KiCad PCB EDA Suite
build_version.cpp File Reference
#include <fctsys.h>
#include <kicad_build_version.h>

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wxString GetBuildVersion ()
 Function GetBuildVersion Return the build version string. More...

Function Documentation

wxString GetBuildVersion ( )

Function GetBuildVersion Return the build version string.

Function GetBuildVersion Return the build date and version.

Definition at line 37 of file build_version.cpp.

References Format().

Referenced by AddGerberX2Attribute(), WS_DRAW_ITEM_LIST::BuildFullText(), CreateHeaderInfoData(), PCB_EDIT_FRAME::DoGenFootprintsPositionFile(), PCB_EDIT_FRAME::DoGenFootprintsReport(), PCB_EDIT_FRAME::Export_IDF3(), InitKiCadAboutNew(), NETLIST_EXPORTER_GENERIC::makeDesignHeader(), DSN::PARSER::PARSER(), PCB_IO::Save(), SaveBoard(), GERBER_PLOTTER::StartPlot(), EXCELLON_WRITER::writeEXCELLONHeader(), NETLIST_EXPORTER_CADSTAR::WriteNetlist(), and GBR_TO_PCB_EXPORTER::writePcbHeader().

38 {
39  wxString msg = wxString::Format(
40  wxT( "%s" ),
42  );
44  return msg;
45 }
void Format(OUTPUTFORMATTER *out, int aNestLevel, int aCtl, CPTREE &aTree)
Function Format outputs a PTREE into s-expression format via an OUTPUTFORMATTER derivative.
Definition: ptree.cpp:205