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autoplacer_tool.cpp File Reference

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static int refreshCallback (MODULE *aModule)


static PCB_BASE_EDIT_FRAMEfparent

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static int refreshCallback ( MODULE aModule)

Definition at line 75 of file autoplacer_tool.cpp.

76 {
77  if( aModule )
78  {
79  fparent->GetGalCanvas()->GetView()->Update( aModule );
80  }
84  wxSafeYield(); // Give a slice of time to refresh the display
86  return 0;
87 }
static PCB_BASE_EDIT_FRAME * fparent
EDA_DRAW_PANEL_GAL * GetGalCanvas() const
Return a pointer to GAL-based canvas of given EDA draw frame.
Definition: draw_frame.h:931
virtual void Update(VIEW_ITEM *aItem, int aUpdateFlags)
For dynamic VIEWs, informs the associated VIEW that the graphical representation of this item has cha...
Definition: view.cpp:1539
virtual void Refresh(bool aEraseBackground=true, const wxRect *aRect=NULL) override
Update the board display after modifying it by a python script (note: it is automatically called by a...
KIGFX::VIEW * GetView() const
Function GetView() Returns a pointer to the VIEW instance used in the panel.
void MarkDirty()
Function MarkDirty() Forces redraw of view on the next rendering.
Definition: view.h:621

References fparent, EDA_DRAW_FRAME::GetGalCanvas(), EDA_DRAW_PANEL_GAL::GetView(), KIGFX::VIEW::MarkDirty(), EDA_DRAW_PANEL_GAL::Refresh(), and KIGFX::VIEW::Update().

Referenced by AUTOPLACE_TOOL::autoplace().

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◆ fparent


Definition at line 74 of file autoplacer_tool.cpp.

Referenced by AUTOPLACE_TOOL::autoplace(), and refreshCallback().