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pcbnew.LIB_ID Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, args)
def Parse (self, aId)
def GetLibNickname (self)
def SetLibNickname (self, aNickname)
def GetLibItemName (self)
def SetLibItemName (self, aLibItemName, aTestForRev=True)
def SetRevision (self, aRevision)
def GetRevision (self)
def GetLibItemNameAndRev (self)
def Format (args)
def IsValid (self)
def IsLegacy (self)
def clear (self)
def empty (self)
def compare (self, aLibId)
def __lt__ (self, aLibId)
def __gt__ (self, aLibId)
def __eq__ (self, aLibId)
def __ne__ (self, aLibId)
def HasIllegalChars (aLibItemName, aType)
def FixIllegalChars (aLibItemName, aType)
def FindIllegalChar (aNickname, aType)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 ID_SCH = _pcbnew.LIB_ID_ID_SCH
 ID_PCB = _pcbnew.LIB_ID_ID_PCB
 Format = staticmethod(Format)
 HasIllegalChars = staticmethod(HasIllegalChars)
 FixIllegalChars = staticmethod(FixIllegalChars)
 FindIllegalChar = staticmethod(FindIllegalChar)

Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ LIB_ID class.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.__init__ (   self,
__init__(LIB_ID self) -> LIB_ID
__init__(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aId) -> LIB_ID
__init__(LIB_ID self, wxString aId) -> LIB_ID
__init__(LIB_ID self, wxString aLibName, wxString aLibItemName, wxString aRevision) -> LIB_ID
__init__(LIB_ID self, wxString aLibName, wxString aLibItemName) -> LIB_ID

Definition at line 5245 of file

Member Function Documentation

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.__eq__ (   self,
__eq__(LIB_ID self, LIB_ID aLibId) -> bool

Definition at line 5349 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.__gt__ (   self,
__gt__(LIB_ID self, LIB_ID aLibId) -> bool

Definition at line 5344 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.__lt__ (   self,
__lt__(LIB_ID self, LIB_ID aLibId) -> bool

Definition at line 5339 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.__ne__ (   self,
__ne__(LIB_ID self, LIB_ID aLibId) -> bool

Definition at line 5354 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.clear (   self)
clear(LIB_ID self)

Definition at line 5324 of file

def (   self,
compare(LIB_ID self, LIB_ID aLibId) -> int

Definition at line 5334 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.empty (   self)
empty(LIB_ID self) -> bool

Definition at line 5329 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.FindIllegalChar (   aNickname,
FindIllegalChar(UTF8 aNickname, LIB_ID::LIB_ID_TYPE aType) -> unsigned int

Definition at line 5375 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.FixIllegalChars (   aLibItemName,
FixIllegalChars(UTF8 aLibItemName, LIB_ID::LIB_ID_TYPE aType) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5367 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.Format (   args)
Format() -> UTF8
Format(UTF8 aLibNickname, UTF8 aLibItemName, UTF8 aRevision) -> UTF8
Format(UTF8 aLibNickname, UTF8 aLibItemName) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5302 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.GetLibItemName (   self)
GetLibItemName(LIB_ID self) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5274 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.GetLibItemNameAndRev (   self)
GetLibItemNameAndRev(LIB_ID self) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5297 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.GetLibNickname (   self)
GetLibNickname(LIB_ID self) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5264 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.GetRevision (   self)
GetRevision(LIB_ID self) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5292 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.HasIllegalChars (   aLibItemName,
HasIllegalChars(UTF8 aLibItemName, LIB_ID::LIB_ID_TYPE aType) -> bool

Definition at line 5359 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.IsLegacy (   self)
IsLegacy(LIB_ID self) -> bool

Definition at line 5319 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.IsValid (   self)
IsValid(LIB_ID self) -> bool

Definition at line 5314 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.Parse (   self,
Parse(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aId) -> int

Definition at line 5259 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.SetLibItemName (   self,
  aTestForRev = True 
SetLibItemName(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aLibItemName, bool aTestForRev=True) -> int
SetLibItemName(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aLibItemName) -> int

Definition at line 5279 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.SetLibNickname (   self,
SetLibNickname(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aNickname) -> int

Definition at line 5269 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.SetRevision (   self,
SetRevision(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aRevision) -> int

Definition at line 5287 of file

Member Data Documentation

pcbnew.LIB_ID.FindIllegalChar = staticmethod(FindIllegalChar)

Definition at line 5380 of file

pcbnew.LIB_ID.FixIllegalChars = staticmethod(FixIllegalChars)

Definition at line 5372 of file

pcbnew.LIB_ID.Format = staticmethod(Format)

Definition at line 5311 of file

pcbnew.LIB_ID.HasIllegalChars = staticmethod(HasIllegalChars)

Definition at line 5364 of file

pcbnew.LIB_ID.ID_PCB = _pcbnew.LIB_ID_ID_PCB

Definition at line 5243 of file

pcbnew.LIB_ID.ID_SCH = _pcbnew.LIB_ID_ID_SCH

Definition at line 5242 of file


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