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pcbnew.DIMENSION Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, aParent)
def ClassOf (aItem)
def SetValue (self, aValue)
def GetValue (self)
def GetPosition (self)
def SetPosition (self, aPos)
def SetTextSize (self, aTextSize)
def SetLayer (self, aLayer)
def SetShape (self, aShape)
def GetShape (self)
def GetWidth (self)
def SetWidth (self, aWidth)
def SetOrigin (self, aOrigin)
def GetOrigin (self)
def SetEnd (self, aEnd)
def GetEnd (self)
def SetHeight (self, aHeight)
def GetHeight (self)
def UpdateHeight (self)
def GetAngle (self)
def AdjustDimensionDetails (self)
def GetUnits (self, aUnits, aUseMils)
def SetUnits (self, aUnits, aUseMils)
def SetText (self, NewText)
def GetText (self)
def Text (self, args)
def Draw (self, args)
def Move (self, offset)
def Rotate (self, aRotCentre, aAngle)
def Flip (self, aCentre)
def Mirror (self, axis_pos)
def GetMsgPanelInfo (self, aUnits, aList)
def HitTest (self, args)
def GetClass (self)
def GetBoundingBox (self)
def GetSelectMenuText (self, aUnits)
def GetMenuImage (self)
def Clone (self)
def ViewBBox (self)
def SwapData (self, aImage)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.BOARD_ITEM
def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def GetPosition (self)
def GetCenter (self)
def SetPosition (self, aPos)
def IsConnected (self)
def Next (self)
def Back (self)
def GetParent (self)
def GetLayer (self)
def GetLayerSet (self)
def SetLayer (self, aLayer)
def Draw (self, args)
def SwapData (self, aImage)
def IsOnLayer (self, aLayer)
def IsTrack (self)
def IsLocked (self)
def SetLocked (self, aLocked)
def UnLink (self)
def DeleteStructure (self)
def ShowShape (aShape)
def Move (self, args)
def Rotate (self, args)
def Flip (self, args)
def GetBoard (self)
def GetLayerName (self)
def HitTest (self, args)
def FormatAngle (aAngle)
def FormatInternalUnits (args)
def ViewGetLayers (self, aLayers, aCount)
def TransformShapeWithClearanceToPolygon (self, aCornerBuffer, aClearanceValue, aCircleToSegmentsCount, aCorrectionFactor)
def Cast (self)
def Duplicate (self)
def SetPos (self, p)
def SetStartEnd (self, start, end)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.EDA_ITEM
def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def Type (self)
def SetTimeStamp (self, aNewTimeStamp)
def GetTimeStamp (self)
def Next (self)
def Back (self)
def GetParent (self)
def GetList (self)
def SetParent (self, aParent)
def SetList (self, aList)
def IsNew (self)
def IsModified (self)
def IsMoving (self)
def IsDragging (self)
def IsWireImage (self)
def IsSelected (self)
def IsResized (self)
def IsHighlighted (self)
def IsBrightened (self)
def SetWireImage (self)
def SetSelected (self)
def SetHighlighted (self)
def SetBrightened (self)
def ClearSelected (self)
def ClearHighlighted (self)
def ClearBrightened (self)
def SetModified (self)
def GetState (self, type)
def SetState (self, type, state)
def GetStatus (self)
def SetStatus (self, aStatus)
def SetFlags (self, aMask)
def ClearFlags (self, aMask=-1)
def GetFlags (self)
def IsType (self, aScanTypes)
def SetForceVisible (self, aEnable)
def GetMsgPanelInfo (self, aUnits, aList)
def HitTest (self, aPosition)
def GetBoundingBox (self)
def Clone (self)
def IterateForward (listStart, inspector, testData, scanTypes)
def Visit (self, inspector, testData, scanTypes)
def GetClass (self)
def GetSelectMenuText (self, aUnits)
def GetMenuImage (self)
def Matches (self, aSearchData, aAuxData, aFindLocation)
def Replace (self, args)
def IsReplaceable (self)
def __lt__ (self, aItem)
def Sort (aLeft, aRight)
def ViewBBox (self)
def ViewGetLayers (self, aLayers, aCount)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 m_crossBarO = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_crossBarO_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_crossBarO_set)
 m_crossBarF = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_crossBarF_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_crossBarF_set)
 m_featureLineGO = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineGO_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineGO_set)
 m_featureLineGF = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineGF_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineGF_set)
 m_featureLineDO = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineDO_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineDO_set)
 m_featureLineDF = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineDF_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineDF_set)
 m_arrowD1F = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowD1F_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowD1F_set)
 m_arrowD2F = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowD2F_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowD2F_set)
 m_arrowG1F = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowG1F_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowG1F_set)
 m_arrowG2F = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowG2F_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowG2F_set)
 ClassOf = staticmethod(ClassOf)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.BOARD_ITEM
 ShowShape = staticmethod(ShowShape)
 FormatAngle = staticmethod(FormatAngle)
 FormatInternalUnits = staticmethod(FormatInternalUnits)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.EDA_ITEM
 IterateForward = staticmethod(IterateForward)
 Sort = staticmethod(Sort)

Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ DIMENSION class.

Definition at line 15550 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.__init__ (   self,
__init__(DIMENSION self, BOARD_ITEM aParent) -> DIMENSION

Definition at line 15603 of file

Member Function Documentation

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.AdjustDimensionDetails (   self)
AdjustDimensionDetails(DIMENSION self)

Definition at line 15711 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.ClassOf (   aItem)
ClassOf(EDA_ITEM aItem) -> bool

Definition at line 15613 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.Clone (   self)

Definition at line 15807 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.Draw (   self,
Draw(DIMENSION self, EDA_DRAW_PANEL * panel, wxDC * DC, GR_DRAWMODE aColorMode, wxPoint offset)
Draw(DIMENSION self, EDA_DRAW_PANEL * panel, wxDC * DC, GR_DRAWMODE aColorMode)

Definition at line 15744 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.Flip (   self,
Flip(DIMENSION self, wxPoint aCentre)

Definition at line 15762 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetAngle (   self)
GetAngle(DIMENSION self) -> double

Definition at line 15706 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetBoundingBox (   self)
GetBoundingBox(DIMENSION self) -> EDA_RECT

Definition at line 15792 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetClass (   self)
GetClass(DIMENSION self) -> wxString

Definition at line 15787 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetEnd (   self)
GetEnd(DIMENSION self) -> wxPoint

Definition at line 15686 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetHeight (   self)
GetHeight(DIMENSION self) -> int

Definition at line 15696 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetMenuImage (   self)
GetMenuImage(DIMENSION self) -> BITMAP_DEF

Definition at line 15802 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetMsgPanelInfo (   self,
GetMsgPanelInfo(DIMENSION self, EDA_UNITS_T aUnits, std::vector< MSG_PANEL_ITEM,std::allocator< MSG_PANEL_ITEM > > & aList)

Definition at line 15772 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetOrigin (   self)
GetOrigin(DIMENSION self) -> wxPoint

Definition at line 15676 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetPosition (   self)
GetPosition(DIMENSION self) -> wxPoint

Definition at line 15631 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetSelectMenuText (   self,
GetSelectMenuText(DIMENSION self, EDA_UNITS_T aUnits) -> wxString

Definition at line 15797 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetShape (   self)
GetShape(DIMENSION self) -> int

Definition at line 15656 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetText (   self)
GetText(DIMENSION self) -> wxString

Definition at line 15731 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetUnits (   self,
GetUnits(DIMENSION self, EDA_UNITS_T & aUnits, bool & aUseMils)

Definition at line 15716 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetValue (   self)
GetValue(DIMENSION self) -> int

Definition at line 15626 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.GetWidth (   self)
GetWidth(DIMENSION self) -> int

Definition at line 15661 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.HitTest (   self,
HitTest(DIMENSION self, wxPoint aPosition) -> bool
HitTest(DIMENSION self, EDA_RECT aRect, bool aContained=True, int aAccuracy=0) -> bool
HitTest(DIMENSION self, EDA_RECT aRect, bool aContained=True) -> bool
HitTest(DIMENSION self, EDA_RECT aRect) -> bool

Definition at line 15777 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.Mirror (   self,
Mirror(DIMENSION self, wxPoint axis_pos)

Definition at line 15767 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.Move (   self,
Move(DIMENSION self, wxPoint offset)

Definition at line 15752 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.Rotate (   self,
Rotate(DIMENSION self, wxPoint aRotCentre, double aAngle)

Definition at line 15757 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetEnd (   self,
SetEnd(DIMENSION self, wxPoint aEnd)

Definition at line 15681 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetHeight (   self,
SetHeight(DIMENSION self, int aHeight)

Definition at line 15691 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetLayer (   self,
SetLayer(DIMENSION self, PCB_LAYER_ID aLayer)

Definition at line 15646 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetOrigin (   self,
SetOrigin(DIMENSION self, wxPoint aOrigin)

Definition at line 15671 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetPosition (   self,
SetPosition(DIMENSION self, wxPoint aPos)

Definition at line 15636 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetShape (   self,
SetShape(DIMENSION self, int aShape)

Definition at line 15651 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetText (   self,
SetText(DIMENSION self, wxString NewText)

Definition at line 15726 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetTextSize (   self,
SetTextSize(DIMENSION self, wxSize aTextSize)

Definition at line 15641 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetUnits (   self,
SetUnits(DIMENSION self, EDA_UNITS_T aUnits, bool aUseMils)

Definition at line 15721 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetValue (   self,
SetValue(DIMENSION self, int aValue)

Definition at line 15621 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SetWidth (   self,
SetWidth(DIMENSION self, int aWidth)

Definition at line 15666 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.SwapData (   self,
SwapData(DIMENSION self, BOARD_ITEM aImage)

Definition at line 15817 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.Text (   self,

Definition at line 15736 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.UpdateHeight (   self)
UpdateHeight(DIMENSION self)

Definition at line 15701 of file

def pcbnew.DIMENSION.ViewBBox (   self)
ViewBBox(DIMENSION self) -> BOX2I const

Definition at line 15812 of file

Member Data Documentation

pcbnew.DIMENSION.ClassOf = staticmethod(ClassOf)

Definition at line 15618 of file

pcbnew.DIMENSION.m_arrowD1F = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowD1F_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowD1F_set)

Definition at line 15589 of file

pcbnew.DIMENSION.m_arrowD2F = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowD2F_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowD2F_set)

Definition at line 15593 of file

pcbnew.DIMENSION.m_arrowG1F = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowG1F_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowG1F_set)

Definition at line 15597 of file

pcbnew.DIMENSION.m_arrowG2F = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowG2F_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_arrowG2F_set)

Definition at line 15601 of file

pcbnew.DIMENSION.m_crossBarF = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_crossBarF_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_crossBarF_set)

Definition at line 15569 of file

pcbnew.DIMENSION.m_crossBarO = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_crossBarO_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_crossBarO_set)

Definition at line 15565 of file

pcbnew.DIMENSION.m_featureLineDF = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineDF_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineDF_set)

Definition at line 15585 of file

pcbnew.DIMENSION.m_featureLineDO = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineDO_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineDO_set)

Definition at line 15581 of file

pcbnew.DIMENSION.m_featureLineGF = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineGF_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineGF_set)

Definition at line 15577 of file

pcbnew.DIMENSION.m_featureLineGO = _swig_property(_pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineGO_get, _pcbnew.DIMENSION_m_featureLineGO_set)

Definition at line 15573 of file


Definition at line 15609 of file

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