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plugins.PadArray.PadGridArray Class Reference

A basic grid of pads. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, pad, nx, ny, px, py, centre=pcbnew.wxPoint(0, 0))
def AlphaNameFromNumber (self, n, aIndex=1, alphabet="ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ")
 Utility function to generate an alphabetical name: More...
def NamingFunction (self, x, y)
 Implementation of the naming function: right to left, top-to-bottom. More...
def AddPadsToModule (self, dc)
 Create the pads and add them to the module in the correct positions. More...
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def __init__ (self, pad)
def SetPinNames (self, pinNames)
 Set a name for all the pins. More...
def SetFirstPadType (self, firstPad)
 If the array has a different first pad, this is the pad that is used. More...
def SetFirstPadInArray (self, fpNum)
 Set the numbering for the first pad in the array. More...
def AddPad (self, pad)
 Add a pad to the array, under the same moodule as the main prototype pad. More...
def GetPad (self, is_first_pad, pos)
 Get a pad in the array with the given position. More...
def GetName (self, args, kwargs)
 Get the pad name from the naming function, or the pre-set pinNames parameter (set with SetPinNames) More...
def NamingFunction (self, args, kwargs)
 Implement this as needed for each array type. More...

Public Attributes

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Detailed Description

A basic grid of pads.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def plugins.PadArray.PadGridArray.__init__ (   self,
  centre = pcbnew.wxPoint(0, 0) 
padthe prototypical pad of the array
nxnumber of pads in x-direction
nynumber of pads in y-direction
pxpitch in x-direction
pypitch in y-direction
centrearray centre point

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Member Function Documentation

def plugins.PadArray.PadGridArray.AddPadsToModule (   self,

Create the pads and add them to the module in the correct positions.

dcthe drawing context

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def plugins.PadArray.PadGridArray.AlphaNameFromNumber (   self,
  aIndex = 1,

Utility function to generate an alphabetical name:

eg. 1 - A, 2 - B, 26 - AA, etc

aIndexindex of 'A': 0 for 0 - A
nthe pad index
alphabetset of allowable chars if not A-Z, e.g. ABCDEFGHJKLMNPRTUVWY for BGA

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def plugins.PadArray.PadGridArray.NamingFunction (   self,

Implementation of the naming function: right to left, top-to-bottom.

xthe pad x index
ythe pad y index

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