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DIALOG_LIB_EDIT_PIN_TABLE::DataViewModel::Item Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for DIALOG_LIB_EDIT_PIN_TABLE::DataViewModel::Item:

Public Member Functions

virtual void GetValue (wxVariant &aValue, unsigned int aCol) const =0
virtual wxString GetString (unsigned int aCol) const =0
virtual wxDataViewItem GetParent () const =0
virtual bool IsContainer () const =0
virtual unsigned int GetChildren (wxDataViewItemArray &) const =0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 105 of file dialog_lib_edit_pin_table.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual unsigned int DIALOG_LIB_EDIT_PIN_TABLE::DataViewModel::Item::GetChildren ( wxDataViewItemArray &  ) const
pure virtual
virtual wxDataViewItem DIALOG_LIB_EDIT_PIN_TABLE::DataViewModel::Item::GetParent ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual wxString DIALOG_LIB_EDIT_PIN_TABLE::DataViewModel::Item::GetString ( unsigned int  aCol) const
pure virtual
virtual void DIALOG_LIB_EDIT_PIN_TABLE::DataViewModel::Item::GetValue ( wxVariant &  aValue,
unsigned int  aCol 
) const
pure virtual
virtual bool DIALOG_LIB_EDIT_PIN_TABLE::DataViewModel::Item::IsContainer ( ) const
pure virtual

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