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pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def ClassOf (aItem)
def Move (self, aMoveVector)
def Mirror (self, aCentre, aMirrorAroundXAxis)
def Rotate (self, aRotCentre, aAngle)
def Flip (self, aCentre)
def SetStart0 (self, aPoint)
def GetStart0 (self)
def SetEnd0 (self, aPoint)
def GetEnd0 (self)
def SetLocalCoord (self)
def SetDrawCoord (self)
def Draw (self, args)
def GetMsgPanelInfo (self, aList)
def GetClass (self)
def GetSelectMenuText (self)
def GetMenuImage (self)
def Clone (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.DRAWSEGMENT
def __init__
def ClassOf (aItem)
def SetWidth (self, aWidth)
def GetWidth (self)
def SetAngle (self, aAngle)
def GetAngle (self)
def SetType (self, aType)
def GetType (self)
def SetShape (self, aShape)
def GetShape (self)
def SetBezControl1 (self, aPoint)
def GetBezControl1 (self)
def SetBezControl2 (self, aPoint)
def GetBezControl2 (self)
def SetPosition (self, aPos)
def GetPosition (self)
def GetStart (self)
def SetStart (self, aStart)
def SetStartY (self, y)
def SetStartX (self, x)
def GetEnd (self)
def SetEnd (self, aEnd)
def SetEndY (self, y)
def SetEndX (self, x)
def GetCenter (self)
def GetArcStart (self)
def GetArcEnd (self)
def GetArcAngleStart (self)
def GetRadius (self)
def SetArcStart (self, aArcStartPoint)
def SetCenter (self, aCenterPoint)
def GetParentModule (self)
def GetBezierPoints (self)
def GetPolyPoints (self)
def GetPolyShape (self, args)
def SetPolyShape (self, aShape)
def SetBezierPoints (self, aPoints)
def SetPolyPoints (self, aPoints)
def Draw (self, args)
def GetMsgPanelInfo (self, aList)
def GetBoundingBox (self)
def HitTest (self, args)
def GetClass (self)
def GetLength (self)
def Move (self, aMoveVector)
def Rotate (self, aRotCentre, aAngle)
def Flip (self, aCentre)
def TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon (self, aCornerBuffer, aClearanceValue, aCircleToSegmentsCount, aCorrectionFactor)
def GetSelectMenuText (self)
def GetMenuImage (self)
def Clone (self)
def ViewBBox (self)
def SwapData (self, aImage)
def GetShapeStr (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.BOARD_ITEM
def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def GetPosition (self)
def GetCenter (self)
def SetPosition (self, aPos)
def IsConnected (self)
def Next (self)
def Back (self)
def GetParent (self)
def GetLayer (self)
def GetLayerSet (self)
def SetLayer (self, aLayer)
def Draw (self, args)
def SwapData (self, aImage)
def IsOnLayer (self, aLayer)
def IsTrack (self)
def IsLocked (self)
def SetLocked (self, aLocked)
def UnLink (self)
def DeleteStructure (self)
def ShowShape (aShape)
def Move (self, args)
def Rotate (self, args)
def Flip (self, args)
def GetBoard (self)
def GetLayerName (self)
def HitTest (self, args)
def FormatAngle (aAngle)
def FormatInternalUnits (args)
def ViewGetLayers (self, aLayers, aCount)
def TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon (self, aCornerBuffer, aClearanceValue, aCircleToSegmentsCount, aCorrectionFactor)
def Cast (self)
def Duplicate (self)
def SetPos (self, p)
def SetStartEnd (self, start, end)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.EDA_ITEM
def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def Type (self)
def SetTimeStamp (self, aNewTimeStamp)
def GetTimeStamp (self)
def Next (self)
def Back (self)
def GetParent (self)
def GetList (self)
def SetParent (self, aParent)
def SetList (self, aList)
def IsNew (self)
def IsModified (self)
def IsMoving (self)
def IsDragging (self)
def IsWireImage (self)
def IsSelected (self)
def IsResized (self)
def IsHighlighted (self)
def IsBrightened (self)
def SetWireImage (self)
def SetSelected (self)
def SetHighlighted (self)
def SetBrightened (self)
def ClearSelected (self)
def ClearHighlighted (self)
def ClearBrightened (self)
def SetModified (self)
def GetState (self, type)
def SetState (self, type, state)
def GetStatus (self)
def SetStatus (self, aStatus)
def SetFlags (self, aMask)
def ClearFlags
def GetFlags (self)
def SetForceVisible (self, aEnable)
def GetMsgPanelInfo (self, aList)
def HitTest (self, aPosition)
def GetBoundingBox (self)
def Clone (self)
def IterateForward (listStart, inspector, testData, scanTypes)
def Visit (self, inspector, testData, scanTypes)
def GetClass (self)
def GetSelectMenuText (self)
def GetMenuImage (self)
def Matches (self, aSearchData, aAuxData, aFindLocation)
def Replace (self, args)
def IsReplaceable (self)
def __lt__ (self, aItem)
def Sort (aLeft, aRight)
def ViewBBox (self)
def ViewGetLayers (self, aLayers, aCount)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.DRAWSEGMENT

Static Public Attributes

tuple ClassOf = staticmethod(ClassOf)
tuple m_Start0 = _swig_property(_pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE_m_Start0_get, _pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE_m_Start0_set)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.DRAWSEGMENT
tuple ClassOf = staticmethod(ClassOf)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.BOARD_ITEM
tuple ShowShape = staticmethod(ShowShape)
tuple FormatAngle = staticmethod(FormatAngle)
tuple FormatInternalUnits = staticmethod(FormatInternalUnits)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.EDA_ITEM
tuple IterateForward = staticmethod(IterateForward)
tuple Sort = staticmethod(Sort)

Detailed Description

C++ includes: class_edge_mod.h 

Definition at line 30617 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.__init__ (   self,
  aShape = S_SEGMENT 
__init__(EDGE_MODULE self, MODULE parent) -> EDGE_MODULE


Definition at line 30629 of file

Member Function Documentation

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.ClassOf (   aItem)
ClassOf(EDA_ITEM aItem) -> bool

Definition at line 30644 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Clone (   self)

EDGE_MODULE::Clone() const override

Function Clone creates a duplicate of this item with linked list
members set to NULL.

The default version will return NULL in release builds and likely
crash the program. In debug builds, a warning message indicating the
derived class has not implemented cloning. This really should be a
pure virtual function. Due to the fact that there are so many objects
derived from EDA_ITEM, the decision was made to return NULL until all
the objects derived from EDA_ITEM implement cloning. Once that
happens, this function should be made pure.

A clone of the item. 

Definition at line 30855 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Draw (   self,
Draw(EDGE_MODULE self, EDA_DRAW_PANEL * panel, wxDC * DC, GR_DRAWMODE aDrawMode, wxPoint offset)
Draw(EDGE_MODULE self, EDA_DRAW_PANEL * panel, wxDC * DC, GR_DRAWMODE aDrawMode)

aDrawMode, const wxPoint &offset=ZeroOffset) override

Function Draw BOARD_ITEMs have their own color information. 

Definition at line 30768 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Flip (   self,
Flip(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aCentre)

void BOARD_ITEM::Flip(const
VECTOR2I &aCentre) 

Definition at line 30687 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetClass (   self)
GetClass(EDGE_MODULE self) -> wxString

EDGE_MODULE::GetClass() const override

Function GetClass returns the class name.


Definition at line 30804 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetEnd0 (   self)
GetEnd0(EDGE_MODULE self) -> wxPoint

const wxPoint&
EDGE_MODULE::GetEnd0() const 

Definition at line 30727 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetMenuImage (   self)
GetMenuImage(EDGE_MODULE self) -> BITMAP_DEF

EDGE_MODULE::GetMenuImage() const override

Function GetMenuImage returns a pointer to an image to be used in

The default version returns the right arrow image. Override this
function to provide object specific menu images. The menu image
associated with the item. 

Definition at line 30838 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetMsgPanelInfo (   self,
GetMsgPanelInfo(EDGE_MODULE self, std::vector< MSG_PANEL_ITEM,std::allocator< MSG_PANEL_ITEM > > & aList)

EDGE_MODULE::GetMsgPanelInfo(std::vector< MSG_PANEL_ITEM > &aList)

Function GetMsgPanelInfo populates aList of MSG_PANEL_ITEM objects
with it's internal state for display purposes.

This method replaces DisplayInfo() so that KiCad objects no longer
have any knowledge of wxWidgets UI objects.


aList:  is the list to populate. 

Definition at line 30782 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetSelectMenuText (   self)
GetSelectMenuText(EDGE_MODULE self) -> wxString

EDGE_MODULE::GetSelectMenuText() const override

Function GetSelectMenuText returns the text to display to be used in
the selection clarification context menu when multiple items are found
at the current cursor position.

The default version of this function raises an assertion in the debug
mode and returns a string to indicate that it was not overridden to
provide the object specific text.

The menu text string. 

Definition at line 30818 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetStart0 (   self)
GetStart0(EDGE_MODULE self) -> wxPoint

const wxPoint&
EDGE_MODULE::GetStart0() const 

Definition at line 30707 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Mirror (   self,
Mirror(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aCentre, bool aMirrorAroundXAxis)

EDGE_MODULE::Mirror(const wxPoint aCentre, bool aMirrorAroundXAxis)

Mirror an edge of the footprint.

Do not change the layer This is a footprint shape modification.
(should be only called by a footprint editing function) 

Definition at line 30662 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Move (   self,
Move(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aMoveVector)

void BOARD_ITEM::Move(const
VECTOR2I &aMoveVector) 

Definition at line 30652 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Rotate (   self,
Rotate(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aRotCentre, double aAngle)

BOARD_ITEM::Rotate(const VECTOR2I &aRotCentre, double aAngle) 

Definition at line 30677 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.SetDrawCoord (   self)
SetDrawCoord(EDGE_MODULE self)


Set draw coordinates (absolute values ) from relative coordinates.

Must be called when a relative coordinate has changed, in order to see
the changes on screen 

Definition at line 30753 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.SetEnd0 (   self,
SetEnd0(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aPoint)

EDGE_MODULE::SetEnd0(const wxPoint &aPoint) 

Definition at line 30717 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.SetLocalCoord (   self)
SetLocalCoord(EDGE_MODULE self)


Set relative coordinates from draw coordinates.

Call in only when the geometry ov the footprint is modified and
therefore the relative coordinates have to be updated from the draw

Definition at line 30737 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.SetStart0 (   self,
SetStart0(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aPoint)

EDGE_MODULE::SetStart0(const wxPoint &aPoint) 

Definition at line 30697 of file

Member Data Documentation

tuple pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.ClassOf = staticmethod(ClassOf)

Definition at line 30649 of file

tuple pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.m_Start0 = _swig_property(_pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE_m_Start0_get, _pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE_m_Start0_set)

Definition at line 30880 of file


Definition at line 30640 of file

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