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pcbnew.EDA_TEXT Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, args)
def GetText (self)
def GetShownText (self)
def ShortenedShownText (self)
def SetText (self, aText)
def SetThickness (self, aNewThickness)
def GetThickness (self)
def SetTextAngle (self, aAngle)
def GetTextAngle (self)
def GetTextAngleDegrees (self)
def GetTextAngleRadians (self)
def SetItalic (self, isItalic)
def IsItalic (self)
def SetBold (self, aBold)
def IsBold (self)
def SetVisible (self, aVisible)
def IsVisible (self)
def SetMirrored (self, isMirrored)
def IsMirrored (self)
def SetMultilineAllowed (self, aAllow)
def IsMultilineAllowed (self)
def GetHorizJustify (self)
def GetVertJustify (self)
def SetHorizJustify (self, aType)
def SetVertJustify (self, aType)
def SetEffects (self, aSrc)
def SwapEffects (self, aTradingPartner)
def IsDefaultFormatting (self)
def SetTextSize (self, aNewSize)
def GetTextSize (self)
def SetTextWidth (self, aWidth)
def GetTextWidth (self)
def SetTextHeight (self, aHeight)
def GetTextHeight (self)
def SetTextPos (self, aPoint)
def GetTextPos (self)
def SetTextX (self, aX)
def SetTextY (self, aY)
def Offset (self, aOffset)
def Empty (self)
def Draw (self, args)
def TransformTextShapeToSegmentList (self, aCornerBuffer)
def TextHitTest (self, args)
def LenSize (self, aLine)
def GetTextBox (self, aLine=-1, aThickness=-1, aInvertY=False)
def GetInterline (self, aTextThickness=-1)
def GetTextStyleName (self)
def GetPositionsOfLinesOfMultilineText (self, aPositions, aLineCount)
def Format (self, aFormatter, aNestLevel, aControlBits)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ EDA_TEXT class.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.__init__ (   self,
__init__(EDA_TEXT self, wxString text) -> EDA_TEXT
__init__(EDA_TEXT self) -> EDA_TEXT

Definition at line 2650 of file

Member Function Documentation

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.Draw (   self,
Draw(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_RECT aClipBox, wxDC * aDC, wxPoint aOffset, COLOR4D aColor, GR_DRAWMODE aDrawMode, EDA_DRAW_MODE_T aDisplay_mode=FILLED, COLOR4D aAnchor_color)
Draw(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_RECT aClipBox, wxDC * aDC, wxPoint aOffset, COLOR4D aColor, GR_DRAWMODE aDrawMode, EDA_DRAW_MODE_T aDisplay_mode=FILLED)
Draw(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_RECT aClipBox, wxDC * aDC, wxPoint aOffset, COLOR4D aColor, GR_DRAWMODE aDrawMode)

Definition at line 2858 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.Empty (   self)
Empty(EDA_TEXT self)

Definition at line 2853 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.Format (   self,
Format(EDA_TEXT self, OUTPUTFORMATTER * aFormatter, int aNestLevel, int aControlBits)

Definition at line 2916 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetHorizJustify (   self)
GetHorizJustify(EDA_TEXT self) -> EDA_TEXT_HJUSTIFY_T

Definition at line 2763 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetInterline (   self,
  aTextThickness = -1 
GetInterline(EDA_TEXT self, int aTextThickness=-1) -> int
GetInterline(EDA_TEXT self) -> int

Definition at line 2898 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetPositionsOfLinesOfMultilineText (   self,
GetPositionsOfLinesOfMultilineText(EDA_TEXT self, wxPoint_Vector aPositions, int aLineCount)

Definition at line 2911 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetShownText (   self)
GetShownText(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxString

Definition at line 2668 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetText (   self)
GetText(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxString

Definition at line 2663 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextAngle (   self)
GetTextAngle(EDA_TEXT self) -> double

Definition at line 2698 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextAngleDegrees (   self)
GetTextAngleDegrees(EDA_TEXT self) -> double

Definition at line 2703 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextAngleRadians (   self)
GetTextAngleRadians(EDA_TEXT self) -> double

Definition at line 2708 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextBox (   self,
  aLine = -1,
  aThickness = -1,
  aInvertY = False 
GetTextBox(EDA_TEXT self, int aLine=-1, int aThickness=-1, bool aInvertY=False) -> EDA_RECT
GetTextBox(EDA_TEXT self, int aLine=-1, int aThickness=-1) -> EDA_RECT
GetTextBox(EDA_TEXT self, int aLine=-1) -> EDA_RECT
GetTextBox(EDA_TEXT self) -> EDA_RECT

Definition at line 2888 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextHeight (   self)
GetTextHeight(EDA_TEXT self) -> int

Definition at line 2823 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextPos (   self)
GetTextPos(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxPoint

Definition at line 2833 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextSize (   self)
GetTextSize(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxSize

Definition at line 2803 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextStyleName (   self)
GetTextStyleName(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxString

Definition at line 2906 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextWidth (   self)
GetTextWidth(EDA_TEXT self) -> int

Definition at line 2813 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetThickness (   self)
GetThickness(EDA_TEXT self) -> int

Definition at line 2688 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetVertJustify (   self)
GetVertJustify(EDA_TEXT self) -> EDA_TEXT_VJUSTIFY_T

Definition at line 2768 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsBold (   self)
IsBold(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2728 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsDefaultFormatting (   self)
IsDefaultFormatting(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2793 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsItalic (   self)
IsItalic(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2718 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsMirrored (   self)
IsMirrored(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2748 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsMultilineAllowed (   self)
IsMultilineAllowed(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2758 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsVisible (   self)
IsVisible(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2738 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.LenSize (   self,
LenSize(EDA_TEXT self, wxString aLine) -> int

Definition at line 2883 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.Offset (   self,
Offset(EDA_TEXT self, wxPoint aOffset)

Definition at line 2848 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetBold (   self,
SetBold(EDA_TEXT self, bool aBold)

Definition at line 2723 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetEffects (   self,
SetEffects(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_TEXT aSrc)

Definition at line 2783 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetHorizJustify (   self,
SetHorizJustify(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_TEXT_HJUSTIFY_T aType)

Definition at line 2773 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetItalic (   self,
SetItalic(EDA_TEXT self, bool isItalic)

Definition at line 2713 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetMirrored (   self,
SetMirrored(EDA_TEXT self, bool isMirrored)

Definition at line 2743 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetMultilineAllowed (   self,
SetMultilineAllowed(EDA_TEXT self, bool aAllow)

Definition at line 2753 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetText (   self,
SetText(EDA_TEXT self, wxString aText)

Definition at line 2678 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextAngle (   self,
SetTextAngle(EDA_TEXT self, double aAngle)

Definition at line 2693 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextHeight (   self,
SetTextHeight(EDA_TEXT self, int aHeight)

Definition at line 2818 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextPos (   self,
SetTextPos(EDA_TEXT self, wxPoint aPoint)

Definition at line 2828 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextSize (   self,
SetTextSize(EDA_TEXT self, wxSize aNewSize)

Definition at line 2798 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextWidth (   self,
SetTextWidth(EDA_TEXT self, int aWidth)

Definition at line 2808 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextX (   self,
SetTextX(EDA_TEXT self, int aX)

Definition at line 2838 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextY (   self,
SetTextY(EDA_TEXT self, int aY)

Definition at line 2843 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetThickness (   self,
SetThickness(EDA_TEXT self, int aNewThickness)

Definition at line 2683 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetVertJustify (   self,
SetVertJustify(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_TEXT_VJUSTIFY_T aType)

Definition at line 2778 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetVisible (   self,
SetVisible(EDA_TEXT self, bool aVisible)

Definition at line 2733 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.ShortenedShownText (   self)
ShortenedShownText(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxString

Definition at line 2673 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SwapEffects (   self,
SwapEffects(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_TEXT aTradingPartner)

Definition at line 2788 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.TextHitTest (   self,
TextHitTest(EDA_TEXT self, wxPoint aPoint, int aAccuracy=0) -> bool
TextHitTest(EDA_TEXT self, wxPoint aPoint) -> bool
TextHitTest(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_RECT aRect, bool aContains=False, int aAccuracy=0) -> bool
TextHitTest(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_RECT aRect, bool aContains=False) -> bool
TextHitTest(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_RECT aRect) -> bool

Definition at line 2872 of file

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.TransformTextShapeToSegmentList (   self,
TransformTextShapeToSegmentList(EDA_TEXT self, wxPoint_Vector aCornerBuffer)

Definition at line 2867 of file

Member Data Documentation


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