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pcbnew.COLOR4D Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, args)
def SetFromWxString (self, aColorString)
def ToWxString (self, flags)
def ToColour (self)
def LegacyMix (self, aColor)
def SetToLegacyHighlightColor (self)
def SetToNearestLegacyColor (self)
def ToU32 (self)
def FromU32 (self, aPackedColor)
def GetNearestLegacyColor (aColor)
def Brighten (self, aFactor)
def Darken (self, aFactor)
def Invert (self)
def Saturate (self, aFactor)
def Brightened (self, aFactor)
def Darkened (self, aFactor)
def WithAlpha (self, aAlpha)
def Inverted (self)
def GetBrightness (self)
def ToHSV (self, aOutH, aOutS, aOutV)
def FromHSV (self, aInH, aInS, aInV)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple GetNearestLegacyColor = staticmethod(GetNearestLegacyColor)
tuple r = _swig_property(_pcbnew.COLOR4D_r_get, _pcbnew.COLOR4D_r_set)
tuple g = _swig_property(_pcbnew.COLOR4D_g_get, _pcbnew.COLOR4D_g_set)
tuple b = _swig_property(_pcbnew.COLOR4D_b_get, _pcbnew.COLOR4D_b_set)
tuple a = _swig_property(_pcbnew.COLOR4D_a_get, _pcbnew.COLOR4D_a_set)

Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ KIGFX::COLOR4D class

Definition at line 2989 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.__init__ (   self,
__init__(KIGFX::COLOR4D self) -> COLOR4D
__init__(KIGFX::COLOR4D self, double aRed, double aGreen, double aBlue, double aAlpha) -> COLOR4D
__init__(KIGFX::COLOR4D self, EDA_COLOR_T aColor) -> COLOR4D
__init__(KIGFX::COLOR4D self, wxColour const & aColor) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 2997 of file

Member Function Documentation

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.Brighten (   self,
Brighten(COLOR4D self, double aFactor) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3058 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.Brightened (   self,
Brightened(COLOR4D self, double aFactor) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3078 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.Darken (   self,
Darken(COLOR4D self, double aFactor) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3063 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.Darkened (   self,
Darkened(COLOR4D self, double aFactor) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3083 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.FromHSV (   self,
FromHSV(COLOR4D self, double aInH, double aInS, double aInV)

Definition at line 3108 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.FromU32 (   self,
FromU32(COLOR4D self, unsigned int aPackedColor)

Definition at line 3045 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.GetBrightness (   self)
GetBrightness(COLOR4D self) -> double

Definition at line 3098 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.GetNearestLegacyColor (   aColor)
GetNearestLegacyColor(COLOR4D aColor) -> EDA_COLOR_T

Definition at line 3050 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.Invert (   self)
Invert(COLOR4D self) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3068 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.Inverted (   self)
Inverted(COLOR4D self) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3093 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.LegacyMix (   self,
LegacyMix(COLOR4D self, COLOR4D aColor) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3025 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.Saturate (   self,
Saturate(COLOR4D self, double aFactor) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3073 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.SetFromWxString (   self,
SetFromWxString(COLOR4D self, wxString aColorString) -> bool

Definition at line 3010 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.SetToLegacyHighlightColor (   self)
SetToLegacyHighlightColor(COLOR4D self) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3030 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.SetToNearestLegacyColor (   self)
SetToNearestLegacyColor(COLOR4D self) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3035 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.ToColour (   self)
ToColour(COLOR4D self) -> wxColour

Definition at line 3020 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.ToHSV (   self,
ToHSV(COLOR4D self, double & aOutH, double & aOutS, double & aOutV)

Definition at line 3103 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.ToU32 (   self)
ToU32(COLOR4D self) -> unsigned int

Definition at line 3040 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.ToWxString (   self,
ToWxString(COLOR4D self, long flags) -> wxString

Definition at line 3015 of file

def pcbnew.COLOR4D.WithAlpha (   self,
WithAlpha(COLOR4D self, double aAlpha) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 3088 of file

Member Data Documentation

tuple pcbnew.COLOR4D.a = _swig_property(_pcbnew.COLOR4D_a_get, _pcbnew.COLOR4D_a_set)

Definition at line 3127 of file

tuple pcbnew.COLOR4D.b = _swig_property(_pcbnew.COLOR4D_b_get, _pcbnew.COLOR4D_b_set)

Definition at line 3123 of file

tuple pcbnew.COLOR4D.g = _swig_property(_pcbnew.COLOR4D_g_get, _pcbnew.COLOR4D_g_set)

Definition at line 3119 of file

tuple pcbnew.COLOR4D.GetNearestLegacyColor = staticmethod(GetNearestLegacyColor)

Definition at line 3055 of file

tuple pcbnew.COLOR4D.r = _swig_property(_pcbnew.COLOR4D_r_get, _pcbnew.COLOR4D_r_set)

Definition at line 3115 of file


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