other->m_name; // hide tricks behind sensible API
215  }
221  PAD_SHAPE_T GetShape() const { return m_padShape; }
222  void SetShape( PAD_SHAPE_T aShape ) { m_padShape = aShape; m_boundingRadius = -1; }
224  void SetPosition( const wxPoint& aPos ) override { m_Pos = aPos; }
225  const wxPoint GetPosition() const override { return m_Pos; }
238  {
240  }
248  {
249  m_customShapeClearanceArea = aOption;
250  }
259  {
261  m_boundingRadius = -1;
262  }
269  bool IsOnCopperLayer() const override
270  {
271  return ( GetLayerSet() & LSET::AllCuMask() ) != 0;
272  }
274  void SetY( int y ) { m_Pos.y = y; }
275  void SetX( int x ) { m_Pos.x = x; }
277  void SetPos0( const wxPoint& aPos ) { m_Pos0 = aPos; }
278  const wxPoint& GetPos0() const { return m_Pos0; }
280  void SetY0( int y ) { m_Pos0.y = y; }
281  void SetX0( int x ) { m_Pos0.x = x; }
283  void SetSize( const wxSize& aSize ) { m_Size = aSize; m_boundingRadius = -1; }
284  const wxSize& GetSize() const { return m_Size; }
286  void SetDelta( const wxSize& aSize ) { m_DeltaSize = aSize; m_boundingRadius = -1; }
287  const wxSize& GetDelta() const { return m_DeltaSize; }
289  void SetDrillSize( const wxSize& aSize ) { m_Drill = aSize; }
290  const wxSize& GetDrillSize() const { return m_Drill; }
292  void SetOffset( const wxPoint& aOffset ) { m_Offset = aOffset; }
293  const wxPoint& GetOffset() const { return m_Offset; }
305  void AddPrimitive( const SHAPE_POLY_SET& aPoly, int aThickness );
306  void AddPrimitive( const std::vector<wxPoint>& aPoly, int aThickness );
307  void AddPrimitive( wxPoint aStart, wxPoint aEnd, int aThickness );
308  void AddPrimitive( wxPoint aCenter, int aRadius, int aThickness );
309  void AddPrimitive( wxPoint aCenter, wxPoint aStart,
310  int aArcAngle, int aThickness );
311  void AddPrimitive( wxPoint aStart, wxPoint aEnd, wxPoint aCtrl1,
312  wxPoint aCtrl2, int aThickness );
315  bool GetBestAnchorPosition( VECTOR2I& aPos );
328  bool MergePrimitivesAsPolygon( SHAPE_POLY_SET* aMergedPolygon = NULL );
333  void DeletePrimitivesList();
348  wxPoint aPosition, double aRotation ) const;
353  const std::vector<PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE>& GetPrimitives() const { return m_basicShapes; }
360  void Flip( const wxPoint& aCentre, bool aFlipLeftRight ) override;
365  void FlipPrimitives();
372  void MirrorXPrimitives( int aX );
379  bool SetPrimitives( const std::vector<PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE>& aPrimitivesList );
386  bool AddPrimitives( const std::vector<PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE>& aPrimitivesList );
395  void SetOrientation( double aAngle );
400  void SetOrientationDegrees( double aOrientation ) { SetOrientation( aOrientation*10.0 ); }
406  double GetOrientation() const { return m_Orient; }
407  double GetOrientationDegrees() const { return m_Orient/10.0; }
408  double GetOrientationRadians() const { return m_Orient*M_PI/1800; }
410  void SetDrillShape( PAD_DRILL_SHAPE_T aDrillShape )
411  { m_drillShape = aDrillShape; }
423  void GetOblongDrillGeometry( wxPoint& aStartPoint, wxPoint& aEndPoint, int& aWidth ) const;
425  void SetLayerSet( LSET aLayerMask ) { m_layerMask = aLayerMask; }
426  LSET GetLayerSet() const override { return m_layerMask; }
428  void SetAttribute( PAD_ATTR_T aAttribute );
429  PAD_ATTR_T GetAttribute() const { return m_Attribute; }
431  // We don't currently have an attribute for APERTURE, and adding one will change the file
432  // format, so for now just infer a copper-less pad to be an APERTURE pad.
433  bool IsAperturePad() const { return ( m_layerMask & LSET::AllCuMask() ).none(); }
435  void SetPadToDieLength( int aLength ) { m_LengthPadToDie = aLength; }
436  int GetPadToDieLength() const { return m_LengthPadToDie; }
439  void SetLocalSolderMaskMargin( int aMargin ) { m_LocalSolderMaskMargin = aMargin; }
441  int GetLocalClearance() const { return m_LocalClearance; }
442  void SetLocalClearance( int aClearance ) { m_LocalClearance = aClearance; }
445  void SetLocalSolderPasteMargin( int aMargin ) { m_LocalSolderPasteMargin = aMargin; }
462  void TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon( SHAPE_POLY_SET& aCornerBuffer, int aClearanceValue,
463  int aMaxError = ARC_HIGH_DEF, bool ignoreLineWidth = false ) const override;
474  int GetClearance( BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM* aItem = NULL ) const override;
476  // Mask margins handling:
489  int GetSolderMaskMargin() const;
505  wxSize GetSolderPasteMargin() const;
511  void SetThermalWidth( int aWidth ) { m_ThermalWidth = aWidth; }
512  int GetThermalWidth() const;
514  void SetThermalGap( int aGap ) { m_ThermalGap = aGap; }
515  int GetThermalGap() const;
517  void Print( PCB_BASE_FRAME* aFrame, wxDC* aDC, const wxPoint& aOffset = ZeroOffset ) override;
527  void PrintShape( wxDC* aDC, PAD_DRAWINFO& aDrawInfo );
539  void BuildPadPolygon( wxPoint aCoord[4], wxSize aInflateValue, double aRotation ) const;
547  {
549  }
560  int GetRoundRectCornerRadius( const wxSize& aSize ) const;
566  void SetRoundRectCornerRadius( double aRadius );
585  SHAPE_POLY_SET& aCornerBuffer, wxSize aInflateValue, int aError = ARC_HIGH_DEF ) const;
598  SHAPE_POLY_SET& aCornerBuffer, int aInflateValue, int aError = ARC_HIGH_DEF ) const;
614  int BuildSegmentFromOvalShape( wxPoint& aSegStart, wxPoint& aSegEnd,
615  double aRotation, const wxSize& aMargin ) const;
622  int GetBoundingRadius() const
623  {
624  // Any member function which would affect this calculation should set
625  // m_boundingRadius to -1 to re-trigger the calculation from here.
626  // Currently that is only m_Size, m_DeltaSize, and m_padShape accessors.
627  if( m_boundingRadius == -1 )
628  {
630  }
632  return m_boundingRadius;
633  }
635  wxPoint ShapePos() const;
644  double GetRoundRectRadiusRatio() const
645  {
647  }
656  void SetRoundRectRadiusRatio( double aRadiusScale )
657  {
658  if( aRadiusScale < 0.0 )
659  aRadiusScale = 0.0;
661  m_padRoundRectRadiusScale = std::min( aRadiusScale, 0.5 );
662  }
670  double GetChamferRectRatio() const
671  {
672  return m_padChamferRectScale;
673  }
681  void SetChamferRectRatio( double aChamferScale )
682  {
683  if( aChamferScale < 0.0 )
684  aChamferScale = 0.0;
686  m_padChamferRectScale = std::min( aChamferScale, 0.5 );
687  }
693  int GetChamferPositions() const { return m_chamferPositions; }
701  void SetChamferPositions( int aChamferPositions )
702  {
703  m_chamferPositions = aChamferPositions;
704  }
710  int GetSubRatsnest() const { return m_SubRatsnest; }
711  void SetSubRatsnest( int aSubRatsnest ) { m_SubRatsnest = aSubRatsnest; }
713  void GetMsgPanelInfo( EDA_UNITS_T aUnits, std::vector< MSG_PANEL_ITEM >& aList ) override;
715  bool IsOnLayer( PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer ) const override
716  {
717  return m_layerMask[aLayer];
718  }
720  bool HitTest( const wxPoint& aPosition, int aAccuracy = 0 ) const override;
721  bool HitTest( const EDA_RECT& aRect, bool aContained, int aAccuracy = 0 ) const override;
723  wxString GetClass() const override
724  {
725  return wxT( "PAD" );
726  }
728  // Virtual function:
729  const EDA_RECT GetBoundingBox() const override;
732  void SetDrawCoord();
734  //todo: Remove SetLocalCoord along with m_pos
736  void SetLocalCoord();
743  static int Compare( const D_PAD* padref, const D_PAD* padcmp );
745  void Move( const wxPoint& aMoveVector ) override
746  {
747  m_Pos += aMoveVector;
748  SetLocalCoord();
749  }
751  void Rotate( const wxPoint& aRotCentre, double aAngle ) override;
753  wxString GetSelectMenuText( EDA_UNITS_T aUnits ) const override;
755  BITMAP_DEF GetMenuImage() const override;
761  wxString ShowPadShape() const;
767  wxString ShowPadAttr() const;
775  void AppendConfigs( PARAM_CFG_ARRAY* aResult );
777  EDA_ITEM* Clone() const override;
784  D_PAD* Duplicate() const
785  {
786  return (D_PAD*) Clone();
787  }
794  bool PadShouldBeNPTH() const;
796  virtual void ViewGetLayers( int aLayers[], int& aCount ) const override;
798  virtual unsigned int ViewGetLOD( int aLayer, KIGFX::VIEW* aView ) const override;
800  virtual const BOX2I ViewBBox() const override;
802  virtual void SwapData( BOARD_ITEM* aImage ) override;
804 #if defined(DEBUG)
805  virtual void Show( int nestLevel, std::ostream& os ) const override { ShowDummy( os ); }
806 #endif
809 private:
814  int boundingRadius() const;
816  bool buildCustomPadPolygon( SHAPE_POLY_SET* aMergedPolygon, int aError );
818 private: // Private variable members:
820  // Actually computed and cached on demand by the accessor
821  mutable int m_boundingRadius;
823  wxString m_name;
825  // TODO: Remove m_Pos from Pad or make private. View positions calculated from m_Pos0
826  wxPoint m_Pos;
836  std::vector<PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE> m_basicShapes;
854  wxSize m_Drill;
858  wxSize m_Size;
863  double m_padChamferRectScale;
865  int m_chamferPositions;
885  wxPoint m_Offset;
891  wxSize m_DeltaSize;
893  wxPoint m_Pos0;
897  double m_Orient;
919 };
921 #endif // PAD_H_
int m_LocalClearance
Local clearance.
Definition: class_pad.h:905
int m_ThermalGap
Definition: class_pad.h:918
static LSET AllCuMask(int aCuLayerCount=MAX_CU_LAYERS)
Function AllCuMask returns a mask holding the requested number of Cu PCB_LAYER_IDs.
Definition: lset.cpp:676
int m_LocalSolderMaskMargin
Local mask margins: when 0, the parent footprint design values are used.
Definition: class_pad.h:909
BITMAP_DEF GetMenuImage() const override
Function GetMenuImage returns a pointer to an image to be used in menus.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1288
bool IncrementPadName(bool aSkipUnconnectable, bool aFillSequenceGaps)
Function IncrementPadName.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:585
static int m_PadSketchModePenSize
Pen size used to draw pads in sketch mode (mode used to print pads on silkscreen layer)
Definition: class_pad.h:143
double m_padRoundRectRadiusScale
scaling factor from smallest m_Size coord to corner radius, default 0.25
Definition: class_pad.h:862
A list of parameters type.
int GetLocalSolderMaskMargin() const
Definition: class_pad.h:438
int m_boundingRadius
radius of the circle containing the pad shape
Definition: class_pad.h:821
EDA_ITEM * Clone() const override
Function Clone creates a duplicate of this item with linked list members set to NULL.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1294
Class LINE_READER is an abstract class from which implementation specific LINE_READERs may be derived...
Definition: richio.h:81
static bool ClassOf(const EDA_ITEM *aItem)
Definition: class_pad.h:162
EDA_ITEM * m_Parent
Linked list: Link (parent struct)
Definition: base_struct.h:180
std::vector< PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE > m_basicShapes
for free shape pads: a list of basic shapes, in local coordinates, orient 0, coordinates relative to ...
Definition: class_pad.h:836
double m_padChamferRectScale
scaling factor from smallest m_Size coord to chamfer value, default 0.25
Definition: class_pad.h:864
const wxPoint & GetPos0() const
Definition: class_pad.h:278
static LSET StandardMask()
layer set for a through hole pad
Definition: class_pad.cpp:102
bool HitTest(const wxPoint &aPosition, int aAccuracy=0) const override
Function HitTest tests if aPosition is contained within or on the bounding box of an item.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:859
bool m_Display_padnum
Definition: class_pad.h:73
void FlipPrimitives()
Flip the basic shapes, in custom pads.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:470
Class CAIRO_GAL is the cairo implementation of the graphics abstraction layer.
Definition: class_module.h:57
void Rotate(const wxPoint &aRotCentre, double aAngle) override
Function Rotate Rotate this object.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1207
Enum PAD_ATTR_T is the set of pad shapes, used with D_PAD::{Set,Get}Attribute() The double name is fo...
Definition: pad_shapes.h:59
int m_LocalSolderPasteMargin
Local solder paste margin absolute value.
Definition: class_pad.h:910
static LSET UnplatedHoleMask()
layer set for a mechanical unplated through hole pad
Definition: class_pad.cpp:123
Class BOARD_ITEM is a base class for any item which can be embedded within the BOARD container class,...
PAD_SHAPE_T GetAnchorPadShape() const
Function GetAnchorPadShape.
Definition: class_pad.h:231
static LSET SMDMask()
layer set for a SMD pad on Front layer
Definition: class_pad.cpp:109
bool GetBestAnchorPosition(VECTOR2I &aPos)
int BuildSegmentFromOvalShape(wxPoint &aSegStart, wxPoint &aSegEnd, double aRotation, const wxSize &aMargin) const
Function BuildSegmentFromOvalShape Has meaning only for OVAL (and ROUND) pads Build an equivalent seg...
D_PAD(MODULE *parent)
Definition: class_pad.cpp:59
void GetOblongDrillGeometry(wxPoint &aStartPoint, wxPoint &aEndPoint, int &aWidth) const
Function GetOblongDrillGeometry calculates the start point, end point and width of an equivalent segm...
Definition: class_pad.cpp:825
double GetOrientationDegrees() const
Definition: class_pad.h:407
bool AddPrimitives(const std::vector< PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE > &aPrimitivesList)
Add to the basic shape list.
void ExportTo(DRAWSEGMENT *aTarget)
Export the PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE parameters to a DRAWSEGMENT useful to draw a primitive shape.
wxPoint m_Start
angle of an arc, from its starting point, in 0.1 deg
Definition: class_pad.h:98
bool BuildPadDrillShapePolygon(SHAPE_POLY_SET &aCornerBuffer, int aInflateValue, int aError=ARC_HIGH_DEF) const
Function BuildPadDrillShapePolygon Build the Corner list of the polygonal drill shape,...
How pads are covered by copper in zone.
Definition: zones.h:50
bool IsFlipped() const
Definition: class_pad.cpp:137
wxSize m_Size
X and Y size ( relative to orient 0)
Definition: class_pad.h:858
int GetPadToDieLength() const
Definition: class_pad.h:436
D_PAD * Duplicate() const
same as Clone, but returns a D_PAD item.
Definition: class_pad.h:784
bool PadNameEqual(const D_PAD *other) const
Definition: class_pad.h:212
void BuildPadShapePolygon(SHAPE_POLY_SET &aCornerBuffer, wxSize aInflateValue, int aError=ARC_HIGH_DEF) const
Function BuildPadShapePolygon Build the Corner list of the polygonal shape, depending on shape,...
Implement a canvas based on a wxGLCanvas.
Definition: eda_3d_canvas.h:52
void SetPosition(const wxPoint &aPos) override
Definition: class_pad.h:224
The common library.
class D_PAD, a pad in a footprint
Definition: typeinfo.h:90
COLOR4D m_NoNetMarkColor
Definition: class_pad.h:70
void Move(wxPoint aMoveVector)
returns the start point of an arc
int m_SubRatsnest
variable used in rats nest computations handle subnet (block) number in ratsnest connection
Definition: class_pad.h:851
void SetSubRatsnest(int aSubRatsnest)
Definition: class_pad.h:711
void SetDrillSize(const wxSize &aSize)
Definition: class_pad.h:289
bool m_ShowNCMark
Definition: class_pad.h:77
Definition: class_pad.h:104
wxString GetClass() const override
Function GetClass returns the class name.
Definition: class_pad.h:723
void SetRoundRectRadiusRatio(double aRadiusScale)
has meaning only for rounded rect pads Set the scaling factor between the smaller Y or Y size and the...
Definition: class_pad.h:656
wxString ShowPadAttr() const
Function ShowPadAttr.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1248
void SetY0(int y)
Definition: class_pad.h:280
int GetThermalGap() const
Definition: class_pad.cpp:747
Class BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM is a base class derived from BOARD_ITEM for items that can be connected an...
Enum PAD_DRILL_SHAPE_T is the set of pad drill shapes, used with D_PAD::{Set,Get}DrillShape()
Definition: pad_shapes.h:47
int GetLocalClearance() const
Definition: class_pad.h:441
wxPoint m_Ctrl1
is also the start point of the arc
Definition: class_pad.h:100
bool m_IsPrinting
Definition: class_pad.h:80
Enum PAD_SHAPE_T is the set of pad shapes, used with D_PAD::{Set,Get}Shape()
Definition: pad_shapes.h:31
static wxPoint ZeroOffset
A value of wxPoint(0,0) which can be passed to the Draw() functions.
void SetLocalCoord()
Set relative coordinates.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:406
PAD_ATTR_T GetAttribute() const
Definition: class_pad.h:429
int GetChamferPositions() const
has meaning only for chamfered rect pads
Definition: class_pad.h:693
void SetAnchorPadShape(PAD_SHAPE_T aShape)
Function SetAnchorPadShape Set the shape of the anchor pad for custm shped pads.
Definition: class_pad.h:258
int GetSolderMaskMargin() const
Function GetSolderMaskMargin.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:627
A quick note on layer IDs:
wxString m_name
Definition: class_pad.h:823
virtual const BOX2I ViewBBox() const override
Function ViewBBox() returns the bounding box of the item covering all its layers.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1418
int m_Radius
thickness of segment or outline For filled S_CIRCLE shape, thickness = 0.
Definition: class_pad.h:96
Class LSET is a set of PCB_LAYER_IDs.
const std::vector< PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE > & GetPrimitives() const
Accessor to the basic shape list.
Definition: class_pad.h:353
std::vector< wxPoint > m_Poly
Bezier Control point 2.
Definition: class_pad.h:102
bool MergePrimitivesAsPolygon(SHAPE_POLY_SET *aMergedPolygon=NULL)
Merge all basic shapes, converted to a polygon in one polygon, in m_customShapeAsPolygon.
void SetZoneConnection(ZoneConnection aType)
Definition: class_pad.h:507
void SetName(const wxString &aName)
Set the pad name (sometimes called pad number, although it can be an array reference like AA12).
Definition: class_pad.h:187
void SetPos0(const wxPoint &aPos)
Definition: class_pad.h:277
wxString ShowPadShape() const
Function ShowPadShape.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1217
bool IsOnCopperLayer() const override
Definition: class_pad.h:269
static int Compare(const D_PAD *padref, const D_PAD *padcmp)
Function Compare compares two pads and return 0 if they are equal.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1151
const wxPoint & GetOffset() const
Definition: class_pad.h:293
PAD_DRILL_SHAPE_T GetDrillShape() const
Definition: class_pad.h:412
double GetChamferRectRatio() const
has meaning only for chamfered rect pads
Definition: class_pad.h:670
int GetThermalWidth() const
Definition: class_pad.cpp:736
Helper class to handle a primitive (basic shape: polygon, segment, circle or arc) to build a custom p...
Definition: class_pad.h:89
LSET GetLayerSet() const override
Function GetLayerSet returns a "layer mask", which is a bitmap of all layers on which the TRACK segme...
Definition: class_pad.h:426
ZoneConnection GetLocalZoneConnection() const
Definition: class_pad.h:509
void Print(PCB_BASE_FRAME *aFrame, wxDC *aDC, const wxPoint &aOffset=ZeroOffset) override
Function Print BOARD_ITEMs have their own color information.
CUST_PAD_SHAPE_IN_ZONE m_customShapeClearanceArea
How to build the custom shape in zone, to create the clearance area: CUST_PAD_SHAPE_IN_ZONE_OUTLINE =...
Definition: class_pad.h:849
void SetThermalWidth(int aWidth)
Definition: class_pad.h:511
void Move(const wxPoint &aMoveVector) override
Function Move move this object.
Definition: class_pad.h:745
COLOR4D m_HoleColor
Definition: class_pad.h:68
const wxString & GetName() const
Definition: class_pad.h:195
void SetSize(const wxSize &aSize)
Definition: class_pad.h:283
int GetBoundingRadius() const
Function GetBoundingRadius returns the radius of a minimum sized circle which fully encloses this pad...
Definition: class_pad.h:622
Enum STROKE_T is the set of shapes for segments (graphic segments and tracks) which are often in the ...
void SetOrientationDegrees(double aOrientation)
Set orientation in degrees.
Definition: class_pad.h:400
int m_ThermalWidth
Definition: class_pad.h:917
void SetRoundRectCornerRadius(double aRadius)
Set the rounded rectangle radius ratio based on a given radius.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:218
virtual void ViewGetLayers(int aLayers[], int &aCount) const override
Function ViewGetLayers() Returns the all the layers within the VIEW the object is painted on.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1307
void PrintShape(wxDC *aDC, PAD_DRAWINFO &aDrawInfo)
Function PrintShape basic function to print a pad.
bool m_ShowNotPlatedHole
Definition: class_pad.h:78
SHAPE_POLY_SET m_customShapeAsPolygon
for free shape pads: the set of basic shapes, merged as one polygon, in local coordinates,...
Definition: class_pad.h:841
PAD_SHAPE_T m_anchorPadShape
for custom shaped pads: shape of pad anchor, PAD_SHAPE_RECT, PAD_SHAPE_CIRCLE
Definition: class_pad.h:868
void SetPadToDieLength(int aLength)
Definition: class_pad.h:435
virtual unsigned int ViewGetLOD(int aLayer, KIGFX::VIEW *aView) const override
Function ViewGetLOD() Returns the level of detail (LOD) of the item.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1371
const wxSize & GetDelta() const
Definition: class_pad.h:287
void SetDrawCoord()
Set absolute coordinates.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:390
wxSize m_DeltaSize
delta on rectangular shapes
Definition: class_pad.h:891
wxPoint m_End
is also the center of the circle and arc
Definition: class_pad.h:99
PAD_DRILL_SHAPE_T m_drillShape
Definition: class_pad.h:860
STROKE_T m_Shape
Definition: class_pad.h:92
int m_PadClearance
Definition: class_pad.h:71
void SetAttribute(PAD_ATTR_T aAttribute)
Definition: class_pad.cpp:421
Definition: class_pad.h:44
wxPoint m_Ctrl2
Bezier Control point 1.
Definition: class_pad.h:101
void SetLocalClearance(int aClearance)
Definition: class_pad.h:442
int m_chamferPositions
the positions of the chamfered position for a 0 orientation
Definition: class_pad.h:866
bool buildCustomPadPolygon(SHAPE_POLY_SET *aMergedPolygon, int aError)
double GetOrientationRadians() const
Definition: class_pad.h:408
MODULE * GetParent() const
Definition: class_pad.h:167
void SetLocalSolderPasteMarginRatio(double aRatio)
Definition: class_pad.h:448
CUST_PAD_SHAPE_IN_ZONE GetCustomShapeInZoneOpt() const
Definition: class_pad.h:237
int m_Thickness
Definition: class_pad.h:93
void BuildPadPolygon(wxPoint aCoord[4], wxSize aInflateValue, double aRotation) const
Function BuildPadPolygon Has meaning only for polygonal pads (trapezoid and rectangular) Build the Co...
wxPoint GetArcStart()
returns the center of a circle or arc
Definition: class_pad.h:111
LSET m_layerMask
Bitwise layer :1= copper layer, 15= cmp, 2..14 = internal layers 16 .
Definition: class_pad.h:887
void TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon(SHAPE_POLY_SET &aCornerBuffer, int aClearanceValue, int aMaxError=ARC_HIGH_DEF, bool ignoreLineWidth=false) const override
Function TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon Convert the pad shape to a closed polygon Used in filli...
virtual void SwapData(BOARD_ITEM *aImage) override
Swap data between aItem and aImage.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1539
void SetLayerSet(LSET aLayerMask)
Definition: class_pad.h:425
void SetY(int y)
Definition: class_pad.h:274
wxPoint m_Offset
Definition: class_pad.h:81
void SetDrillShape(PAD_DRILL_SHAPE_T aDrillShape)
Definition: class_pad.h:410
wxSize GetSolderPasteMargin() const
Function GetSolderPasteMargin.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:673
wxPoint m_Pos0
Initial Pad position (i.e.
Definition: class_pad.h:893
void SetLocalSolderMaskMargin(int aMargin)
Definition: class_pad.h:439
int m_LengthPadToDie
Length net from pad to die, inside the package.
Definition: class_pad.h:900
double GetOrientation() const
Function GetOrientation returns the rotation angle of the pad in tenths of degrees,...
Definition: class_pad.h:406
void CustomShapeAsPolygonToBoardPosition(SHAPE_POLY_SET *aMergedPolygon, wxPoint aPosition, double aRotation) const
When created, the corners coordinates are relative to the pad position, orientation 0,...
void ImportSettingsFrom(const D_PAD &aMasterPad)
Imports the pad settings from aMasterPad.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1467
const wxSize & GetDrillSize() const
Definition: class_pad.h:290
void Flip(const wxPoint &aCentre, bool aFlipLeftRight) override
Function Flip Flip this object, i.e.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:437
wxPoint ShapePos() const
Definition: class_pad.cpp:570
wxPoint GetCenter()
Definition: class_pad.h:110
const SHAPE_POLY_SET & GetCustomShapeAsPolygon() const
Accessor to the custom shape as one polygon.
Definition: class_pad.h:358
Class EDA_RECT handles the component boundary box.
Definition: eda_rect.h:44
void AddPrimitive(const SHAPE_POLY_SET &aPoly, int aThickness)
Has meaning only for free shape pads.
bool IsAperturePad() const
Definition: class_pad.h:433
int GetSubRatsnest() const
Function GetSubRatsnest.
Definition: class_pad.h:710
Class EDA_ITEM is a base class for most all the KiCad significant classes, used in schematics and boa...
Definition: base_struct.h:163
int GetClearance(BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM *aItem=NULL) const override
Function GetClearance returns the clearance in internal units.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:596
void SetShape(PAD_SHAPE_T aShape)
Definition: class_pad.h:222
bool m_ShowPadFilled
Definition: class_pad.h:75
int GetRoundRectCornerRadius() const
Function GetRoundRectCornerRadius Has meaning only for rounded rect pads.
Definition: class_pad.h:546
void SetOrientation(double aAngle)
Function SetOrientation sets the rotation angle of the pad.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:430
double GetRoundRectRadiusRatio() const
has meaning only for rounded rect pads
Definition: class_pad.h:644
wxString GetSelectMenuText(EDA_UNITS_T aUnits) const override
Function GetSelectMenuText returns the text to display to be used in the selection clarification cont...
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1270
COLOR4D m_NPHoleColor
Definition: class_pad.h:69
PAD_ATTR_T m_Attribute
Definition: class_pad.h:896
void SetChamferRectRatio(double aChamferScale)
has meaning only for chamfered rect pads Set the ratio between the smaller Y or Y size and the radius...
Definition: class_pad.h:681
COLOR4D m_Color
Definition: class_pad.h:66
int boundingRadius() const
Function boundingRadius returns a calculated radius of a bounding circle for this pad.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:144
void SetLocalSolderPasteMargin(int aMargin)
Definition: class_pad.h:445
static LSET ConnSMDMask()
layer set for a SMD pad on Front layer used for edge board connectors
Definition: class_pad.cpp:116
void SetCustomShapeInZoneOpt(CUST_PAD_SHAPE_IN_ZONE aOption)
Set the option for the custom pad shape to use as clearance area in copper zones.
Definition: class_pad.h:247
wxSize m_Drill
Drill diam (drill shape = PAD_CIRCLE) or drill size (shape = OVAL) for drill shape = PAD_CIRCLE,...
Definition: class_pad.h:854
void SetX0(int x)
Definition: class_pad.h:281
PAD_SHAPE_T GetShape() const
Function GetShape.
Definition: class_pad.h:221
double m_Orient
in 1/10 degrees
Definition: class_pad.h:898
static LSET ApertureMask()
layer set for an aperture pad
Definition: class_pad.cpp:130
double m_LocalSolderPasteMarginRatio
Local solder mask margin ratio value of pad size The final margin is the sum of these 2 values.
Definition: class_pad.h:912
wxPoint m_Offset
m_Offset is useful only for oblong and rect pads (it can be used for other shapes,...
Definition: class_pad.h:885
Class VIEW.
Definition: view.h:61
bool m_Display_netname
Definition: class_pad.h:74
ZoneConnection GetZoneConnection() const
Definition: class_pad.cpp:725
const wxSize & GetSize() const
Definition: class_pad.h:284
bool IsOnLayer(PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer) const override
Function IsOnLayer tests to see if this object is on the given layer.
Definition: class_pad.h:715
const wxPoint GetPosition() const override
Definition: class_pad.h:225
int GetLocalSolderPasteMargin() const
Definition: class_pad.h:444
void SetOffset(const wxPoint &aOffset)
Definition: class_pad.h:292
wxSize m_Mask_margin
Definition: class_pad.h:72
bool PadShouldBeNPTH() const
A pad whose hole is the same size as the pad is a NPTH.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:1300
void Rotate(const wxPoint &aRotCentre, double aAngle)
Rotates the primitive about a point.
void SetX(int x)
Definition: class_pad.h:275
void SetThermalGap(int aGap)
Definition: class_pad.h:514
void MirrorXPrimitives(int aX)
Mirror the primitives about a coordinate.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:504
bool SetPrimitives(const std::vector< PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE > &aPrimitivesList)
Import to the basic shape list.
class PCB_BASE_FRAME basic PCB main window class for Pcbnew, Gerbview, and CvPcb footprint viewer.
void DeletePrimitivesList()
clear the basic shapes list
const EDA_RECT GetBoundingBox() const override
Function GetBoundingBox returns the orthogonal, bounding box of this object for display purposes.
Definition: class_pad.cpp:227
Definition: common.h:133
double m_ArcAngle
radius of a circle
Definition: class_pad.h:97
double GetLocalSolderPasteMarginRatio() const
Definition: class_pad.h:447
ZoneConnection m_ZoneConnection
how the connection to zone is made: no connection, thermal relief ...
Definition: class_pad.h:915
void SetDelta(const wxSize &aSize)
Definition: class_pad.h:286
void GetMsgPanelInfo(EDA_UNITS_T aUnits, std::vector< MSG_PANEL_ITEM > &aList) override
Function GetMsgPanelInfo populates aList of MSG_PANEL_ITEM objects with it's internal state for displ...
Definition: class_pad.cpp:758
PAD_SHAPE_T m_padShape
Definition: class_pad.h:828
KICAD_T Type() const
Function Type()
Definition: base_struct.h:210
#define min(a, b)
Definition: auxiliary.h:85
void SetChamferPositions(int aChamferPositions)
has meaning only for chamfered rect pads set the position of the chamfer for a 0 orientation,...
Definition: class_pad.h:701
wxPoint m_Pos
pad Position on board
Definition: class_pad.h:826
Class COLOR4D is the color representation with 4 components: red, green, blue, alpha.
Definition: color4d.h:39
void AppendConfigs(PARAM_CFG_ARRAY *aResult)
Function AppendConfigs appends to aResult the configuration setting accessors which will later allow ...
Definition: class_pad.cpp:538