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pcbnew.LIB_ID Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, args)
def Parse (self, aId)
def GetLibNickname (self)
def SetLibNickname (self, aNickname)
def GetLibItemName (self)
def GetUniStringLibItemName (self)
def SetLibItemName (self, aLibItemName, aTestForRev=True)
def SetRevision (self, aRevision)
def GetRevision (self)
def GetLibItemNameAndRev (self)
def GetUniStringLibId (self)
def Format (args)
def IsValid (self)
def IsLegacy (self)
def clear (self)
def empty (self)
def compare (self, aLibId)
def __lt__ (self, aLibId)
def __gt__ (self, aLibId)
def __eq__ (self, aLibId)
def __ne__ (self, aLibId)
def HasIllegalChars (aLibItemName, aType)
def FixIllegalChars (aLibItemName, aType)
def FindIllegalLibNicknameChar (aNickname, aType)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 ID_SCH = _pcbnew.LIB_ID_ID_SCH
 ID_PCB = _pcbnew.LIB_ID_ID_PCB
 Format = staticmethod(Format)
 HasIllegalChars = staticmethod(HasIllegalChars)
 FixIllegalChars = staticmethod(FixIllegalChars)
 FindIllegalLibNicknameChar = staticmethod(FindIllegalLibNicknameChar)

Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ LIB_ID class.

Definition at line 5280 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.__init__ (   self,
__init__(LIB_ID self) -> LIB_ID
__init__(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aId) -> LIB_ID
__init__(LIB_ID self, wxString aId) -> LIB_ID
__init__(LIB_ID self, wxString aLibName, wxString aLibItemName, wxString aRevision) -> LIB_ID
__init__(LIB_ID self, wxString aLibName, wxString aLibItemName) -> LIB_ID

Definition at line 5291 of file

Member Function Documentation

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.__eq__ (   self,
__eq__(LIB_ID self, LIB_ID aLibId) -> bool

Definition at line 5405 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.__gt__ (   self,
__gt__(LIB_ID self, LIB_ID aLibId) -> bool

Definition at line 5400 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.__lt__ (   self,
__lt__(LIB_ID self, LIB_ID aLibId) -> bool

Definition at line 5395 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.__ne__ (   self,
__ne__(LIB_ID self, LIB_ID aLibId) -> bool

Definition at line 5410 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.clear (   self)
clear(LIB_ID self)

Definition at line 5380 of file

def (   self,
compare(LIB_ID self, LIB_ID aLibId) -> int

Definition at line 5390 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.empty (   self)
empty(LIB_ID self) -> bool

Definition at line 5385 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.FindIllegalLibNicknameChar (   aNickname,
FindIllegalLibNicknameChar(UTF8 aNickname, LIB_ID::LIB_ID_TYPE aType) -> unsigned int

Definition at line 5431 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.FixIllegalChars (   aLibItemName,
FixIllegalChars(UTF8 aLibItemName, LIB_ID::LIB_ID_TYPE aType) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5423 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.Format (   args)
Format() -> UTF8
Format(UTF8 aLibNickname, UTF8 aLibItemName, UTF8 aRevision) -> UTF8
Format(UTF8 aLibNickname, UTF8 aLibItemName) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5358 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.GetLibItemName (   self)
GetLibItemName(LIB_ID self) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5320 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.GetLibItemNameAndRev (   self)
GetLibItemNameAndRev(LIB_ID self) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5348 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.GetLibNickname (   self)
GetLibNickname(LIB_ID self) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5310 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.GetRevision (   self)
GetRevision(LIB_ID self) -> UTF8

Definition at line 5343 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.GetUniStringLibId (   self)
GetUniStringLibId(LIB_ID self) -> wxString

Definition at line 5353 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.GetUniStringLibItemName (   self)
GetUniStringLibItemName(LIB_ID self) -> wxString

Definition at line 5325 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.HasIllegalChars (   aLibItemName,
HasIllegalChars(UTF8 aLibItemName, LIB_ID::LIB_ID_TYPE aType) -> bool

Definition at line 5415 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.IsLegacy (   self)
IsLegacy(LIB_ID self) -> bool

Definition at line 5375 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.IsValid (   self)
IsValid(LIB_ID self) -> bool

Definition at line 5370 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.Parse (   self,
Parse(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aId) -> int

Definition at line 5305 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.SetLibItemName (   self,
  aTestForRev = True 
SetLibItemName(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aLibItemName, bool aTestForRev=True) -> int
SetLibItemName(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aLibItemName) -> int

Definition at line 5330 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.SetLibNickname (   self,
SetLibNickname(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aNickname) -> int

Definition at line 5315 of file

def pcbnew.LIB_ID.SetRevision (   self,
SetRevision(LIB_ID self, UTF8 aRevision) -> int

Definition at line 5338 of file

Member Data Documentation

pcbnew.LIB_ID.FindIllegalLibNicknameChar = staticmethod(FindIllegalLibNicknameChar)

Definition at line 5436 of file

pcbnew.LIB_ID.FixIllegalChars = staticmethod(FixIllegalChars)

Definition at line 5428 of file

pcbnew.LIB_ID.Format = staticmethod(Format)

Definition at line 5367 of file

pcbnew.LIB_ID.HasIllegalChars = staticmethod(HasIllegalChars)

Definition at line 5420 of file

pcbnew.LIB_ID.ID_PCB = _pcbnew.LIB_ID_ID_PCB

Definition at line 5289 of file

pcbnew.LIB_ID.ID_SCH = _pcbnew.LIB_ID_ID_SCH

Definition at line 5288 of file


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