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pcbnew.PAD_List Class Reference
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class  DLISTIter

Public Member Functions

def Get (self)
def __deref__ (self)
def GetFirst (self)
def GetLast (self)
def Append (self, args)
def Insert (self, aNewElement, aElementAfterMe)
def Remove (self, aElement)
def begin (self)
def end (self)
def PopFront (self)
def PopBack (self)
def PushFront (self, aNewElement)
def PushBack (self, aNewElement)
def __iter__ (self)
def __init__ (self)
def StandardMask (self)
def SMDMask (self)
def ConnSMDMask (self)
def UnplatedHoleMask (self)
def ClassOf (self, aItem)
def Next (self)
def GetParent (self)
def ImportSettingsFromMaster (self, aMasterPad)
def IsFlipped (self)
def SetName (self, aName)
def GetName (self)
def IncrementPadName (self, aSkipUnconnectable, aFillSequenceGaps)
def PadNameEqual (self, other)
def GetShape (self)
def SetShape (self, aShape)
def SetPosition (self, aPos)
def GetPosition (self)
def GetAnchorPadShape (self)
def GetCustomShapeInZoneOpt (self)
def SetCustomShapeInZoneOpt (self, aOption)
def SetAnchorPadShape (self, aShape)
def SetY (self, y)
def SetX (self, x)
def SetPos0 (self, aPos)
def GetPos0 (self)
def SetY0 (self, y)
def SetX0 (self, x)
def SetSize (self, aSize)
def GetSize (self)
def SetDelta (self, aSize)
def GetDelta (self)
def SetDrillSize (self, aSize)
def GetDrillSize (self)
def SetOffset (self, aOffset)
def GetOffset (self)
def AddPrimitive (self, args)
def GetBestAnchorPosition (self, aPos)
def MergePrimitivesAsPolygon
def DeletePrimitivesList (self)
def CustomShapeAsPolygonToBoardPosition (self, aMergedPolygon, aPosition, aRotation)
def GetPrimitives (self)
def GetCustomShapeAsPolygon (self)
def Flip (self, aCentre)
def FlipPrimitives (self)
def SetPrimitives (self, aPrimitivesList)
def SetOrientation (self, aAngle)
def SetOrientationDegrees (self, aOrientation)
def GetOrientation (self)
def GetOrientationDegrees (self)
def GetOrientationRadians (self)
def SetDrillShape (self, aDrillShape)
def GetDrillShape (self)
def GetOblongDrillGeometry (self, aStartPoint, aEndPoint, aWidth)
def SetLayerSet (self, aLayerMask)
def GetLayerSet (self)
def SetAttribute (self, aAttribute)
def GetAttribute (self)
def SetPadToDieLength (self, aLength)
def GetPadToDieLength (self)
def GetLocalSolderMaskMargin (self)
def SetLocalSolderMaskMargin (self, aMargin)
def GetLocalClearance (self)
def SetLocalClearance (self, aClearance)
def GetLocalSolderPasteMargin (self)
def SetLocalSolderPasteMargin (self, aMargin)
def GetLocalSolderPasteMarginRatio (self)
def SetLocalSolderPasteMarginRatio (self, aRatio)
def TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon (self, aCornerBuffer, aClearanceValue, aCircleToSegmentsCount, aCorrectionFactor)
def GetClearance
def GetSolderMaskMargin (self)
def GetSolderPasteMargin (self)
def SetZoneConnection (self, aType)
def GetZoneConnection (self)
def SetThermalWidth (self, aWidth)
def GetThermalWidth (self)
def SetThermalGap (self, aGap)
def GetThermalGap (self)
def Draw (self, args)
def DrawShape (self, aClipBox, aDC, aDrawInfo)
def BuildPadPolygon (self, aCoord, aInflateValue, aRotation)
def GetRoundRectCornerRadius (self, args)
def BuildPadShapePolygon (self, aCornerBuffer, aInflateValue, aSegmentsPerCircle, aCorrectionFactor)
def BuildPadDrillShapePolygon (self, aCornerBuffer, aInflateValue, aSegmentsPerCircle)
def BuildSegmentFromOvalShape (self, aSegStart, aSegEnd, aRotation, aMargin)
def GetBoundingRadius (self)
def ShapePos (self)
def GetRoundRectRadiusRatio (self)
def SetRoundRectRadiusRatio (self, aRadiusScale)
def GetSubRatsnest (self)
def SetSubRatsnest (self, aSubRatsnest)
def GetMsgPanelInfo (self, aList)
def IsOnLayer (self, aLayer)
def HitTest (self, args)
def GetClass (self)
def GetBoundingBox (self)
def SetDrawCoord (self)
def SetLocalCoord (self)
def Compare (self, padref, padcmp)
def Move (self, aMoveVector)
def Rotate (self, aRotCentre, aAngle)
def GetSelectMenuText (self)
def GetMenuImage (self)
def ShowPadShape (self)
def ShowPadAttr (self)
def AppendConfigs (self, aResult)
def Clone (self)
def Duplicate (self)
def ViewGetLayers (self, aLayers, aCount)
def ViewGetLOD (self, aLayer, aView)
def ViewBBox (self)
def CopyNetlistSettings (self, aPad, aCopyLocalSettings)
def SwapData (self, aImage)
def IsConnected (self)
def GetNet (self)
def SetNet (self, aNetInfo)
def GetNetCode (self)
def SetNetCode
def GetNetname (self)
def GetShortNetname (self)
def GetNetClass (self)
def GetNetClassName (self)
def SetLocalRatsnestVisible (self, aVisible)
def GetLocalRatsnestVisible (self)
def GetCenter (self)
def Back (self)
def GetLayer (self)
def SetLayer (self, aLayer)
def IsTrack (self)
def IsLocked (self)
def SetLocked (self, aLocked)
def UnLink (self)
def DeleteStructure (self)
def ShowShape (self, aShape)
def GetBoard (self)
def GetLayerName (self)
def FormatInternalUnits (self, args)
def FormatAngle (self, aAngle)
def Type (self)
def SetTimeStamp (self, aNewTimeStamp)
def GetTimeStamp (self)
def GetList (self)
def SetParent (self, aParent)
def SetList (self, aList)
def IsNew (self)
def IsModified (self)
def IsMoving (self)
def IsDragging (self)
def IsWireImage (self)
def IsSelected (self)
def IsResized (self)
def IsHighlighted (self)
def IsBrightened (self)
def SetWireImage (self)
def SetSelected (self)
def SetHighlighted (self)
def SetBrightened (self)
def ClearSelected (self)
def ClearHighlighted (self)
def ClearBrightened (self)
def SetModified (self)
def GetState (self, type)
def SetState (self, type, state)
def GetStatus (self)
def SetStatus (self, aStatus)
def SetFlags (self, aMask)
def ClearFlags
def GetFlags (self)
def SetForceVisible (self, aEnable)
def IterateForward (self, listStart, inspector, testData, scanTypes)
def Visit (self, inspector, testData, scanTypes)
def Matches (self, aSearchData, aAuxData, aFindLocation)
def Replace (self, args)
def IsReplaceable (self)
def __lt__ (self, aItem)
def Sort (self, aLeft, aRight)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.DHEAD
def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def DeleteAll (self)
def SetOwnership (self, Iown)
def GetCount (self)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple ret = self.last.Get()
 ret = self.last

Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ DLIST<(D_PAD)> class

Definition at line 20483 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcbnew.PAD_List.__init__ (   self)
__init__(DLIST<(D_PAD)> self) -> PAD_List

Definition at line 20600 of file

Member Function Documentation

def pcbnew.PAD_List.__deref__ (   self)
__deref__(PAD_List self) -> D_PAD

Definition at line 20500 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.__iter__ (   self)

Definition at line 20595 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.__lt__ (   self,
__lt__(PAD_List self, EDA_ITEM aItem) -> bool

Definition at line 22961 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.AddPrimitive (   self,
AddPrimitive(PAD_List self, SHAPE_POLY_SET aPoly, int aThickness)
AddPrimitive(PAD_List self, wxPoint_Vector aPoly, int aThickness)
AddPrimitive(PAD_List self, wxPoint aStart, wxPoint aEnd, int aThickness)
AddPrimitive(PAD_List self, wxPoint aCenter, int aRadius, int aThickness)
AddPrimitive(PAD_List self, wxPoint aCenter, wxPoint aStart, int aArcAngle, int aThickness)

D_PAD::AddPrimitive(wxPoint aCenter, wxPoint aStart, int aArcAngle,
int aThickness)

arc basic shape 

Definition at line 20991 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Append (   self,
Append(PAD_List self, D_PAD aNewElement)
Append(PAD_List self, PAD_List aList)

Definition at line 20515 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.AppendConfigs (   self,
AppendConfigs(PAD_List self, PARAM_CFG_ARRAY * aResult)

D_PAD::AppendConfigs(PARAM_CFG_ARRAY *aResult)

Function AppendConfigs appends to aResult the configuration setting
accessors which will later allow reading or writing of configuration
file information directly into this object. 

Definition at line 22029 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Back (   self)
Back(PAD_List self) -> BOARD_ITEM

BOARD_ITEM::Back() const 

Definition at line 22367 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.begin (   self)
begin(PAD_List self) -> D_PAD

Definition at line 20533 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.BuildPadDrillShapePolygon (   self,
BuildPadDrillShapePolygon(PAD_List self, SHAPE_POLY_SET aCornerBuffer, int aInflateValue, int aSegmentsPerCircle) -> bool

D_PAD::BuildPadDrillShapePolygon(SHAPE_POLY_SET &aCornerBuffer, int
aInflateValue, int aSegmentsPerCircle) const

Function BuildPadDrillShapePolygon Build the Corner list of the
polygonal drill shape, depending on shape pad hole and orientation.


aCornerBuffer:  = a buffer to fill.

aInflateValue:  = the clearance or margin value. value > 0: inflate, <
0 deflate, = 0 : no change

aSegmentsPerCircle:  = number of segments to approximate a circle
(used for round and oblong shapes only(16 to 32 is a good value)

false if the pad has no hole, true otherwise 

Definition at line 21666 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.BuildPadPolygon (   self,
BuildPadPolygon(PAD_List self, wxPoint aCoord, wxSize aInflateValue, double aRotation)

D_PAD::BuildPadPolygon(wxPoint aCoord[4], wxSize aInflateValue, double
aRotation) const

Function BuildPadPolygon Has meaning only for polygonal pads
(trapezoid and rectangular) Build the Corner list of the polygonal
shape, depending on shape, extra size (clearance ...) and orientation.


aCoord:  = a buffer to fill (4 corners).

aInflateValue:  = wxSize: the clearance or margin value. value > 0:
inflate, < 0 deflate

aRotation:  = full rotation of the polygon 

Definition at line 21581 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.BuildPadShapePolygon (   self,
BuildPadShapePolygon(PAD_List self, SHAPE_POLY_SET aCornerBuffer, wxSize aInflateValue, int aSegmentsPerCircle, double aCorrectionFactor)

D_PAD::BuildPadShapePolygon(SHAPE_POLY_SET &aCornerBuffer, wxSize
aInflateValue, int aSegmentsPerCircle, double aCorrectionFactor) const

Function BuildPadShapePolygon Build the Corner list of the polygonal
shape, depending on shape, extra size (clearance ...) pad and
orientation This function is similar to
TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon, but the difference is
BuildPadShapePolygon creates a polygon shape exactly similar to pad
shape, which a size inflated by aInflateValue and
TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon creates a more complex shape (for
instance a rectangular pad is converted in a rectangulr shape with
ronded corners)


aCornerBuffer:  = a buffer to fill.

aInflateValue:  = the clearance or margin value. value > 0: inflate, <
0 deflate, = 0 : no change the clearance can have different values for
x and y directions (relative to the pad)

aSegmentsPerCircle:  = number of segments to approximate a circle
(used for round and oblong shapes only (16 to 32 is a good value)

aCorrectionFactor:  = the correction to apply to circles radius to
keep the pad size/clearance when the arcs are approximated by segments

Definition at line 21629 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.BuildSegmentFromOvalShape (   self,
BuildSegmentFromOvalShape(PAD_List self, wxPoint aSegStart, wxPoint aSegEnd, double aRotation, wxSize aMargin) -> int

D_PAD::BuildSegmentFromOvalShape(wxPoint &aSegStart, wxPoint &aSegEnd,
double aRotation, const wxSize &aMargin) const

Function BuildSegmentFromOvalShape Has meaning only for OVAL (and
ROUND) pads Build an equivalent segment having the same shape as the
OVAL shape, Useful in draw function and in DRC and HitTest functions,
because segments are already well handled by track tests.

Function BuildSegmentFromOvalShape Has meaning only for OVAL (and
ROUND) pads.


aSegStart:  = the starting point of the equivalent segment relative to
the shape position.

aSegEnd:  = the ending point of the equivalent segment, relative to
the shape position

aRotation:  = full rotation of the segment

aRotation:  = full rotation of the segment

aMargin:  = a margin around the shape (for instance mask margin)

the width of the segment  Build an equivalent segment having the same
shape as the OVAL shape, aSegStart and aSegEnd are the ending points
of the equivalent segment of the shape aRotation is the asked rotation
of the segment (usually m_Orient) 

Definition at line 21693 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ClassOf (   self,
ClassOf(PAD_List self, EDA_ITEM aItem) -> bool

Definition at line 20630 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ClearBrightened (   self)
ClearBrightened(PAD_List self)


Definition at line 22737 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ClearFlags (   self,
  aMask = -1 
ClearFlags(PAD_List self, STATUS_FLAGS aMask=-1)
ClearFlags(PAD_List self)


Definition at line 22807 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ClearHighlighted (   self)
ClearHighlighted(PAD_List self)


Definition at line 22727 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ClearSelected (   self)
ClearSelected(PAD_List self)


Definition at line 22717 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Clone (   self)
Clone(PAD_List self) -> EDA_ITEM

EDA_ITEM * D_PAD::Clone() const

Function Clone creates a duplicate of this item with linked list
members set to NULL.

The default version will return NULL in release builds and likely
crash the program. In debug builds, a warning message indicating the
derived class has not implemented cloning. This really should be a
pure virtual function. Due to the fact that there are so many objects
derived from EDA_ITEM, the decision was made to return NULL until all
the objects derived from EDA_ITEM implement cloning. Once that
happens, this function should be made pure.

A clone of the item. 

Definition at line 22043 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Compare (   self,
Compare(PAD_List self, D_PAD padref, D_PAD padcmp) -> int

Definition at line 21939 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ConnSMDMask (   self)
ConnSMDMask(PAD_List self) -> LSET

Definition at line 20620 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.CopyNetlistSettings (   self,
CopyNetlistSettings(PAD_List self, D_PAD aPad, bool aCopyLocalSettings)

D_PAD::CopyNetlistSettings(D_PAD *aPad, bool aCopyLocalSettings)

Function CopyNetlistSettings copies the netlist settings to aPad, and
the net name.

Used to copy some pad parameters when replacing a footprint by an
other footprint when reading a netlist, or in exchange footprint

The netlist settings are all of the D_PAD settings not define by a
D_PAD in a netlist. The copied settings are the net name and
optionally include local clearance, etc. The pad physical geometry
settings are not copied.


aPad:  is the D_PAD to copy the settings to.

aCopyLocalSettings:  = false to copy only the net name true to also
copy local prms 

Definition at line 22146 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.CustomShapeAsPolygonToBoardPosition (   self,
CustomShapeAsPolygonToBoardPosition(PAD_List self, SHAPE_POLY_SET aMergedPolygon, wxPoint aPosition, double aRotation)

void D_PAD::CustomShapeAsPolygonToBoardPosition(SHAPE_POLY_SET
*aMergedPolygon, wxPoint aPosition, double aRotation) const

When created, the corners coordinates are relative to the pad
position, orientation 0, in m_customShapeAsPolygon
CustomShapeAsPolygonToBoardPosition transform these coordinates to
actual (board) coordinates.


aMergedPolygon:  = the corners coordinates, relative to aPosition and
rotated by aRotation

aPosition:  = the position of the shape (usually the pad shape, but
not always, when moving the pad)

aRotation:  = the rotation of the shape (usually the pad rotation, but
not always, in DRC) 

Definition at line 21059 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.DeletePrimitivesList (   self)
DeletePrimitivesList(PAD_List self)


clear the basic shapes list 

Definition at line 21047 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.DeleteStructure (   self)
DeleteStructure(PAD_List self)


Function DeleteStructure deletes this object after UnLink()ing it from
its owner if it has one. 

Definition at line 22462 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Draw (   self,
Draw(PAD_List self, EDA_DRAW_PANEL * aPanel, wxDC * aDC, GR_DRAWMODE aDrawMode, wxPoint aOffset)
Draw(PAD_List self, EDA_DRAW_PANEL * aPanel, wxDC * aDC, GR_DRAWMODE aDrawMode)

*aPanel, wxDC *aDC, GR_DRAWMODE aDrawMode, const wxPoint
&aOffset=ZeroOffset) override

Function Draw BOARD_ITEMs have their own color information. 

Definition at line 21549 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

def pcbnew.PAD_List.DrawShape (   self,
DrawShape(PAD_List self, EDA_RECT aClipBox, wxDC * aDC, PAD_DRAWINFO aDrawInfo)

D_PAD::DrawShape(EDA_RECT *aClipBox, wxDC *aDC, PAD_DRAWINFO

Function DrawShape basic function to draw a pad.

This function is used by Draw after calculation of parameters (color,
) final orientation transforms are set. It can also be called to draw
a pad on any panel even if this panel is not a EDA_DRAW_PANEL for
instance on a wxPanel inside the pad editor. 

Definition at line 21563 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Duplicate (   self)
Duplicate(PAD_List self) -> D_PAD

D_PAD* D_PAD::Duplicate()

same as Clone, but returns a D_PAD item.

Useful mainly for pythons scripts, because Clone (virtual function)
returns an EDA_ITEM. 

Definition at line 22066 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.end (   self)
end(PAD_List self) -> D_PAD

Definition at line 20538 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Flip (   self,
Flip(PAD_List self, wxPoint aCentre)

void BOARD_ITEM::Flip(const
VECTOR2I &aCentre) 

Definition at line 21110 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.FlipPrimitives (   self)
FlipPrimitives(PAD_List self)


Flip the basic shapes, in custom pads. 

Definition at line 21120 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.FormatAngle (   self,
FormatAngle(PAD_List self, double aAngle) -> string

Definition at line 22517 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.FormatInternalUnits (   self,
FormatInternalUnits(PAD_List self, int aValue) -> string
FormatInternalUnits(PAD_List self, wxPoint aPoint) -> string
FormatInternalUnits(PAD_List self, wxSize aSize) -> string

Definition at line 22508 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Get (   self)
Get(PAD_List self) -> D_PAD

Definition at line 20495 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetAnchorPadShape (   self)
GetAnchorPadShape(PAD_List self) -> PAD_SHAPE_T

D_PAD::GetAnchorPadShape() const

Function GetAnchorPadShape.

the shape of the anchor pad shape, for custom shaped pads. 

Definition at line 20792 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetAttribute (   self)
GetAttribute(PAD_List self) -> PAD_ATTR_T

D_PAD::GetAttribute() const 

Definition at line 21293 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetBestAnchorPosition (   self,
GetBestAnchorPosition(PAD_List self, VECTOR2I & aPos) -> bool

D_PAD::GetBestAnchorPosition(VECTOR2I &aPos) 

Definition at line 21008 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetBoard (   self)
GetBoard(PAD_List self) -> BOARD

BOARD_ITEM::GetBoard() const

Function GetBoard returns the BOARD in which this BOARD_ITEM resides,
or NULL if none. 

Definition at line 22480 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetBoundingBox (   self)
GetBoundingBox(PAD_List self) -> EDA_RECT

const EDA_RECT
D_PAD::GetBoundingBox() const override

Function GetBoundingBox returns the orthogonal, bounding box of this
object for display purposes.

This box should be an enclosing perimeter for visible components of
this object, and the units should be in the pcb or schematic
coordinate system. It is OK to overestimate the size by a few counts.

Definition at line 21897 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetBoundingRadius (   self)
GetBoundingRadius(PAD_List self) -> int

D_PAD::GetBoundingRadius() const

Function GetBoundingRadius returns the radius of a minimum sized
circle which fully encloses this pad.

The center is the pad position 

Definition at line 21732 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetCenter (   self)
GetCenter(PAD_List self) -> wxPoint

virtual const wxPoint
BOARD_ITEM::GetCenter() const

Function GetCenter()

This defaults to the same point as returned by GetPosition(), unless

centre point of the item 

Definition at line 22350 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetClass (   self)
GetClass(PAD_List self) -> wxString

wxString D_PAD::GetClass()
const override

Function GetClass returns the class name.


Definition at line 21883 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetClearance (   self,
  aItem = None 
GetClearance(PAD_List self, BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM aItem=None) -> int
GetClearance(PAD_List self) -> int

D_PAD::GetClearance(BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM *aItem=NULL) const override

Function GetClearance returns the clearance in internal units.

If aItem is not NULL then the returned clearance is the greater of
this object's clearance and aItem's clearance. If aItem is NULL, then
this objects clearance is returned.


aItem:  is another BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM or NULL

int - the clearance in internal units. 

Definition at line 21432 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetCustomShapeAsPolygon (   self)
GetCustomShapeAsPolygon(PAD_List self) -> SHAPE_POLY_SET

SHAPE_POLY_SET& D_PAD::GetCustomShapeAsPolygon() const

Accessor to the custom shape as one polygon. 

Definition at line 21098 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetCustomShapeInZoneOpt (   self)
GetCustomShapeInZoneOpt(PAD_List self) -> CUST_PAD_SHAPE_IN_ZONE

CUST_PAD_SHAPE_IN_ZONE D_PAD::GetCustomShapeInZoneOpt() const

the option for the custom pad shape to use as clearance area in copper

Definition at line 20806 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetDelta (   self)
GetDelta(PAD_List self) -> wxSize

const wxSize&
D_PAD::GetDelta() const 

Definition at line 20941 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetDrillShape (   self)
GetDrillShape(PAD_List self) -> PAD_DRILL_SHAPE_T

D_PAD::GetDrillShape() const 

Definition at line 21221 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetDrillSize (   self)
GetDrillSize(PAD_List self) -> wxSize

const wxSize&
D_PAD::GetDrillSize() const 

Definition at line 20961 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetFirst (   self)
GetFirst(PAD_List self) -> D_PAD

Definition at line 20505 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetFlags (   self)
GetFlags(PAD_List self) -> STATUS_FLAGS

EDA_ITEM::GetFlags() const 

Definition at line 22818 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetLast (   self)
GetLast(PAD_List self) -> D_PAD

Definition at line 20510 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetLayer (   self)
GetLayer(PAD_List self) -> PCB_LAYER_ID

virtual PCB_LAYER_ID
BOARD_ITEM::GetLayer() const

Function GetLayer returns the primary layer this item is on. 

Definition at line 22377 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetLayerName (   self)
GetLayerName(PAD_List self) -> wxString

BOARD_ITEM::GetLayerName() const

Function GetLayerName returns the name of the PCB layer on which the
item resides.

wxString containing the layer name associated with this item. 

Definition at line 22493 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetLayerSet (   self)
GetLayerSet(PAD_List self) -> LSET

LSET D_PAD::GetLayerSet()
const override

Function GetLayerSet returns a "layer mask", which is a bitmap of
all layers on which the TRACK segment or VIA physically resides.

int - a layer mask, see layers_id_colors_visibility.h. 

Definition at line 21268 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetList (   self)
GetList(PAD_List self) -> DHEAD


Definition at line 22557 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetLocalClearance (   self)
GetLocalClearance(PAD_List self) -> int

D_PAD::GetLocalClearance() const 

Definition at line 21343 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetLocalRatsnestVisible (   self)
GetLocalRatsnestVisible(PAD_List self) -> bool

bool BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM::GetLocalRatsnestVisible() const 

Definition at line 22341 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetLocalSolderMaskMargin (   self)
GetLocalSolderMaskMargin(PAD_List self) -> int

D_PAD::GetLocalSolderMaskMargin() const 

Definition at line 21323 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetLocalSolderPasteMargin (   self)
GetLocalSolderPasteMargin(PAD_List self) -> int

D_PAD::GetLocalSolderPasteMargin() const 

Definition at line 21363 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetLocalSolderPasteMarginRatio (   self)
GetLocalSolderPasteMarginRatio(PAD_List self) -> double

D_PAD::GetLocalSolderPasteMarginRatio() const 

Definition at line 21383 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetMenuImage (   self)
GetMenuImage(PAD_List self) -> BITMAP_DEF

D_PAD::GetMenuImage() const override

Function GetMenuImage returns a pointer to an image to be used in

The default version returns the right arrow image. Override this
function to provide object specific menu images. The menu image
associated with the item. 

Definition at line 21984 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetMsgPanelInfo (   self,
GetMsgPanelInfo(PAD_List self, std::vector< MSG_PANEL_ITEM,std::allocator< MSG_PANEL_ITEM > > & aList)

D_PAD::GetMsgPanelInfo(std::vector< MSG_PANEL_ITEM > &aList) override

Function GetMsgPanelInfo populates aList of MSG_PANEL_ITEM objects
with it's internal state for display purposes.

This method replaces DisplayInfo() so that KiCad objects no longer
have any knowledge of wxWidgets UI objects.


aList:  is the list to populate. 

Definition at line 21813 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetName (   self)
GetName(PAD_List self) -> wxString

const wxString&
D_PAD::GetName() const

the pad name 

Definition at line 20700 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetNet (   self)
GetNet(PAD_List self) -> NETINFO_ITEM


Function GetNet Returns NET_INFO object for a given item. 

Definition at line 22214 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetNetClass (   self)
GetNetClass(PAD_List self) -> std::shared_ptr< NETCLASS >


Function GetNetClass returns the NETCLASS for this item. 

Definition at line 22304 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetNetClassName (   self)
GetNetClassName(PAD_List self) -> wxString

wxString BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM::GetNetClassName() const

Function GetNetClassName returns a pointer to the netclass of the

If the net is not found (can happen when a netlist is reread, and the
net name does not exist, return the default net class (should not
return a null pointer). the Net Class name of this item 

Definition at line 22316 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetNetCode (   self)
GetNetCode(PAD_List self) -> int


Function GetNetCode.

int - the net code. 

Definition at line 22238 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetNetname (   self)
GetNetname(PAD_List self) -> wxString

wxString& BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM::GetNetname() const

Function GetNetname.

wxString - the full netname 

Definition at line 22276 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetOblongDrillGeometry (   self,
GetOblongDrillGeometry(PAD_List self, wxPoint aStartPoint, wxPoint aEndPoint, int & aWidth)

D_PAD::GetOblongDrillGeometry(wxPoint &aStartPoint, wxPoint
&aEndPoint, int &aWidth) const

Function GetOblongDrillGeometry calculates the start point, end point
and width of an equivalent segment which have the same position and
width as the hole Usefull to plot/draw oblong holes like segments with
rounded ends used in draw and plot functions.


aStartPoint:  = first point of the equivalent segment, relative to the
pad position.

aEndPoint:  = second point of the equivalent segment, relative to the
pad position.

aWidth:  = width equivalent segment. 

Definition at line 21231 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetOffset (   self)
GetOffset(PAD_List self) -> wxPoint

const wxPoint&
D_PAD::GetOffset() const 

Definition at line 20981 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetOrientation (   self)
GetOrientation(PAD_List self) -> double

D_PAD::GetOrientation() const

Function GetOrientation returns the rotation angle of the pad in
tenths of degrees, but soon degrees. 

Definition at line 21178 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetOrientationDegrees (   self)
GetOrientationDegrees(PAD_List self) -> double

D_PAD::GetOrientationDegrees() const 

Definition at line 21191 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetOrientationRadians (   self)
GetOrientationRadians(PAD_List self) -> double

D_PAD::GetOrientationRadians() const 

Definition at line 21201 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetPadToDieLength (   self)
GetPadToDieLength(PAD_List self) -> int

D_PAD::GetPadToDieLength() const 

Definition at line 21313 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetParent (   self)
GetParent(PAD_List self) -> MODULE

MODULE* D_PAD::GetParent()

Definition at line 20644 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetPos0 (   self)
GetPos0(PAD_List self) -> wxPoint

const wxPoint&
D_PAD::GetPos0() const 

Definition at line 20883 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetPosition (   self)
GetPosition(PAD_List self) -> wxPoint

const wxPoint&
D_PAD::GetPosition() const override 

Definition at line 20782 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetPrimitives (   self)
GetPrimitives(PAD_List self) -> std::vector< PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE,std::allocator< PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE > > const &

std::vector<PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE>& D_PAD::GetPrimitives() const

Accessor to the basic shape list. 

Definition at line 21086 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetRoundRectCornerRadius (   self,
GetRoundRectCornerRadius(PAD_List self) -> int
GetRoundRectCornerRadius(PAD_List self, wxSize aSize) -> int

D_PAD::GetRoundRectCornerRadius(const wxSize &aSize) const

Helper function GetRoundRectCornerRadius Has meaning only for rounded
rect pads Returns the radius of the rounded corners of a rectangle
size aSize, using others setting of the pad.


aSize:  = size of the of the round rect. Usually the pad size but can
be the size of the pad on solder mask or solder paste

The radius of the rounded corners for this pad size. 

Definition at line 21606 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetRoundRectRadiusRatio (   self)
GetRoundRectRadiusRatio(PAD_List self) -> double

D_PAD::GetRoundRectRadiusRatio() const

has meaning only for rounded rect pads

the scaling factor between the smaller Y or Y size and the radius of
the rounded corners. Cannot be > 0.5 the normalized IPC-7351C value is

Definition at line 21757 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetSelectMenuText (   self)
GetSelectMenuText(PAD_List self) -> wxString

D_PAD::GetSelectMenuText() const override

Function GetSelectMenuText returns the text to display to be used in
the selection clarification context menu when multiple items are found
at the current cursor position.

The default version of this function raises an assertion in the debug
mode and returns a string to indicate that it was not overridden to
provide the object specific text.

The menu text string. 

Definition at line 21964 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetShape (   self)
GetShape(PAD_List self) -> PAD_SHAPE_T


Function GetShape.

the shape of this pad. 

Definition at line 20748 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetShortNetname (   self)
GetShortNetname(PAD_List self) -> wxString

wxString& BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM::GetShortNetname() const

Function GetShortNetname.

wxString - the short netname 

Definition at line 22290 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetSize (   self)
GetSize(PAD_List self) -> wxSize

const wxSize& D_PAD::GetSize()

Definition at line 20921 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetSolderMaskMargin (   self)
GetSolderMaskMargin(PAD_List self) -> int

D_PAD::GetSolderMaskMargin() const

Function GetSolderMaskMargin.

the margin for the solder mask layer usually > 0 (mask shape bigger
than pad value is 1 - the local value 2 - if null, the parent
footprint value 1 - if null, the global value 

Definition at line 21456 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetSolderPasteMargin (   self)
GetSolderPasteMargin(PAD_List self) -> wxSize

D_PAD::GetSolderPasteMargin() const

Function GetSolderPasteMargin.

the margin for the solder mask layer usually < 0 (mask shape smaller
than pad because the margin can be dependent on the pad size, the
margin has a x and a y value value is 1 - the local value 2 - if null,
the parent footprint value 1 - if null, the global value 

Definition at line 21472 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetState (   self,
GetState(PAD_List self, int type) -> int

int EDA_ITEM::GetState(int
type) const 

Definition at line 22757 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetStatus (   self)
GetStatus(PAD_List self) -> STATUS_FLAGS

EDA_ITEM::GetStatus() const 

Definition at line 22777 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetSubRatsnest (   self)
GetSubRatsnest(PAD_List self) -> int

D_PAD::GetSubRatsnest() const

Function GetSubRatsnest.

int - the netcode 

Definition at line 21789 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetThermalGap (   self)
GetThermalGap(PAD_List self) -> int

D_PAD::GetThermalGap() const 

Definition at line 21539 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetThermalWidth (   self)
GetThermalWidth(PAD_List self) -> int

D_PAD::GetThermalWidth() const 

Definition at line 21519 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetTimeStamp (   self)
GetTimeStamp(PAD_List self) -> timestamp_t

EDA_ITEM::GetTimeStamp() const 

Definition at line 22547 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.GetZoneConnection (   self)
GetZoneConnection(PAD_List self) -> ZoneConnection

D_PAD::GetZoneConnection() const 

Definition at line 21499 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.HitTest (   self,
HitTest(PAD_List self, wxPoint aPosition) -> bool
HitTest(PAD_List self, EDA_RECT aRect, bool aContained, int aAccuracy=0) -> bool
HitTest(PAD_List self, EDA_RECT aRect, bool aContained) -> bool

bool D_PAD::HitTest(const
EDA_RECT &aRect, bool aContained, int aAccuracy=0) const override

Function HitTest tests if the aRect intersects or contains this object
(depending on aContained).


aRect:  A reference to an EDA_RECT object containg the area to test.

aContained:  Test if aRect contains this object completly.

aAccuracy:  Increase the item bounding box by this amount.

bool - True if aRect contains this object completly or if aRect
intersects the object and aContained is False, otherwise false. 

Definition at line 21856 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ImportSettingsFromMaster (   self,
ImportSettingsFromMaster(PAD_List self, D_PAD aMasterPad)

D_PAD::ImportSettingsFromMaster(const D_PAD &aMasterPad)

Imports the pad settings from aMasterPad.

The result is "this" has the same settinds (sizes, shapes ... ) as


aMasterPad:  = the template pad 

Definition at line 20654 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IncrementPadName (   self,
IncrementPadName(PAD_List self, bool aSkipUnconnectable, bool aFillSequenceGaps) -> bool

D_PAD::IncrementPadName(bool aSkipUnconnectable, bool

Function IncrementPadName.

Increments the pad name to the next available name in the module.


aSkipUnconnectable:  skips any pads that are not connectable (for
example NPTH)

aFillSequenceGaps:  if true, the next reference in a sequence like
A1,A3,A4 will be A2. If false, it will be A5.

pad name incremented 

Definition at line 20712 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Insert (   self,
Insert(PAD_List self, D_PAD aNewElement, D_PAD aElementAfterMe)

Definition at line 20523 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsBrightened (   self)
IsBrightened(PAD_List self) -> bool

EDA_ITEM::IsBrightened() const 

Definition at line 22667 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsConnected (   self)
IsConnected(PAD_List self) -> bool

BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM::IsConnected() const override


Function IsConnected() Returns information if the object is derived
from BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM. True if the object is of
BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM type, false otherwise. 

Definition at line 22198 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsDragging (   self)
IsDragging(PAD_List self) -> bool

EDA_ITEM::IsDragging() const 

Definition at line 22617 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsFlipped (   self)
IsFlipped(PAD_List self) -> bool

bool D_PAD::IsFlipped()

true if the pad has a footprint parent flipped (on the back/bottom

Definition at line 20674 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsHighlighted (   self)
IsHighlighted(PAD_List self) -> bool

EDA_ITEM::IsHighlighted() const 

Definition at line 22657 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsLocked (   self)
IsLocked(PAD_List self) -> bool

virtual bool
BOARD_ITEM::IsLocked() const

Function IsLocked.

bool - true if the object is locked, else false 

Definition at line 22422 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsModified (   self)
IsModified(PAD_List self) -> bool

EDA_ITEM::IsModified() const 

Definition at line 22597 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsMoving (   self)
IsMoving(PAD_List self) -> bool

bool EDA_ITEM::IsMoving()

Definition at line 22607 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsNew (   self)
IsNew(PAD_List self) -> bool

bool EDA_ITEM::IsNew() const

Definition at line 22587 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsOnLayer (   self,
IsOnLayer(PAD_List self, PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer) -> bool

D_PAD::IsOnLayer(PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer) const override

Function IsOnLayer tests to see if this object is on the given layer.

Is virtual so objects like D_PAD, which reside on multiple layers can
do their own form of testing.


aLayer:  The layer to test for.

bool - true if on given layer, else false. 

Definition at line 21834 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsReplaceable (   self)
IsReplaceable(PAD_List self) -> bool

virtual bool
EDA_ITEM::IsReplaceable() const

Function IsReplaceable.

Override this method in any derived object that supports test find and

True if the item has replaceable text that can be modified using the
find and replace dialog. 

Definition at line 22943 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsResized (   self)
IsResized(PAD_List self) -> bool

EDA_ITEM::IsResized() const 

Definition at line 22647 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsSelected (   self)
IsSelected(PAD_List self) -> bool

EDA_ITEM::IsSelected() const 

Definition at line 22637 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsTrack (   self)
IsTrack(PAD_List self) -> bool

BOARD_ITEM::IsTrack() const

Function IsTrack tests to see if this object is a track or via (or

form of testing. bool - true if a track or via, else false. 

Definition at line 22407 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IsWireImage (   self)
IsWireImage(PAD_List self) -> bool

EDA_ITEM::IsWireImage() const 

Definition at line 22627 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.IterateForward (   self,
IterateForward(PAD_List self, EDA_ITEM listStart, INSPECTOR inspector, void * testData, KICAD_T const [] scanTypes) -> SEARCH_RESULT

Definition at line 22848 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Matches (   self,
Matches(PAD_List self, wxFindReplaceData & aSearchData, void * aAuxData, wxPoint aFindLocation) -> bool

virtual bool
EDA_ITEM::Matches(wxFindReplaceData &aSearchData, void *aAuxData,
wxPoint *aFindLocation)

Function Matches compares the item against the search criteria in

The base class returns false since many of the objects derived from
EDA_ITEM do not have any text to search.


aSearchData:  A reference to a wxFindReplaceData object containing the
search criteria.

aAuxData:  A pointer to optional data required for the search or NULL
if not used.

aFindLocation:  A pointer to a wxPoint object to store the location of
matched item. The pointer can be NULL if it is not used.

True if the item's text matches the search criteria in aSearchData. 

Definition at line 22884 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.MergePrimitivesAsPolygon (   self,
  aMergedPolygon = None,
  aCircleToSegmentsCount = 32 
MergePrimitivesAsPolygon(PAD_List self, SHAPE_POLY_SET aMergedPolygon=None, int aCircleToSegmentsCount=32) -> bool
MergePrimitivesAsPolygon(PAD_List self, SHAPE_POLY_SET aMergedPolygon=None) -> bool
MergePrimitivesAsPolygon(PAD_List self) -> bool

D_PAD::MergePrimitivesAsPolygon(SHAPE_POLY_SET *aMergedPolygon=NULL,
int aCircleToSegmentsCount=32)

Merge all basic shapes, converted to a polygon in one polygon, in

true if OK, false in there is more than one polygon in


aMergedPolygon:  = the SHAPE_POLY_SET to fill. if NULL,
m_customShapeAsPolygon is the target

aCircleToSegmentsCount:  = number of segment to approximate a circle
(default = 32) Note: The corners coordinates are relative to the pad
position, orientation 0, 

Definition at line 21018 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Move (   self,
Move(PAD_List self, wxPoint aMoveVector)

void BOARD_ITEM::Move(const
VECTOR2I &aMoveVector) 

Definition at line 21944 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Next (   self)
Next(PAD_List self) -> D_PAD

D_PAD* D_PAD::Next() const 

Definition at line 20635 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.PadNameEqual (   self,
PadNameEqual(PAD_List self, D_PAD other) -> bool

D_PAD::PadNameEqual(const D_PAD *other) const 

Definition at line 20738 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.PopBack (   self)
PopBack(PAD_List self) -> D_PAD

Definition at line 20548 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.PopFront (   self)
PopFront(PAD_List self) -> D_PAD

Definition at line 20543 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.PushBack (   self,
PushBack(PAD_List self, D_PAD aNewElement)

Definition at line 20558 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.PushFront (   self,
PushFront(PAD_List self, D_PAD aNewElement)

Definition at line 20553 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Remove (   self,
Remove(PAD_List self, D_PAD aElement) -> D_PAD

Definition at line 20528 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Replace (   self,
Replace(PAD_List self, wxFindReplaceData & aSearchData, wxString aText) -> bool
Replace(PAD_List self, wxFindReplaceData & aSearchData, void * aAuxData=None) -> bool
Replace(PAD_List self, wxFindReplaceData & aSearchData) -> bool

virtual bool
EDA_ITEM::Replace(wxFindReplaceData &aSearchData, void *aAuxData=NULL)

Function Replace performs a text replace using the find and replace
criteria in aSearchData on items that support text find and replace.

This function must be overridden for items that support text replace.


aSearchData:  A reference to a wxFindReplaceData object containing the
search and replace criteria.

aAuxData:  A pointer to optional data required for the search or NULL
if not used.

True if the item text was modified, otherwise false. 

Definition at line 22915 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Rotate (   self,
Rotate(PAD_List self, wxPoint aRotCentre, double aAngle)

void BOARD_ITEM::Rotate(const
VECTOR2I &aRotCentre, double aAngle) 

Definition at line 21954 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetAnchorPadShape (   self,
SetAnchorPadShape(PAD_List self, PAD_SHAPE_T aShape)

D_PAD::SetAnchorPadShape(PAD_SHAPE_T aShape)

Function SetAnchorPadShape Set the shape of the anchor pad for custm
shped pads.


the:  shape of the anchor pad shape( currently, only PAD_SHAPE_RECT or

Definition at line 20836 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetAttribute (   self,
SetAttribute(PAD_List self, PAD_ATTR_T aAttribute)

D_PAD::SetAttribute(PAD_ATTR_T aAttribute) 

Definition at line 21283 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetBrightened (   self)
SetBrightened(PAD_List self)


Definition at line 22707 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetCustomShapeInZoneOpt (   self,
SetCustomShapeInZoneOpt(PAD_List self, CUST_PAD_SHAPE_IN_ZONE aOption)

D_PAD::SetCustomShapeInZoneOpt(CUST_PAD_SHAPE_IN_ZONE aOption)

Set the option for the custom pad shape to use as clearance area in
copper zones.


aOption:  is the clearance area shape CUST_PAD_SHAPE_IN_ZONE option 

Definition at line 20818 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetDelta (   self,
SetDelta(PAD_List self, wxSize aSize)

void D_PAD::SetDelta(const
wxSize &aSize) 

Definition at line 20931 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetDrawCoord (   self)
SetDrawCoord(PAD_List self)


Set absolute coordinates. 

Definition at line 21915 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetDrillShape (   self,
SetDrillShape(PAD_List self, PAD_DRILL_SHAPE_T aDrillShape)

D_PAD::SetDrillShape(PAD_DRILL_SHAPE_T aDrillShape) 

Definition at line 21211 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetDrillSize (   self,
SetDrillSize(PAD_List self, wxSize aSize)

D_PAD::SetDrillSize(const wxSize &aSize) 

Definition at line 20951 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetFlags (   self,
SetFlags(PAD_List self, STATUS_FLAGS aMask)


Definition at line 22797 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetForceVisible (   self,
SetForceVisible(PAD_List self, bool aEnable)

EDA_ITEM::SetForceVisible(bool aEnable)

Function SetForceVisible is used to set and cleag force visible flag
used to force the item to be drawn even if it's draw attribute is set
to not visible.


aEnable:  True forces the item to be drawn. False uses the item's
visibility setting to determine if the item is to be drawn. 

Definition at line 22828 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetHighlighted (   self)
SetHighlighted(PAD_List self)


Definition at line 22697 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetLayer (   self,
SetLayer(PAD_List self, PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer)

virtual void

Function SetLayer sets the layer this item is on.


aLayer:  The layer number. is virtual because some items (in fact:
class DIMENSION) have a slightly different initialization 

Definition at line 22389 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetLayerSet (   self,
SetLayerSet(PAD_List self, LSET aLayerMask)

D_PAD::SetLayerSet(LSET aLayerMask) 

Definition at line 21258 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetList (   self,
SetList(PAD_List self, DHEAD aList)

EDA_ITEM::SetList(DHEAD *aList) 

Definition at line 22577 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetLocalClearance (   self,
SetLocalClearance(PAD_List self, int aClearance)

D_PAD::SetLocalClearance(int aClearance) 

Definition at line 21353 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetLocalCoord (   self)
SetLocalCoord(PAD_List self)


Set relative coordinates. 

Definition at line 21927 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetLocalRatsnestVisible (   self,
SetLocalRatsnestVisible(PAD_List self, bool aVisible)

void BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM::SetLocalRatsnestVisible(bool aVisible) 

Definition at line 22332 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetLocalSolderMaskMargin (   self,
SetLocalSolderMaskMargin(PAD_List self, int aMargin)

D_PAD::SetLocalSolderMaskMargin(int aMargin) 

Definition at line 21333 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetLocalSolderPasteMargin (   self,
SetLocalSolderPasteMargin(PAD_List self, int aMargin)

D_PAD::SetLocalSolderPasteMargin(int aMargin) 

Definition at line 21373 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetLocalSolderPasteMarginRatio (   self,
SetLocalSolderPasteMarginRatio(PAD_List self, double aRatio)

D_PAD::SetLocalSolderPasteMarginRatio(double aRatio) 

Definition at line 21393 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetLocked (   self,
SetLocked(PAD_List self, bool aLocked)

virtual void
BOARD_ITEM::SetLocked(bool aLocked)

Function SetLocked modifies 'lock' status for of the item. 

Definition at line 22436 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetModified (   self)
SetModified(PAD_List self)


Definition at line 22747 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetName (   self,
SetName(PAD_List self, wxString aName)

void D_PAD::SetName(const
wxString &aName)

Set the pad name (sometimes called pad number, although it can be an
array reference like AA12). 

Definition at line 20687 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetNet (   self,
SetNet(PAD_List self, NETINFO_ITEM aNetInfo)


Function SetNet Sets a NET_INFO object for the item. 

Definition at line 22226 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetNetCode (   self,
  aNoAssert = False 
SetNetCode(PAD_List self, int aNetCode, bool aNoAssert=False) -> bool
SetNetCode(PAD_List self, int aNetCode) -> bool

BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM::SetNetCode(int aNetCode, bool aNoAssert=false)

Function SetNetCode sets net using a net code.


aNetCode:  is a net code for the new net. It has to exist in

aNoAssert:  if true, do not assert that the net exists. Otherwise,
item is assigned to the unconnected net.

true on success, false if the net did not exist 

Definition at line 22252 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetOffset (   self,
SetOffset(PAD_List self, wxPoint aOffset)

void D_PAD::SetOffset(const
wxPoint &aOffset) 

Definition at line 20971 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetOrientation (   self,
SetOrientation(PAD_List self, double aAngle)

D_PAD::SetOrientation(double aAngle)

Function SetOrientation sets the rotation angle of the pad.


aAngle:  is tenths of degrees, but will soon be degrees. If it is
outside of 0 - 3600, then it will be normalized before being saved. 

Definition at line 21148 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetOrientationDegrees (   self,
SetOrientationDegrees(PAD_List self, double aOrientation)

D_PAD::SetOrientationDegrees(double aOrientation)

Set orientation in degrees. 

Definition at line 21166 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetPadToDieLength (   self,
SetPadToDieLength(PAD_List self, int aLength)

D_PAD::SetPadToDieLength(int aLength) 

Definition at line 21303 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetParent (   self,
SetParent(PAD_List self, EDA_ITEM aParent)

EDA_ITEM::SetParent(EDA_ITEM *aParent) 

Definition at line 22567 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetPos0 (   self,
SetPos0(PAD_List self, wxPoint aPos)

void D_PAD::SetPos0(const
wxPoint &aPos) 

Definition at line 20873 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetPosition (   self,
SetPosition(PAD_List self, wxPoint aPos)

D_PAD::SetPosition(const wxPoint &aPos) override 

Definition at line 20772 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetPrimitives (   self,
SetPrimitives(PAD_List self, std::vector< PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE,std::allocator< PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE > > const & aPrimitivesList) -> bool

D_PAD::SetPrimitives(const std::vector< PAD_CS_PRIMITIVE >

Import to the basic shape list.

true if OK, false if issues (more than one polygon to build the
polygon shape list) 

Definition at line 21132 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetRoundRectRadiusRatio (   self,
SetRoundRectRadiusRatio(PAD_List self, double aRadiusScale)

D_PAD::SetRoundRectRadiusRatio(double aRadiusScale)

has meaning only for rounded rect pads Set the scaling factor between
the smaller Y or Y size and the radius of the rounded corners.

Cannot be < 0.5 and obviously must be > 0 the normalized IPC-7351C
value is 0.25 

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def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetSelected (   self)
SetSelected(PAD_List self)


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def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetShape (   self,
SetShape(PAD_List self, PAD_SHAPE_T aShape)

D_PAD::SetShape(PAD_SHAPE_T aShape) 

Definition at line 20762 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetSize (   self,
SetSize(PAD_List self, wxSize aSize)

void D_PAD::SetSize(const
wxSize &aSize) 

Definition at line 20911 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetState (   self,
SetState(PAD_List self, int type, int state)

EDA_ITEM::SetState(int type, int state) 

Definition at line 22767 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetStatus (   self,
SetStatus(PAD_List self, STATUS_FLAGS aStatus)

EDA_ITEM::SetStatus(STATUS_FLAGS aStatus) 

Definition at line 22787 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetSubRatsnest (   self,
SetSubRatsnest(PAD_List self, int aSubRatsnest)

D_PAD::SetSubRatsnest(int aSubRatsnest) 

Definition at line 21803 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetThermalGap (   self,
SetThermalGap(PAD_List self, int aGap)

D_PAD::SetThermalGap(int aGap) 

Definition at line 21529 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetThermalWidth (   self,
SetThermalWidth(PAD_List self, int aWidth)

D_PAD::SetThermalWidth(int aWidth) 

Definition at line 21509 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetTimeStamp (   self,
SetTimeStamp(PAD_List self, timestamp_t aNewTimeStamp)

EDA_ITEM::SetTimeStamp(timestamp_t aNewTimeStamp) 

Definition at line 22537 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetWireImage (   self)
SetWireImage(PAD_List self)


Definition at line 22677 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetX (   self,
SetX(PAD_List self, int x)

void D_PAD::SetX(int x) 

Definition at line 20864 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetX0 (   self,
SetX0(PAD_List self, int x)

void D_PAD::SetX0(int x) 

Definition at line 20902 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetY (   self,
SetY(PAD_List self, int y)

void D_PAD::SetY(int y) 

Definition at line 20855 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetY0 (   self,
SetY0(PAD_List self, int y)

void D_PAD::SetY0(int y) 

Definition at line 20893 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SetZoneConnection (   self,
SetZoneConnection(PAD_List self, ZoneConnection aType)

D_PAD::SetZoneConnection(ZoneConnection aType) 

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def pcbnew.PAD_List.ShapePos (   self)
ShapePos(PAD_List self) -> wxPoint

wxPoint D_PAD::ShapePos()

Definition at line 21747 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ShowPadAttr (   self)
ShowPadAttr(PAD_List self) -> wxString

D_PAD::ShowPadAttr() const

Function ShowPadAttr.

the name of the pad type (attribute) : STD, SMD ... 

Definition at line 22015 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ShowPadShape (   self)
ShowPadShape(PAD_List self) -> wxString

D_PAD::ShowPadShape() const

Function ShowPadShape.

the name of the shape 

Definition at line 22001 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ShowShape (   self,
ShowShape(PAD_List self, STROKE_T aShape) -> wxString

Definition at line 22475 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SMDMask (   self)
SMDMask(PAD_List self) -> LSET

Definition at line 20615 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.Sort (   self,
Sort(PAD_List self, EDA_ITEM aLeft, EDA_ITEM aRight) -> bool

Definition at line 22966 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.StandardMask (   self)
StandardMask(PAD_List self) -> LSET

Definition at line 20610 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.SwapData (   self,
SwapData(PAD_List self, BOARD_ITEM aImage)

D_PAD::SwapData(BOARD_ITEM *aImage) override

Swap data between aItem and aImage.

aItem and aImage should have the same type Used in undo redo command
to swap values between an item and its copy Only values like layer,
size .. which are modified by edition are swapped, not the pointers
like Pnext and Pback because aItem is not changed in the linked list


aImage:  = the item image which contains data to swap 

Definition at line 22176 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon (   self,
TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon(PAD_List self, SHAPE_POLY_SET aCornerBuffer, int aClearanceValue, int aCircleToSegmentsCount, double aCorrectionFactor)

void D_PAD::TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon(SHAPE_POLY_SET
&aCornerBuffer, int aClearanceValue, int aCircleToSegmentsCount,
double aCorrectionFactor) const override

Function TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon Convert the pad shape to
a closed polygon Used in filling zones calculations Circles and arcs
are approximated by segments.


aCornerBuffer:  = a buffer to store the polygon

aClearanceValue:  = the clearance around the pad

aCircleToSegmentsCount:  = the number of segments to approximate a

aCorrectionFactor:  = the correction to apply to circles radius to
keep clearance when the circle is approximated by segment bigger or
equal to the real clearance value (usually near from 1.0) 

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def pcbnew.PAD_List.Type (   self)
Type(PAD_List self) -> KICAD_T

KICAD_T EDA_ITEM::Type() const

Function Type()

returns the type of object. This attribute should never be changed
after a constructor sets it, so there is no public "setter" method.
KICAD_T - the type of object. 

Definition at line 22522 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.UnLink (   self)
UnLink(PAD_List self)

void BOARD_ITEM::UnLink()

Function UnLink detaches this object from its owner.

This base class implementation should work for all derived classes
which are held in a DLIST<>. 

Definition at line 22448 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

def pcbnew.PAD_List.UnplatedHoleMask (   self)
UnplatedHoleMask(PAD_List self) -> LSET

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def pcbnew.PAD_List.ViewBBox (   self)
ViewBBox(PAD_List self) -> BOX2I const

const BOX2I D_PAD::ViewBBox()
const override

Function ViewBBox() returns the bounding box of the item covering all
its layers.

BOX2I - the current bounding box 

Definition at line 22131 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ViewGetLayers (   self,
ViewGetLayers(PAD_List self, int [] aLayers, int & aCount)

D_PAD::ViewGetLayers(int aLayers[], int &aCount) const override

Function ViewGetLayers() Returns the all the layers within the VIEW
the object is painted on.

For instance, a D_PAD spans zero or more copper layers and a few
technical layers. ViewDraw() or PAINTER::Draw() is repeatedly called
for each of the layers returned by ViewGetLayers(), depending on the
rendering order.


aLayers[]:  output layer index array

aCount:  number of layer indices in aLayers[] 

Definition at line 22081 of file

def pcbnew.PAD_List.ViewGetLOD (   self,
ViewGetLOD(PAD_List self, int aLayer, KIGFX::VIEW * aView) -> unsigned int

unsigned int
D_PAD::ViewGetLOD(int aLayer, KIGFX::VIEW *aView) const override

Function ViewGetLOD() Returns the level of detail (LOD) of the item.

A level of detail is the minimal VIEW scale that is sufficient for an
item to be shown on a given layer.


aLayer:  current drawing layer

aView:  pointer to the VIEW device we are drawing on

the level of detail. 0 always show the item, because the actual zoom
level (or VIEW scale) is always > 0 

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def pcbnew.PAD_List.Visit (   self,
Visit(PAD_List self, INSPECTOR inspector, void * testData, KICAD_T const [] scanTypes) -> SEARCH_RESULT

EDA_ITEM::Visit(INSPECTOR inspector, void *testData, const KICAD_T

Function Visit may be re-implemented for each derived class in order
to handle all the types given by its member data.

Implementations should call inspector->Inspect() on types in
scanTypes[], and may use IterateForward() to do so on lists of such


inspector:  An INSPECTOR instance to use in the inspection.

testData:  Arbitrary data used by the inspector.

scanTypes:  Which KICAD_T types are of interest and the order is
significant too, terminated by EOT.

SEARCH_RESULT SEARCH_QUIT if the Iterator is to stop the scan, else
SCAN_CONTINUE, and determined by the inspector. 

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Member Data Documentation

tuple pcbnew.PAD_List.ret = self.last.Get()

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pcbnew.PAD_List.ret = self.last

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