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Class DISPLAY_OPTIONS handles display options like enable/disable some optional drawings. More...

#include <pcbstruct.h>

Public Member Functions


Public Attributes

bool m_DisplayPadFill
bool m_DisplayViaFill
bool m_DisplayPadNum
bool m_DisplayPadIsol
bool m_DisplayModEdgeFill
bool m_DisplayModTextFill
bool m_DisplayPcbTrackFill
 How trace clearances are displayed. More...
bool m_DisplayPolarCood
int m_DisplayZonesMode
int m_DisplayNetNamesMode
bool m_DisplayDrawItemsFill
bool m_ContrastModeDisplay
int m_MaxLinksShowed
bool m_Show_Module_Ratsnest

Detailed Description

Class DISPLAY_OPTIONS handles display options like enable/disable some optional drawings.

Definition at line 62 of file pcbstruct.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Data Documentation

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_ContrastModeDisplay

Definition at line 85 of file pcbstruct.h.

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayDrawItemsFill

Definition at line 84 of file pcbstruct.h.

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayModEdgeFill

Definition at line 69 of file pcbstruct.h.

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayModTextFill

Definition at line 70 of file pcbstruct.h.

int DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayNetNamesMode

Definition at line 78 of file pcbstruct.h.

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayPadFill

Definition at line 65 of file pcbstruct.h.

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayPadIsol

Definition at line 68 of file pcbstruct.h.

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayPadNum

Definition at line 67 of file pcbstruct.h.

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayPcbTrackFill

Definition at line 71 of file pcbstruct.h.

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayPolarCood

Definition at line 76 of file pcbstruct.h.

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayViaFill

Definition at line 66 of file pcbstruct.h.

int DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_DisplayZonesMode

Definition at line 77 of file pcbstruct.h.

int DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_MaxLinksShowed

Definition at line 86 of file pcbstruct.h.

bool DISPLAY_OPTIONS::m_Show_Module_Ratsnest

Definition at line 87 of file pcbstruct.h.


How trace clearances are displayed.

See also

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