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pcbnew.CPolyPt Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for pcbnew.CPolyPt:
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, args)
def __eq__ (self, cpt2)
def __ne__ (self, cpt2)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.wxPoint
def __init__ (self, args)
def __add__ (self, pt)
def __sub__ (self, pt)
def Set (self, x, y)
def Get (self)
def __eq__ (self, other)
def __ne__ (self, other)
def __str__ (self)
def __repr__ (self)
def __len__ (self)
def __getitem__ (self, index)
def __setitem__ (self, index, val)
def __nonzero__ (self)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.wxPoint

Static Public Attributes

 end_contour = _swig_property(_pcbnew.CPolyPt_end_contour_get, _pcbnew.CPolyPt_end_contour_set)
 m_flags = _swig_property(_pcbnew.CPolyPt_m_flags_get, _pcbnew.CPolyPt_m_flags_set)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from pcbnew.wxPoint
 x = _swig_property(_pcbnew.wxPoint_x_get, _pcbnew.wxPoint_x_set)
 y = _swig_property(_pcbnew.wxPoint_y_get, _pcbnew.wxPoint_y_set)

Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ CPolyPt class.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcbnew.CPolyPt.__init__ (   self,
__init__(CPolyPt self, int aX=0, int aY=0, bool aEnd=False, int aUtility=0) -> CPolyPt
__init__(CPolyPt self, int aX=0, int aY=0, bool aEnd=False) -> CPolyPt
__init__(CPolyPt self, int aX=0, int aY=0) -> CPolyPt
__init__(CPolyPt self, int aX=0) -> CPolyPt
__init__(CPolyPt self) -> CPolyPt
__init__(CPolyPt self, CPolyPt aPt) -> CPolyPt
__init__(CPolyPt self, wxPoint aPoint) -> CPolyPt

Definition at line 4338 of file

Member Function Documentation

def pcbnew.CPolyPt.__eq__ (   self,
__eq__(CPolyPt self, CPolyPt cpt2) -> bool

Definition at line 4362 of file

def pcbnew.CPolyPt.__ne__ (   self,
__ne__(CPolyPt self, CPolyPt cpt2) -> bool

Definition at line 4367 of file

Member Data Documentation

pcbnew.CPolyPt.end_contour = _swig_property(_pcbnew.CPolyPt_end_contour_get, _pcbnew.CPolyPt_end_contour_set)

Definition at line 4356 of file

pcbnew.CPolyPt.m_flags = _swig_property(_pcbnew.CPolyPt_m_flags_get, _pcbnew.CPolyPt_m_flags_set)

Definition at line 4360 of file


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