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pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, parent, aShape=S_SEGMENT)
def ClassOf (aItem)
def Move (self, aMoveVector)
def Mirror (self, aCentre, aMirrorAroundXAxis)
def Rotate (self, aRotCentre, aAngle)
def Flip (self, aCentre)
def IsParentFlipped (self)
def SetStart0 (self, aPoint)
def GetStart0 (self)
def SetEnd0 (self, aPoint)
def GetEnd0 (self)
def SetLocalCoord (self)
def SetDrawCoord (self)
def Draw (self, args)
def GetMsgPanelInfo (self, aUnits, aList)
def GetClass (self)
def GetSelectMenuText (self, aUnits)
def GetMenuImage (self)
def Clone (self)
def ViewGetLOD (self, aLayer, aView)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.DRAWSEGMENT
def __init__ (self, aParent=None, idtype=PCB_LINE_T)
def ClassOf (aItem)
def SetWidth (self, aWidth)
def GetWidth (self)
def SetAngle (self, aAngle)
def GetAngle (self)
def SetType (self, aType)
def GetType (self)
def SetShape (self, aShape)
def GetShape (self)
def SetBezControl1 (self, aPoint)
def GetBezControl1 (self)
def SetBezControl2 (self, aPoint)
def GetBezControl2 (self)
def SetPosition (self, aPos)
def GetPosition (self)
def GetStart (self)
def SetStart (self, aStart)
def SetStartY (self, y)
def SetStartX (self, x)
def GetEnd (self)
def SetEnd (self, aEnd)
def SetEndY (self, y)
def SetEndX (self, x)
def GetCenter (self)
def GetArcStart (self)
def GetArcEnd (self)
def GetArcAngleStart (self)
def GetRadius (self)
def SetArcStart (self, aArcStartPoint)
def SetCenter (self, aCenterPoint)
def GetParentModule (self)
def GetBezierPoints (self)
def BuildPolyPointsList (self)
def GetPointCount (self)
def GetPolyShape (self, args)
def IsPolyShapeValid (self)
def SetPolyShape (self, aShape)
def SetBezierPoints (self, aPoints)
def SetPolyPoints (self, aPoints)
def Draw (self, args)
def GetMsgPanelInfo (self, aUnits, aList)
def GetBoundingBox (self)
def HitTest (self, args)
def GetClass (self)
def GetLength (self)
def Move (self, aMoveVector)
def Rotate (self, aRotCentre, aAngle)
def Flip (self, aCentre)
def TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon (self, aCornerBuffer, aClearanceValue, aCircleToSegmentsCount, aCorrectionFactor)
def GetSelectMenuText (self, aUnits)
def GetMenuImage (self)
def Clone (self)
def ViewBBox (self)
def SwapData (self, aImage)
def GetShapeStr (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.BOARD_ITEM
def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def GetPosition (self)
def GetCenter (self)
def SetPosition (self, aPos)
def IsConnected (self)
def Next (self)
def Back (self)
def GetParent (self)
def GetLayer (self)
def GetLayerSet (self)
def SetLayer (self, aLayer)
def Draw (self, args)
def SwapData (self, aImage)
def IsOnLayer (self, aLayer)
def IsTrack (self)
def IsLocked (self)
def SetLocked (self, aLocked)
def UnLink (self)
def DeleteStructure (self)
def ShowShape (aShape)
def Move (self, args)
def Rotate (self, args)
def Flip (self, args)
def GetBoard (self)
def GetLayerName (self)
def HitTest (self, args)
def FormatAngle (aAngle)
def FormatInternalUnits (args)
def ViewGetLayers (self, aLayers, aCount)
def TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon (self, aCornerBuffer, aClearanceValue, aCircleToSegmentsCount, aCorrectionFactor)
def Cast (self)
def Duplicate (self)
def SetPos (self, p)
def SetStartEnd (self, start, end)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.EDA_ITEM
def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def Type (self)
def SetTimeStamp (self, aNewTimeStamp)
def GetTimeStamp (self)
def Next (self)
def Back (self)
def GetParent (self)
def GetList (self)
def SetParent (self, aParent)
def SetList (self, aList)
def IsNew (self)
def IsModified (self)
def IsMoving (self)
def IsDragging (self)
def IsWireImage (self)
def IsSelected (self)
def IsResized (self)
def IsHighlighted (self)
def IsBrightened (self)
def SetWireImage (self)
def SetSelected (self)
def SetHighlighted (self)
def SetBrightened (self)
def ClearSelected (self)
def ClearHighlighted (self)
def ClearBrightened (self)
def SetModified (self)
def GetState (self, type)
def SetState (self, type, state)
def GetStatus (self)
def SetStatus (self, aStatus)
def SetFlags (self, aMask)
def ClearFlags (self, aMask=-1)
def GetFlags (self)
def SetForceVisible (self, aEnable)
def GetMsgPanelInfo (self, aUnits, aList)
def HitTest (self, aPosition)
def GetBoundingBox (self)
def Clone (self)
def IterateForward (listStart, inspector, testData, scanTypes)
def Visit (self, inspector, testData, scanTypes)
def GetClass (self)
def GetSelectMenuText (self, aUnits)
def GetMenuImage (self)
def Matches (self, aSearchData, aAuxData, aFindLocation)
def Replace (self, args)
def IsReplaceable (self)
def __lt__ (self, aItem)
def Sort (aLeft, aRight)
def ViewBBox (self)
def ViewGetLayers (self, aLayers, aCount)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.DRAWSEGMENT

Static Public Attributes

 ClassOf = staticmethod(ClassOf)
 m_Start0 = _swig_property(_pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE_m_Start0_get, _pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE_m_Start0_set)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.DRAWSEGMENT
 ClassOf = staticmethod(ClassOf)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.BOARD_ITEM
 ShowShape = staticmethod(ShowShape)
 FormatAngle = staticmethod(FormatAngle)
 FormatInternalUnits = staticmethod(FormatInternalUnits)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.EDA_ITEM
 IterateForward = staticmethod(IterateForward)
 Sort = staticmethod(Sort)

Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ EDGE_MODULE class.

Definition at line 15833 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.__init__ (   self,
  aShape = S_SEGMENT 
__init__(EDGE_MODULE self, MODULE parent) -> EDGE_MODULE

Definition at line 15846 of file

Member Function Documentation

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.ClassOf (   aItem)
ClassOf(EDA_ITEM aItem) -> bool

Definition at line 15859 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Clone (   self)

Definition at line 15950 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Draw (   self,
Draw(EDGE_MODULE self, EDA_DRAW_PANEL * panel, wxDC * DC, GR_DRAWMODE aDrawMode, wxPoint offset)
Draw(EDGE_MODULE self, EDA_DRAW_PANEL * panel, wxDC * DC, GR_DRAWMODE aDrawMode)

Definition at line 15922 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Flip (   self,
Flip(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aCentre)

Definition at line 15882 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetClass (   self)
GetClass(EDGE_MODULE self) -> wxString

Definition at line 15935 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetEnd0 (   self)
GetEnd0(EDGE_MODULE self) -> wxPoint

Definition at line 15907 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetMenuImage (   self)
GetMenuImage(EDGE_MODULE self) -> BITMAP_DEF

Definition at line 15945 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetMsgPanelInfo (   self,
GetMsgPanelInfo(EDGE_MODULE self, EDA_UNITS_T aUnits, std::vector< MSG_PANEL_ITEM,std::allocator< MSG_PANEL_ITEM > > & aList)

Definition at line 15930 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetSelectMenuText (   self,
GetSelectMenuText(EDGE_MODULE self, EDA_UNITS_T aUnits) -> wxString

Definition at line 15940 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.GetStart0 (   self)
GetStart0(EDGE_MODULE self) -> wxPoint

Definition at line 15897 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.IsParentFlipped (   self)
IsParentFlipped(EDGE_MODULE self) -> bool

Definition at line 15887 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Mirror (   self,
Mirror(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aCentre, bool aMirrorAroundXAxis)

Definition at line 15872 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Move (   self,
Move(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aMoveVector)

Definition at line 15867 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.Rotate (   self,
Rotate(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aRotCentre, double aAngle)

Definition at line 15877 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.SetDrawCoord (   self)
SetDrawCoord(EDGE_MODULE self)

Definition at line 15917 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.SetEnd0 (   self,
SetEnd0(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aPoint)

Definition at line 15902 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.SetLocalCoord (   self)
SetLocalCoord(EDGE_MODULE self)

Definition at line 15912 of file

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.SetStart0 (   self,
SetStart0(EDGE_MODULE self, wxPoint aPoint)

Definition at line 15892 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

def pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.ViewGetLOD (   self,
ViewGetLOD(EDGE_MODULE self, int aLayer, KIGFX::VIEW * aView) -> unsigned int

Definition at line 15955 of file

Member Data Documentation

pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.ClassOf = staticmethod(ClassOf)

Definition at line 15864 of file

pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE.m_Start0 = _swig_property(_pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE_m_Start0_get, _pcbnew.EDGE_MODULE_m_Start0_set)

Definition at line 15962 of file


Definition at line 15855 of file

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